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  • le 12 migliori alternative ad iMovie per Mac/Windows PC/iPhone/iPad/Smartphone.
  • le 12 migliori alternative ad iMovie per Mac/Windows PC/iPhone/iPad/Smartphone?
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Ulead Systems now Corel. Skylake or later [13]. Yes as of v9. SSE 4. Yes [19]. Yes As of 7. Yes [20]. No [21]. Mac with Final Cut Pro X [22]. Yes [22]. Yes [23]. Partial third party via codec install. Yes 3rd party. Yes as of Pro Yes as of Pro 9.

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Yes any resolution. Yes podcasts. Yes multitrack mode. Yes on first, second or all monitors, configurable. Yes as of Yes Blu-ray. Yes [24]. Yes with. Yes max p in free version. Yes only in Pro Yes via plug-in. Yes with DropShot. Yes Via passthru. This full-featured music player integrates with a wide variety of Web audio services.

The latest release adds an updated interface, a new visualization tool, smooth fade-out when pausing music, enhanced MusicBrainz tagging and improved power management. A fork of Amarok, Clementine boasts a fast and easy-to-use interface. It plays audio CDs, locally stored music, streaming Internet radio and podcasts. It supports most audio formats and plays CDs. This Java-based music player and manager displays complete information—including lyrics—for the song currently playing. Operating System: OS Independent.


Audacious is very light on system resources, making it possible to play music and do intensive computing tasks without sacrificing performance. The interface is basic and very easy to use. Operating System: Windows, Linux. Popular with reviewers, Jajuk makes it easy to sort, search and view large audio libraries. It combines an intuitive interface with advanced features, making it suitable for both light users and power users.

Inspired by iTunes, Rhythmbox is a music management system designed for the Gnome desktop. Key features include easy search and sort, visualizations, Internet radio, CD playing and burning, playlists and more. Operating System: Linux. Designed to be super fast, CoolPlayer is extremely light on system resources. Operating System: Windows. Similar to Bluemindo, Decibel is a simple audio player without other features like content tags and CD burning.

Its modular structure makes it easy to disable any unwanted features to free up resources. Zinf offers a simple audio player with powerful capabilities. It supports a wide variety of file formats, and a number of different interface themes are available. This music player caters to those who prefer to operate from the command line and does not have a GUI.

Operating System: Linux, Unix, Android. This simple, skinnable audio player supports dozens of audio formats. Ardour is an advanced, professional-grade digital recording, editing and mixing tool.

A perennial favorite among Linux users, Audacity makes it easy to record and edit multi-track audio. Noteworthy features include unlimited undo, normalizing, fading, sample rate conversion, audio generation, plug-ins and peak, RMS and spectral analysis.

Variante di VirtualDub, per editare video con gioia

Downloaded more than 45 million times, CDex is a very popular tool for extracting the digital data from audio CDs and converting it to an MP3 or other compressed formats. It supports many different encoders and multiple languages. Designed for DJs performing live, Mixx boasts a powerful mixing engine that supports most popular audio file formats.

Supported features include needle drops, pitch changes, scratching, spinbacks and rewinds. Need to burn a DVD? This Mac-only tool aims to keep the process of burning a disc simple while still providing lots of options. It supports multiple audio and video formats. Operating System: OS X. It can also erase re-recordable discs and copy discs even if you have only one optical drive.

It also supports the creation of digital slide shows. Under development since , this is a mature tool that has been around a long time.

Creating an AVI from a series of images - Windows

It provides the same functionality as CDRtools, but runs on Windows. One of the more popular file sharing clients, eMule and eMule Plus boasts an easy-to-use interface, fast performance and good search capabilities. The latest version supports Windows 7 and 8. This file sharing client includes a chat functionality that makes it easy to meet and interact with other Ares users. Other key features include fast downloads, a built-in media player and a helpful library management tool.

It also has multiple-source downloads, sophisticated file hashing, global search, customization capabilities, preview filters and more. BitTornado is an alternative front-end for accessing the BitTorrent file-sharing network. Features include multiple downloads in a single window, a prioritized queuing system, customizable interface and more. Note: as of September FrostWire is no longer supported. Here is a list of alternatives. FrostWire is a BitTorrent client with a built-in media player. It also plays Internet radio and sends downloaded files to iTunes. It has a basic interface with no ads, and it offers plenty of help for newbie users.

Designed to protect users from tracking, ANts P2P promises excellent security. It encrypts all traffic and hides your IP address. Like ANtS, Mute focuses on security and privacy protection. Its routing mechanism is based on research into how ants forage for food. This tool allows users to copy DVDs, convert videos to other formats, convert DVD audio to digital audio formats, merge and split files and more.

It supports most popular file types. It includes the ability to add a custom soundtrack, subtitles and a menu. HandBrake aims to be able to convert video from nearly any file format. Basic operation is simple and fast, but it also includes a lot of options for those with more complicated needs. For Macs only, this tool leverages code from ffmpeg, Burn and several other open source tools to convert video files among various formats.

It offers a simple drag-and-drop interface and batch processing capabilities.

It can run up to eight processes simultaneously and can run two passes to improve quality on converted files. This tool makes it easy to download videos from Internet sites like Yahoo, Vimeo, and many others and convert them to any file format you like.