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If so, you could easily replicate this, I think, using Hazel and a watched folder—just have Hazel copy new files to your cloud service when they appear. Or maybe even a Keyboard Maestro macro than runs each time you scan?

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After many recommendations on podcasts MPU! A nice scanner that served me well. For a moment I thought about buying a new Scansnap.

But after all I decided to start using my Canon multifunctional for scanning. The S was discontinued and not supported in newer ScanSnap software, but it does still work perfectly fine for me in macOS The download link on their site is for 3. I guess if Until then the S is perfectly fine. The good news is that we now know bit apps will continue to run once Glad to hear But my ScanSnap software is the last bit app I have and I think it may be slowing down my entire Anyone here experience that?

Hopefully someone else can chime in. I ran ScanSnap under Mojave and at first thought it was just slow..

Michael Tsai - Blog - ScanSnap bit Software Update

This is a definite show stopper for me when planning to upgrade to Mojave. You could, though rebooting is a pain. It might be easier to buy VMware or Parallels and install a virtual macOS—this should work unless your bit apps are graphically intense and really demanding of the CPU. I just upgraded to Mojave, and my Scansnap Manager stopped working.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Driver Download

It will load, but crashes as soon as you hit the scan button. I called Fujitsu and spoke to a very friendly and sympathetic guy who told me the Scansnap Home program is all they have that will work with Mojave. It does not have a preview window, and some other small functions I could live without, but the inability to rename the file I just scanned is a show stopper for me.

In order to use it, you have to pick a destination file and give it a name before you scan it.

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He offered to pass my thoughts on the matter up stream, but there is no replacement for this in the future. I installed Home in a virtual machine so I could test it. PS Mojave ScanSnap will no longer scan to Evernote since the upgrade to Mojave. Very disappointing. Now I need to find a new scanner compatible with Evernote it seems …? On checking with Fujitsu, they effectively inform me that the S end of life and no longer supported and they are not updating the software. However, I tried clicking on the Scansnap Manager icon whilst holding down the control key and it works for me at least.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Driver Download

Hope this might help. Guess I know now. It works fine with SnapScan Manager version 6. Stumbled here while trying to figure out a local non cloud receipt scanning solution and what is going on with ScanSnap on the mac side. My system says no new updates. Online there are newer versions indicated.

I paid very good money for this unit, used at home with not too many pages on the counter. Contacted support but that was futile. We supported the company with our purchase, yet get locked out of updates? This is not how one builds customer loyalty and goodwill.

Please, my ix scan snap is scaning only the front page of my 2 sides documents. How do I change to scan both sides of my pages. I undesrtand is automatic, but it used to work and it stopped doing so. I have an SM scanner. I bought several of these types of Fujitsu scanners.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 - document scanner Series Specs & Prices

You will simply download Paperless from our website and use the serial number to remove the application from the trial mode. When the scanner ships from our distributor, you will be notified. The scanners generally ship within 2 business days. Any additional taxes or fees required by the destination country is the responsibility of the recipient. Windows: Requires Windows 8 or higher. If the download doesn't begin, please visit our mirror download site.