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Originally posted by mstrasner :. Thank you for your help. I hope the game starts. Edit: When it starts it says that I need to reinstall the application but I press continue and the game starts normally and works fine. Edit: I read that it doesn't matter if it shows up Discussion ended I guess :D. Then my save file wouldn't work as I understood. I'd have to start from scratch which I don't wanna do since I"m 80 hours into this game.

Got millions coming in It is possible to save your work, but you'd have to edit the "careerSavegame.

Farming Simulator 2013 - Mac Tutorials - How To Install Mods For Mac

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Mods (Farming Simulator 2013)

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Farming Simulator 2013 Crops Up at The Mac App Store, Now with Multiplayer

Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website. Dozens of new machines and vehicles, some of which are dedicated to the new crops in the game like potatoes and sugar beets, make their appearance alongside large and prestigious manufacturers never seen before in Farming Simulator: Case IH, Lamborghini, Grimme, and Amazon to name a few. Finally, players can diversify animal husbandry: chicken and sheep join cows, along with several vehicles and tools to help feed and rear them.

Back Back. As was the case in previous editions, the new player starts out with a farm that has most of the kit that is required to operate the farm — but not all of it. They also begin with a small amount of each crop type in their silos and a starting amount of funding.

At the start the player begins their farming experience with some serious debt. Due to the requirements that farm fields must be plowed every so many crops, and the general yield sizes for the larger fields of the three fields you start out owning, to actually be able to operate their farm fully, the player will at a minimum need to purchase the following:. One major improvement in FS17 is the realistic and often beautiful weather and world effects.

Next-gen farming is not what it could be

In addition to the hauling capability of the Tipper Trailers that the player has — which are used both to haul product to market, and to empty the harvester when it is full and store the crops in the farms silos — and transfer crops stored in the silos to the nearby railroad silos for bulk shipment to certain buyers, the farm has access to two different train engines with cars that can handle the entire range of crops and lumber that can be grown on the farm.

The trains are limited however to being more useful for lumber operations than farming, since they only connect to specific buyers and those buyers are not often the best place to sell your crops based on the buying prices being offered. That said though, any lumber baron is going to make heavy use of the trains — so for that market they are an awesome addition to the game.

What crops you grow is going to depend largely on what sort of kit you have. But you can also grow beet crops Sugar Beets and Potatoes. One of the more profitable crops is Sunflowers — for the seeds — but to grow those the player will need to purchase a different Header for their Harvester. Keeping your farm running efficiently often means running at night - which is no problem in FS The operation of a modern farm is not a cheap proposition. While the whole economics side is present, it is not so invasive that it interfers with the Zen-like calm that game play in Farming Simulator provides.

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The multiplayer side that was introduced for consoles in the previous title returns, with console players being able to join in MP games with up to 6 players, in which players can play cooperatively. Players can either join an existing game or host their own new MP game for other players to join. There is genuine satisfaction in harvesting a crop in order to take it to market. The Mods system in the game covers both official mods created by the dev team and player-created mods.

The wizards behind the game have held classes to teach the modders how to convert their mods for previous titles to 17, and a quick check of the Mods catalog in-game shows more than 40 mods available, several of which are mod sets. The Mods in the game include every sort of kit imaginable, including trailers, headers, forks, buildings, cars, and even the Kirovets KA the Soviet Rocket Tractor that ended being one of the most famous and reliable farming tractors to be built in Russia!

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Our favorite Mod category however is the Maps Mods — entire new player-created maps to farm in. There are also some great name brand additions from New Holland and Fendt that are created by Giants Software too. While the earlier versions of the game were what we seriously consider to be Good Karma games — game play in which you experience an almost Zen-like feel that will certainly help you unwind from a hard day, the later versions have taken on a much more business-oriented feel.

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The good news though is that you can still obtain a Zen-like game play experience from them by simply keeping the farm simple. The more complicated you make it — the more types of crops you desire the ability to grow — the less Zen-like and more Business-like the game play and simulation becomes. In a way that pretty much ensures the honesty in the claim that FS17 can be all things to all gamers!

Long time players will be aware that the progression from edition to edition has largely consisted of improvements to the base game, with the primary game play elements being identical from edition to edition, the differences being new items, kit, crops, and capabilities.