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Alternative Samsung Kies download from external server availability not guaranteed. Samsung Kies is a software application that facilitates interaction between Samsung mobile devices and Macintosh or Windows operating systems. Using a USB connection, the tool helps sync and back up device information, contacts, transfer media video and music , and also can be used to update Samsung phone firmware.

To install Kies, the right Kies version should be downloaded first. Once launched, the user must proceed with the installation process and manage security warnings, if any. The installation process could take some time. In the meantime, some additional components such as Unified Driver Installer should be installed too. Samsung Kies and a Samsung device can be hooked up via a USB data cable, which comes in the product package. When the device is linked with the computer, the compatible device driver is automatically installed by the computer. At times, this installation may have to be done manually.

The connection would be automatically established thereafter. Kies helps restore or back up a variety of digital information — including call logs, contacts, photos, videos, memos, messages, ringtones, email account information, etc. Note 1. Live Chat support with a Samsung product expert. If you need a quick response then click Chat Now below, or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Need some help locating your model number? Select your product from the menus below and we'll show you where your number is.

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  7. You can transfer large applications easily by connecting your Samsung device to your PC..

Samsung Kies connects your mobile phone to your PC, making it easier for you to synchronize data between devices and find new apps. Download for Windows.

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Please check your mobile phone model before downloading. Download Smart Switch for your Mac computer.

Tutorial: Sync Galaxy S3 Phone to Mac Computer

The notification area icons now swooshes in from the left even though I have only got 5 shortcuts there. I cannot get my S3 connected to Kies, it is asking me to input a password to my phone. I am very confused. Any help would be appreciated. My phone is on 4. When I try to update from the phone, it says no updates available, even though I am connected to WiFi. The latest firmware is the same as the current firmware. For some reason, my phone seems to be stuck on that 4. In conclusion, I tried those ways and I could update my phone, is there any other way?

The only option left is to root and install an unofficial version. I would strongly advise against it though as you will loose your phones warranty. Do you know what might be the problem? You could try to do that but I doubt that it will help. I would simply wait a few weeks and try again. Oh and by the way you are not missing out on a lot… If you decide to reset remember to backup all the things that you have stored on your phone like photos and contacts I have tried upgrading through OTA and now kies.

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But they say it is latest available firmware whereas i am running on 4. I also have the same problem. The only explanation I can think of is if your s3 is locked to a certain carrier that has not approved the update jet… In that case you will just have to wait for them to do so To manually install Jelly Bean in a way that does not entail using OTA or Kies you would have to root your phone and loose your phones warranty.

Personally I would not chance it… But I know losts of people have done so succesfully. I see.. Samsung Kies can identify if i have the latest OS right? Thanks a lot for you help.. As for your second question there is no official way of downloading games from Google play to your pc. What you can do that I have tried is surf around Google play on your pc and pick apps and games you want, the next time your phone is connected to either Wi-Fi or mobile data connection the games will automatically start downloading to your phone.

Thanks for your help man.. Great job in helping peeps with S3 issues. Can i create a folder inside the gallery so i can separate pics from the dates they were taken? S3 and also do you know how to transfer phone contacts from phone to SIM card? Go to your gallery and enter the camera folder. Your tutorial regarding the sumsumg jelly bean update was very helpful..

Update Galaxy s3 through Kies

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Samsung Kies software. Related posts. How to block someone on Android Being hassled by telemarketers, or have a few "friends" that keep calling you at the How to disable launcher icon notifications on Android Notifications is a helpful feature of any modern phone.

How to update Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Follow these easy steps to get your Samsung updated to the latest available software version. Hala Chahine says: December 11, at am. YaseR says: October 25, at pm. Leanne says: January 5, at pm. Haroun says: January 3, at am. Chris Menezes says: December 7, at am.

Will Samsung Phones Connect to Apple Computers? | It Still Works

Josh Reed says: September 25, at pm. Matheus Silva says: September 21, at pm. Hi I find this great advice thank you but I have some questions billyanalog. Bertil Hansen says: September 22, at am. My S3 is still 4. I can download update but installatiin always fails.

Pls advice..

Galaxy S3 Software Download

Saad Tiwana says: August 28, at pm. Hash says: July 19, at pm. Nayeem says: July 22, at pm. Becky says: January 21, at pm. Maria-Liti says: February 21, at pm. KaraA says: February 11, at pm. Matthew says: February 11, at am. Christy says: April 11, at pm. Saltyone says: June 22, at pm. Bertil Hansen says: June 23, at pm.

Blaine Britton says: January 26, at am. Raymond says: January 16, at am. Vaughan says: January 9, at am. Pauly says: December 20, at pm.

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April says: November 24, at pm. Dharmesh says: November 17, at am. Hi, I m frm india and I have S3 , so how to update with new version.? Conrad Udemba says: October 27, at pm.

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Remy says: October 15, at pm. Jose Jalapeno says: December 16, at am. Mike says: May 19, at am. Avoid Kies like you avoid fat people. Use the update in the settings menu of your phone. BArbara says: April 21, at pm. Are you able to advise please? Sal says: April 18, at pm. Mohamed Montasser says: April 15, at pm. Ana says: April 10, at am. Sally says: November 23, at pm. This depends on your cell phone carrier and the country you reside in. Anthony says: June 21, at pm. Rafiq Ahmed Chinoy says: March 12, at am.

John Smith says: January 3, at am.