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I just bought the Mac Mini, and when I started migrating my system from my rMBP, I though my eyes were playing tricks on me; on my 4K screen that was working perfectly fine with my old computer, I now saw washed out colors, blurry fonts, the whole shebang. After trying everything else I could think of in terms of hardware and software, I started googling, and found this page. I will forever be grateful to you. Shame on you, Apple! Since writing this I upgraded to a 4k display Dell PQ , and it has the same problem, though the symptoms are much less apparent at higher pixel density.

Thank you very much John for documenting this. EDID revision………… 1. Digital DisplayPort Color bit depth………. Apple is terrible,. Any ideas? Great post. Quit blaming Apple for your monitor issues people. So here you are fighting to get your Dell working too. My monitor, thankfully, powers on every time when connected to my computer. Thanks for your solution. I think you found a way to fix it.

Michael Civitillo | Fixing EDID on OSX for External Monitors

It worked for me. I had this issue for a while. I got a new adapter CableCreation was the name of manufacturer, I think and it resolved my problem. Thanks so much for sharing this! Thank you so much! This trick saved me a lot of money and trouble. So I tried all of the above and nothing worked. Was strange, the external monitor looked great when the macbook was closed.

When I unchecked it, things went back to normal. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. We're Hiring! Atomic Object. About This Author. By commenting below, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in our linked Privacy Policy 41 Comments Wayne says:.

August 24, Andy says:. August 30, John Ruble says:. Kevin says:. September 13, Sergey says:. September 14, Levi says:. September 19, Elegant Uni says:. Eduardo Ribeiro says:. September 28, Topic Moved from Customization to Graphics. The right frequency, is included in the HEX string.

Having the same thing on OSX and Windows I think is the best I think your display is now very full work or the least of your problems For the efi string, i read that is sometimes ignored by OSX, however we have edited the file that can also serve for the future Such EDIDs can lead to problems such as setting incorrect display modes.

This white paper describes how to implement such an INF. A bad file, it can cause the loss of your display, Be sure to log back to your OSX, first, to delete the bad files. You must log in or register to reply here. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

Got it working for our data projector in the office which was causing a problem for our Macbook Pros. Thank you Mathew! The screen is too big for the monitor. When I use display preferences, the option to scale the display is no longer there. Any extra help would be appreciated. Hopefully someone else can help you out. HOWEVER, before trying the fix, can you tell me if it is related to the fact that the Menu bar starts at a medium gray on the left and varies continuously to a pale blue on the right?

You can always revert the changes if they make no difference. Your blog is the only one that seems to be posting consistently positive results. Can anyone help? When you say run the script, where do I paste the script? Into the Terminal? Thanks a mil. Thank you so much! What is home directory? Spent a few days banging my head on this.

Force RGB mode in Mac OS X to fix the picture quality of an external monitor

It works like a charm now! Thanks for the link to fixing this issue. It solved matters on my end as well after I downloaded the right file, since I was too quick and just went for the first one at the top of the page to begin with. Mountain Lion. Thanks again ;. This sh1t really works!! Im pretty much a complete retard when it comes to computers. It really worked!!


I just want to say, I almost never leave comments on things like this. Apple made a mistake with this and the attitude their support teams have taken should reflect poorly on them. I just followed the instructions: download patch. Close Macbook Pro lid. Run patch with Ruby using Terminal. I had a little trouble figuring out how to download the. Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness. I can live with this, for now, but would appreciate any ideas on the weird shading.

I may try one of the adaptors mentioned. If I do, I will report back. This is embarrassing! I just figured out why the menu bar had a color gradient from gray on the left to blue on the right:. Lion present to users??? Thanks again! But the MacBook Air had horrible text no text smoothing, white shadow around text. This solved the problem! Thanks so much! Any other suggestions?

Thanks a lot, it worked like a charm. I had no idea until I found your article. Unfortunately, the screen was really fuzzy and the fonts were all wrong, elongated would be the word. Can you please suggest what I can do about this? I have the patch-edid. This is mystifying to me. Thanks a lot. This worked for me also. I have a LG ma. When I connected it for the first time in a late mac mini OSX After follow all the steps of this post the fonts are now totally fine and the image fits perfectly in screen p using the same HDMI cable.

Just 2 considerations about the steps:. Probably you will need to use the sudo command to copy the files. Instead of just use cp origin destination, use sudo cp origin destination. System will ask you for password. Just after this the image becames OK. A little hack fix the issue. But, if I want to do hacks to fix this kind of problems I will propably buy a PC and install some kind of Slackware Linux.

I have a U and macbook pro with mountain lion No signal is going out of the mac. In system pref I can see the dell monitor and change the setting but with no image, just all black. Any idea?? I think the best you can do is undo the changes to get it back to how you had it. It works on my HP 23XI screen. I was crazy about the blurry picture and found out your webpage! Thanks man, this helped quite a bit. Still not perfect but way better than before, when the display was actually detected as a TV….

