Mac power adapter gets very hot

Number 2 worked perfectly for me-all i had to do was blow in to the MagSafe port and it charged instantly. Thank you again! Thanks for this tip. My computer was showing all symptoms and then died. Even with a dead battery I was able to do this restart and it worked. What should I do? After drying it; it powerd up for a few minutes and turned off. I notice the MagSafe was not fully illuminated green. When I unplugged the MagSafe, the light was still on but not bright for 5sec.

I tried another AC outlet with the same results. Would this be the mag board. I had this exact same thing, spilled a drink and then found that my machine would not charge from my adapter, although I found that a cheap Chinese copy charger would charge my machine fine. I changed the magsafe connector board but still no luck. I got a new machine, as I was worried that at some point my old one might just die, and so my old one sat and ran out of batteries. For some reason a few days later I decided to try the Apple charger again and it was working…. Weird, but perhaps with a completely dead battery it did an SMC reset by itself..

I appreciate you showing the keys on the image. I wish they would say alt and control like every other normal computer. I bought a refurbished MacBook a few years back that came with a new MagSafe adapter. The adapter failed after only a few hours. I called Apple. I said that I bet he knew as well as I did that if electronics are going to fail it is usually soon after being put into operation.

He sent a new one. The old one was 60W, the new is 45W. So thankful to the local Apple Store where I found out the charger was not at fault, but rather the Magsafe board connection inside. They were so helpful at the apple store and overall a wonderful stress free experience. I also admitted that I had left my macbook in my car overnight and condensation had most likely formed inside causing the connection to rust out a bit.

They appreciated that information. Remove the staple from the mag safe port. They fit perfectly and hide along the inner edge. Also, if not the SMC or power adapter its usually the mag safe board inside the computer which is way cheaper than the MLB. Also make sure all firmware and SMC updates have been applied. Thank you sir!


I tried everything Ive read online except this. My macbook pro has been in the cupboard for the last month or so after I removed the hard drive and backed up everything. Every day checking for an appointment at my local store to no avail. Then tonight I got an appointment one week away and then thought let me check one last time that Ive tried everything. Well, I then stumble upon this nice site, was going through comments thinking… yep tried that etc.

Then this pops up and I thought ah what the hell. Yanked at the middle pin a few times. Plugged it into the macbook and suddenly hard drive noise and it booted up!!! Yes, this was my problem too. I recommend either a small pair of pliers or some tweezers. Thanks for this tip… I thought I had a dead MacBook Pro that was going to need expensive repair to bring it back to life. Instead all it needed was a bit of first aid with tweezers. Brilliant piece of advice! Thanks so much!!!! This was it!!

Thanks a million! My pins were stuck in and also the casing was kind of bent in the edges adding to the dirt in the port preventing complete contact, i had to file the edges of charger pin casing that comes in contact with laptop to get it to working. Way late to this thread, but just came up against this problem with the battery not charging for the first time on my mid MBP. Thanks so much! I tried the steps in the main article, as well as the recommendations in the comments, multiple times. This was the only thing that worked!

The middle prong was stuck. Thanks for your advice! I had also experienced sometimes that the adapter enters some sort of protection mode if there is a problem in the outlet regulation. Waiting long enough without unconnected to any outlet appx. I am not a power management expert but I observed this behavior numerous times with different magsafe adapters. Didnt work at all as there is a fundamental design flaw where then srping loaded pins get stuck and then dont connect.

Another example of flannel to deflect attention from some pretty shoddy design. Lets see what happens when I try to get a new one out of the dealer!! This was my problem as well. Tried everything else. Then saw this. Worked like a charm. Thanks Onur! I tried all the steps above and then simply unplugged for a few minutes.

Yes, it worked!!! First time it was the charger, so resetting the SMC was not the issue. The second time it was not the charger, and seemed to be caused by a power point with a lead near a fridge. I noticed there was a flash in both cases at the point of connecteing the charger to the power source. I got the battery charging again by reconnecting and disconnecting the magnetic charger to the MacAir a few times.

Not sure why this worked, but I heard that this worked sometimes with rechargeable loose batteries. I guess i should try what u did For some reason i did all the instructions and then put the charger in my computer and it worked! For about 10 seconds.. This is awesome, really awesome. I have to reply as soon as the light on the magsafe is up.

