Windows find mac address of access point

As a bonus, in the output you can also see other neat statistics: the receive and transmit rate bandwidth , signal strength, authentication type, etc. They are updated in real-time i.

Find MAC address of wireless access point?

This was tested on a Windows 7 bit, but should work on all XP and Vista boxes as well. There's a lot more you can do with netsh. Start it without parameters and check out its internal help to find out about all the goodies inside.

Blog Projects About. Unfortunately the AP's as far as I can gather are underneath ceiling tiles - I can guess more or less where the closest one is based on the signal strength on my android phone. The actual comms kit is behind a steel fronted locked network cabinet. Just downloaded the inSSIDer app to see how it works on my home wifi and it's great, will just repeat the exercise at the community hall. Careful trying to add a repeater though.

MAC address

Depending on how the AP is configured it may be set to NOT allow such a thing, or could even consider it hostile. So finding the MAC may not be enough.

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I have had a little luck with locked down systems in using Netgear's home wifi extender devices, as one of the APs we tried it on looked upon it as another computer connecting. But an Aruba AP with a reactive network setting took it as hostile and flooded it with disconnects effectively rendering the Netgear useless on the SSID.

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Computer Age Electronics is an IT service provider. Not sure how to discover the MAC of the wifi interface. It's similar to What's Up, but completely free to use.

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How to Find a Wireless Access Point IP Address

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Look for a label or other marking that indicates the MAC.