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Type "reset-nvram" and Return. Type "reset-all" and Return, whereupon the computer will reboot itself. If you do get it going again, make sure you have the most recent firmware. If you reply back, we can tell you how to check it.

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I've had some G3 iMacs do this in the past, but I can't remember the resolution; I think we just got rid of the computers, as they were pretty old by then and not worth fixing. Except I tried target mode and the screen is on! How can I get it to boot? How bizarre. I took your advice and tried the T reboot, and it worked.

So I bit the bullet and restarted again, and it did, without a hitch! Why, for heavens sake? March 22 by marcos alonso. Zap the PRAM Restart, while screen is blank, hold down option, command, p and r until two start up chimes. Put a system install disk in the slot loading cd-player as you hold down the option key, it might show a.

If it does click on the sys. Quite often the Flyback Transformer shorts out. This will cause the problem. The answers above should all be tried first. I finally disconnected the video and used an external monitor. The only problem for me is that I don't have any video out port on my tangerine iMac. What would happen if I keep using it? Is it a fire hazard, risk of getting shocked, or could it ruin other components?

First of all I'll explain all the actions that I perform on the iMac 6,1 that does the same as starting up, the hard drive stops making noises and shut down after the loading circle disappears. All the installation process failed, it always turns off, sometimes before the installation process or after when it reboots I used DVD and USB.

I install a hacked version of Snow Leopard, it boots but it fails when you want to shut it down, it enters a weird state of sleep mode. I upgraded Snow Leopard from the installed OS, everything worked fine, until reboot. The iMac turns off again like before. Good luck with your lovely imac :.

Check for power-related issues

Nikola Wozniak lolwutno. That sounds like either bad caps or, perhaps less likely, a dead PRAM battery. The battery isn't super easy to replace, but it could be the issue. Matthew Cabor macattack My tangerine iMac has a bad flyback transformer it pops every minutes. When it pops a black horizontal line appears on the screen.

I have hears the sound is an arch between the contacts. I have no idea how much it costs to fix this. After pressing the power button it turn on successfully. If you unplug it then you will have to go through this process again. Adub amdub. My iMac did this after plugging in to a new outlet. What worked for me finally was disconnecting the keyboard, etc. Held down the power button for 10 seconds.

Plugged power cable back in. On start up I held the start button down until it beeped a long horn-like sound and then started as usual.

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Thanks Madmac Someone had a similar problem a little while ago with a more current iMac. For what it's worth, here's that thread: iMac turns on and off immediately. Any ideas? But that person doesn't mention anything about a power outage as you have I was trying to fix my friends mac and it fixed its self after i realized there was a disk in it. Arnaldo jersy.

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