Como crear una red entre un mac y un pc

Una VPN es una red privada de computadoras que usa Internet para conectar sus nodos. En este ejemplo vamos a simular una oficina normal con 1,2, Breve diagrama de red.

Configuración de la conexión inalámbrica de la PIXMA MG - Canon Spain

Direcciones IP Mikrotik. Interfaces de red. Este Pool de direcciones tiene que estar en la misma red que los equipos de la LAN Asignaremos un rango de IPS desde la Pool de direcciones VPN.


Si queremos asignar servidores de DNS , pondremos los que necesitemos. Perfil general VPN Oficina. Perfil protocolos VPN Oficina. Perfil limitaciones VPN Oficina. Podremos crear tantas cuentas de usuario como necesitemos:.

Redes empresariales 100% administrables en la nube

Cuenta de usuario para VPN. Crear interfaz VPN. Activar servidor PPTP. Por tanto, es obligatorio activarlo:. La conexion podemos crearla desde "Conexiones de Red" en Windows:.

Configure Advanced Share settings

Conectar VPN desde equipo remoto. Does it? If it does, then VirtualDJ should be able to 'see' it.

If it does not show an icon on the desktop then there is something wrong with the drive, USB cable or operating system. I am using a 2Tb Passport hard drive and have done for years. What do you mean by this statement "I am set up with my Mac laptop and a monitor next to it with my virtual dj on the monitor.

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VirtualDJ should be on your laptop screen. I put my virtual dj skin on my monitor screen. I use my laptop screen to have itunes and also to look through my passport external. I can drag and drop songs from my laptop screen over to my monitor screen with virtual dj on it.

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When I went in the search bar of virtual dj it could always bring up songs from my passport. Also when I switched to the Mac my itunes playlists are not even showing up on my virtual dj????? I'm not sure whats going on here, but mabe its a setting or something easy that Im over seeing.

I have been very frusturated since the switch Mensajes Thu 10 May 18 am. Personally, I would go back to basics by disconnecting the external monitor screen. Then connect your external HD to your Mac, wait a few seconds, does it show an icon on the Mac screen?

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  • Click on My Passport and you should get a list of all the folders on the external HD. You should then be able to use the search box and get your results from your external HD.