Hook this up and yuck! Downloaded the patch, ran from terminal which created the folder…which I put in the right place. The patch shows up in the color pref window, but still scarmbled text and aweful color. Any other ways to fix this? However, it worked fine when I booted into either BootCamp Windows or switched to my dedicated Ubuntu box, etc. This worked for me. Wanted to post in case anyone else goes looking for display issues with a DP extender. For me with YCbCr it showed everything as a purple tint. I made the script and everything works fine, clear and crisp texts, but i forgot to back up my folder before doing this.

So i think i lost those files and i just would like to test how it was before. Can you send please your overrides folders contents or just list the names of the files? Many thanks! Thanks for the update, Neil. Please let me know if you figure it out. To me this seems like a simple permission problem. After a restart my p Visio TV looks noticeably better using any resolution. I upgraded to The System Report said that the display was a TV or something like that. I copied it from the corresponding folder in my pre-Mavericks Time Machine Backup.

I then ran the cp command using sudo and it worked. I unplugged the monitor, waited a few minutes, and plugged it back in again. When it came up the image quality was good. This fix worked for me on Mavericks. This process worked for me on Mavericks. You gave me hope! I went back, redid everything, but this time I moved the MDP cable to the Thunderbolt port nearest the magsafe2 port. Now, it works. If I put it in the second Thunderbolt, the text comes out blurry. Thanks for confirming that this does work.

I had switched to a DVI dongle for a few days but the monitor wake up has been awful so hopefully now all of my problems will be resolved. Thanks a million for providing such a simple solution!! Thank you very much for taking the time to share this solution. I thought the only solution was to buy an Apple monitor, which I refused to do. Holy crap… this worked.

Text looked awful and colors were really off… way too saturated. IRC just looked awful.. It was awful. I knew it was going to upset me… and then I found this page. I tried the patch in Maverick on my macbook air , it works but has very negative side effects : when using the profile with forced rgb, I lose the possibility to get the dock on the second screen new maverick feature and I lose also the dual screen settings shortcut on the menu bar… It rolled back by removing the forced rgb profile and all came back to normal.

Do you know how to fix this? Thank you very much. No idea why. Many thanks for this! I applied this fix on a Dell U connected via mini displayport, but the image was extremely blurry and I thought it was applying some incorrect scaling. Colours are much improved now. Can you please tell me how to put the script in the home directory? Help would be appreciated! Do I have to create these folders? Or are they supposed to be there? Yes, as yokken said.

Thanks for this! Great many thanks, at last a usable display again! All perfect now in RGB! Big, big thanks for this tutorial man. Thanks for the howto. Obviously you only need to install the override file for the problematic display, not all of them. Thanks Andrew, I tried to follow your instructions. Not sure if I did it correctly, so please confirm if the below seems correct:. Did I take the right steps?

I have no idea what a script is supposed to do; was I also supposed to double-click on it, beside just copying it to the required folder? And am I looking in the right place, under Display Preferences? Sorry to ask such basic questions. I did read through many of the comments posted here, but I might have missed any clarifications for dummies. Thanks much, Leon. This is awesome! When I found yours I was worried about editing system files as I am not super comfortable doing this.

But I gave it a shot and this solution worked perfectly! Thank you! This is my first Apple computer. Their devices are amazing but having switched from Windows I am repeatedly annoyed with the lack of control over some basic functionality OS X. Looks like a good solution,, it is just my first time running script files..

I have tried to download the patch-edid. An unbelievable fix. Bought a new mac-mini two weeks ago and have been looking ever since. Now, I can read even the smallest text. Everything is crisp and clean. Thank you!!!! Then I gave this script a try. After running the script and copying the created folder to the overrides directory and a quick reboot — VOILA! It is gorgeous. And here was I, a 2 week virgin to MacBook where the external display was my only dissapointment thus far; thinking this would give me the same success as everyone else was reporting..

Is the problem maybe already solved in Mavericks and this is as good as it gets?

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The problem is very much present in the latest Mavericks. Without this patch the external monitor was identified as TV and was barely usable. Thanks, I used this for what seemed like the opposite direction, to force full rgb on a panasonic plasma TV with a mac mini. Outputting the limited color space the default would still crush blacks no matter how I calibrated the TV. The full colorspace fixed the problem. Wow Mathew see what you started!

There are a lot of people frustrated right now and a great many who seem much happier thanks to you and Mr Schwartz. Any time I want I can dumb down the beautiful monitor for office mode no, not my first choice. Got to fully understand this patch and what I am doing before I go doing it but the text is very straining on the eyes in places, very sloppy and a beautiful monitor is not getting to live its full potential…. After one days work I got tired eyes like rarely before.

Thanks so much!! Sorry, I have the Same issue after I installed the Patch. This solved my problem! Really a shame that Apple has not fixed this yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks,. A commenter previously had the same issue. Mathew, Thanks so much for your response. I got it to work — at least the part of Terminal reading the script. My issue is that I had saved the patch incorrectly.

Also, the Overscan slice bar disappeared — is that part of what the patch is suppose to do? Any additional suggestions would be greatly welcomed — Thanks,. Can you please show me the exact script from the display override? However, my monitor name had some garbage characters in it not sure why , and this actually prevented the override file from being loaded — that is, I rebooted and the problem was still there.