Thank you so much for your genius advice. I even think about how much I have to pay to fix this. This worked for me too! I was super scared that it was a hardware problem! This thread is old, but I had to leave a comment about this. I did that a million times, but realized that every time I did it, the charger was unplugged.

How I can get my Mac charged again?? Also when doing the reset over and over and over I finally tried holding all the above buttons down simultaneously and letting go only Shift Control Option and maintaining the Power button down for another few seconds. Last thing I did different was I disconnected the charger cord from the Mag box and let it rest for 30 mins before putting it back together and trying it in the surge protector instead of straight into the wall outlet.

Good Luck. Holding down the power button longer got my computer to come back on!!! Thank you, this is the only thing that helped mine — holding down the power button for longer after letting go of the others. MacBook showed signs of life finally and was able to get some charge into it to back it up. This worked! Thank you from Chicago.

Please put this solution in the article — wasted so much time trying everything else. Glad I had the sense to look at the comments. I was scared to unplug it for fear of losing the charge it did have, and I was about to call the guy again when I stumbled across this comment and sure enough, like magic, it came back to life after a few minutes unplugged!

Dead simple and it was right under my nose the whole time. Exit through the gift shop, folks. I have an early Pro and late Air both humming along on High Sierra. The Pro was on the bed with me plugged in while I was working on my fantasy team roster when one of my kitties being chased by another ran across my keyboard why not? The other cat ran parallel with the first, darting behind the screen. She tripped up the MagSafe charging cord and ripped it out along the way.

Startled, I became immediately concerned that kitty may have inadvertently traded Aaron Rodgers for a Big Mac, Coke and fries. But I digress. I took the cable and plugged it back in. Checked the cord, made sure it was connected properly, adapter looked good, plug at the the wall socket, good…wiggled the cable to see if any changes at the battery icon. That worked. Problem was at the PRO itself. Hmmm, okay it could be software-related. So after restart, but before I went beyond the login screen, I could see the battery status icon.

Plugged in the charger. I did a little searching for solutions and landed on this article. Did that exactly as described. Ugh…no dice. I could feel my anxiety creep up a tiny bit. So I continued to scroll down, checked out the comments for what it was worth and found this tip. Sometimes you find the solution down there.

Both of these projects are relatively simple, straight-forward and reasonably affordable to accomplish. Lots of tutorials and how-to vids out there. While the former is cheaper, it helps a bunch but the latter gives the most improvement and the most bang for your buck. Totally worth the price of admission. I just tried this as my MacBook Air was not charging properly. This fix worked. I unplugged — waited for 5 minutes — plugged back into the wall and to the computer. So glad that I searched for this fix. Name required.

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What should I do if the Magsafe connector gets very hot while charging my macbook?

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Is It Turned On, With the Screen Visible?

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My MacBook Charger Is Overheating | gofeqysyjiva.tk

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MagSafe Won’t Charge a MacBook? It’s Probably a Simple Fix

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Dangerously Hot MacBook Pro Power Adapter Replaced

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May 12, at am. Nipu says:. Some were saying that 90C is the limit. Did it always get that warm?

I think power adapters in general just tend to get pretty warm, but I have noticed that it is a pretty consistent thing with Apple gear. That being said, I would submit a support ticket with Apple and at least find out if it's operating within their normal temperature range. I have the same issue with mine, I've always assumed it was normal. If I have something covering the power adapter like a blanket it gets really hot and will usually stop charging. Under normal conditions when it is charging it gets hot enough to be uncomfortable to touch, but never hot enough to burn.

I contacted the Apple Support a few minutes ago and the told me to bring it to the next Apple Support Partner and the will check the power adapter. My chat partner from apple could not tell me how warm it could get, because he is only the "first level support". Never bothered to measure it. The standard is actually IEC ; and from a quick skim it looks like the touch-limit for plastics is 95C.

But like AlanLloyd said you should probably submit a service ticket to Apple anyway. In the meantime i went to the Digitalis-Apple-Premium-Support-Partner and they told me, that this behavior is completely normal. The private power adapter of one of the "Digitalis-Team" has the same temperature. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks.

I did not stressed the processor very much only with surfing. The power adapter has no damage. Is this normal or a support case for Apple?