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It's mildly less skeuomorphic than its predecessor, but it's overwhelmingly dull. And while I'll save a look into the actual UIs of these apps for a later date, I couldn't help but post this photo comparing life in the new notes app vs life in the old notes app. In what universe could anyone possibly think the new Notes app is better than the old implementation.

The image on the left looks like an unfinished mock-up of what a Notes app could look like with just a little bit more care. Moving on, we have Apple's new Calculator icon. OK, sure, there's not much you can do if you're going to stick with an orange-dominated color scheme, but at least the gloss and depth Apple used on the previous Calculator icon made it somewhat approachable. Contrast that with the new Calculator icon, which looks like an icon you might have found on Windows circa Somehow, with all of its design prowess, Apple chose the most blah shade of 70s-inspired orange it could find.

Wait a minute, wasn't Apple trying to move towards flat icon design across the board? Say what you will about the old Game Center icon, but the new one is just mind-numbingly confusing.

Just what exactly is this icon supposed to convey? There is no shortage of visual cues to suggest that games lurk beneath this icon. A joystick, a game board, a video game controller. The possibilities are endless. Instead, we're given something that looks like the balloons from the movie UP. It's frustrating when people broadly paint skeuomorphism as a horrible design choice when, in many instances, it actually serves a useful purpose.

As John Maeda recently wrote in Wired:. That said, the Newsstand design in iOS really worked - a bookshelf where you might find newspapers and magazines.

Adventurousness Isn’t New For Apple

It was sleek. And then, on the other hand, there is Apple's new Newsstand, icon which looks like a collection of generic magazines that one might find in the background of a 's comic book. I'd even go so far as to say that someone completely unfamiliar with iOS might look at the new Newsstand icon and assume that it's a portal to the web. After all, where else would one go to get daily updates of news, sports, travel, and art information if not the Internet? Again, there has to be something in between skeuomorphic and this. Some sort of balanced icon design must exist between these two extremes!

With the new Photos icon, Apple exchanged a flower for a flowery geometric design. I can see where Apple is going with this, but did they have to choose such a muted color palette? And speaking of muted, we now have Apple's new Maps app to get used to. The old Maps icon in iOS 6 was pretty solid, but with Apple blindly choosing to make everything flat, we're left with something that leaves oh so very much to be desired. The iOS 6 icon, with a touch of gloss and 3D perspective, is aesthetically pleasing. Contrast that to the new Maps icon where Apple, yet again, went with a putrid shade of yellow and utterly lifeless shades of blue and green.

The Maps icon in iOS 6 just looks more alive. Perhaps this icon by itself wouldn't be so objectionable, but when put together with the rest of the lot, it's just another example in a long string of curiously bad icon design choices.


OK, back to some more questionable icon design choices. Are the icon updates below really improvements? Indeed, everything seems either too loud and vibrant see the top row or too bland, dull, creative and lifeless see the bottom row. There are many iOS 8 wallpapers for the iPhone, and thanks to developer Delphox , you can download all of their desktop-sized equivalents using the. As for placement, I chose the "Stretch to Fill Screen" option since my display is pretty big , but "Fit to Screen" should work for you if you've got a laptop or smaller display.

If you see bars on the top and bottom of the image, you should probably use "Stretch to Fill Screen. These versions are all square with round corners and flat colors, just like on iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches.

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Unzip the file, enter the "iOS 8 Icons" folder, then go to the "Icns" folder inside of that. Replace existing app icons individually by going to Applications, right-clicking on an app, selecting Get Info, then dragging the new app icon over to the old app icon that appears at the top-left of the window.

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New icons won't show up automatically, so you'll need to open the app and close it to make the new icon appear. If you want to speed up the process and do them all at once, there's an app called LiteIcon that can do all the heavy lifting for you. To revert back to your original Mac icons, simply click on the new app icon at the top left in Get Info, then hit Delete on your keyboard. Start by managing what the desktop looks like by right-clicking on it to go to Show View Options. Now that the desktop view is all set, add some applications preferably ones with icons you got from Dtafalonso's icon pack to your desktop by dragging their app icon over on top your iOS 8 background.

You can use these icons for your personal or commercial projects. Flat Credit cards icons Each Ios image is a flat icon and all of them are vector icons. All of the Free and Pro icons available in Font Awesome 5. Great for smartphone apps, websites and other projects. Mar 29, Prepare your iOS app icon for export and preview your design from app store and settings to the home screen.

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Download the iOs app icon for free and use for your own projects. To created add 24 pieces, transparent IOS images of your project files with the background cleaned. Download iOS 7 App Icons. We also provide app icon management. If it provides value in your app, you can let people select an alternate app icon from a set of predefined icons that are embedded within your app.

It will offer your Android device a genuine iPhone look without slowing it down. Please share us with your friends if you like our flat icon maker! Vector icon templates for iOS applications. Well, since in this tutorial, we are using the free Font Awesome 5 icons, not all of them are available. The launch of iOS 11 has resulted in a great selection of resources being designed and released. Download iOS 8 App Icons. Exported icons are neatly organized into folders.

You can use AppCon supports iOS 11! Submit your resource.

Freebie designed by Icons8. Aug 24, Be inspired by the iOS app icons that get it just right. Explore our comprehensive list of free UI design kits, icon kits, plugins, and app integrations for Adobe XD. Free vector graphics for all kinds of apps and games. I am not the owner of these icons duh , yet I made them all from scratch, starting from screenshots of various homescreens. Beautiful clock iOS icon Get free icons or unlimited royalty-free icons with NounPro.

Follow the steps to get iPhone icons on Android phone. What is Icon Tester? A simple and attractive icon should convey the message about your mobile app. Forget your desktop - Vectornator transforms your iPad and iPhone into a professional creative tool that enables you to create high-quality illustrations anywhere you go. We all know for a fact that one of the best gadget brand around the world is created by Apple. You can use these icons in your all your projects, but we required you to credit us by including a http link back to IconBeast website.

Once you have done that, you can start enjoying an iOS-style home and search screen on your iPhone. Many of these have been executed to an incredibly high standard and are available for Search through more than , free icons. Free icon download. Creates properly sized icons for iOS and Android apps from a single "artwork" image file. Free Mobile App Icons feature 20x20, 30x30, 40x40, and 60x60 PNG icons for Apple iOS, 16x16, 24x24, 26x26, and 48x48 pixel resolutions for Windows and cross-platform developers, 48x48 pixel icons for Windows Phone, Adobe Illustrator AI vector files; black, white and silver color themes Search through more than free icons.

Simple Small. Feel free to use them for a link to the Icons8. All the icons have a filled version. If your app is running in iOS 12 or earlier, follow the guidance below. Free Trial. An app should specify several different icons of different dimensions to suit different screen sizes and different situations.

Material Outlined. Free Icon Packs. Copy the framework7-icons. Skip trial 1 month free. You may use or distribute it for any purpose, whether personal or commercial. For some apps, customization is a feature that evokes a personal connection and enhances the user experience. Download free vector icons in 6 distinctive styles crafted for designers and developers.

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Download free ios png images. Find out why Close. If you like, you can download pictures in icon format or directly in png image format. Pin it.