Manually editing the DisplayProductID-… file and removing the junk characters from the monitor name fixed the problem and my monitor is now usable. Anyways, thanks a bunch to everyone involved here. It would save hundreds of people time and money. How did you change that DisplayProductID-… file? I have a Philips monitor just like yours and could throw it through the window; blurry fonts and flickering every 7 seconds with the Apple dual DVI adapter. Just Horrible…. My solution for my connection from late MBP to Philips p4 was not the patch program but a new cable; Mini Displayport to Displayport.

Nothing else worked. The file generated by the script was a garbled binary file and not a clean plist text file.

For people experiencing the same problem: you can check this by opening the generated DisplayProductID-xxx file in a text editor. You should see a readable script. If not, you can modify the patch-edid. All fonts are now razor sharp. No more blurry outlines. I just ran the script again after seeing your post. Were you able to get the full x resolution? Is this something I can change in the above file or it is a matter of cable? Zyg, when you close the lid clamshell mode on your MBP, did you try waiting for a full 2 minutes to allow the internal switching to occur to transfer the signal out to your external monitor?

Of course, all the proper cables and required adapters must be in play, too. Good luck. Thanks Pam, but unfortunately that was not the problem. I bought a DVI-to-Thunderbolt adaptor and it works fine. I can close the lid, run the script and all. But resolution of the Philips monitor is still the x something one can find in a much cheaper monitor. Something is wrong. Hi Zyg. The file you generated looks fine.

I never closed the lid during the process. It gives me syntax errors when I try to run the script. Any willingness to try and help? It solved my problem. Thanks for getting back to me — so frustrating of Adobe not to release a patch for those affected apps. Who wants to pay a subscription when having already shelled out for CS6!? Add me to the list of people this has cured the problem for. Thanks for writing this up, and thanks to the script authors. I keep seeing this issue on a range of Macs and monitors, but RGB override does the trick.

Anyone up for walking me through this? I am on GChat and would really appreciate any help. I get confused when it says download the patch — I get a page with code, do I create a file out of that? Could anyone help with Eizo Foris fs? No idea what to do with that. I use minidisplay port-hdmi adapter, and of course colors are as described by you all. Any hints how to fix that? The trick above did not work for me.

The strange thing is that if i put side by side 2 Chrome pages, one running in osx and one running in VMWare Fusion linux guest, the Chrome running in VMWare fusion displays perfectly crisp text. Roberto Your not alone! With your issue that WM-Ware texts look better running a virtual mode I run a old XP system with much better quality on text then in Mac. I will try the suggested fixes. I am using a late retina MBP and have it connected to a Dell U external monitor but the text does not look sharp.

Hey Michael, I had the same issues but with another Monitor. Anyway Great resolution but at this point the text still were blur-ish. How to confirm resolution and television mode. I hope someone soon will make a step by step instruction in the terminal. Im trying make this works with my monitor LG MA, i followed all steps, the paste was created successful but the resolution of monitor keep very bad. Oh my god you saved me! I was so disappointed with my Philips p4qjeb, I just followed the stepts and it worked like a charm. When I run the script, I have the following error:. Finally no more crappy fonts!

Any help is appreciated! Desperately trying to avoid having to buy aspirine after looking at the screen…. Not sure why HDMI has issues…. I have the same exact monitor, almost same setup…but not understanding these directions on what needs to be installed. Any help would be appreciated. David, you have to do the following: 1.

Now one thing that some of us need to pay attention to is the hardware. WOW…what a difference. Thank you Bram! Just in time for the New Year. Wishing you all the best, and again, thank you for the time and great instructions…. Absolutely great. I was missing the step six. Once i moved the new folder created and restarted my mac the problem was fixed. The script runs without comment in the Terminal window the next prompt just pops up but no folder is created. Any thoughts what I might not be doing? Thanks, guys. What a huge help! Great work, Mathew and commenters especially Bram.

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for this fix!!!! Thanks again : :. My monitor is an HP Pavillion 23xi very popular here, I see. Tried calibrating for two days until I found your post. Thanks a million! I disagree that the process is absurd, though. The [Detect Displays] button does not fix the problem at least not for me. Thanks for taking the time to respond, I do see your point. Just wanted to give you a giant thanks for this. I was on the verge of buying a new monitor, just to fix this problem. Massive thanks to you, and to the author of the script!

Thank you sooooo much for your assistance. This fixed the problem, and although it is not a Retina Display, text is pleasant to look at in web browsers and mail. Any solutions? I was close to get sick by the ugly ultra-sharpness of my new Ultrawide Philips X4 x which was also detected as TV device.

Thanks to your instructions I can now work with my monitor without getting eye-pain.

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I am running the newest version of Mavericks and I am using the new Mac Pro. Thanks a lot for the script. Change line 26 add. Thanks, I merged this into my gist. Hopefully this takes care of people whose displays have garbage in the the EDID model string. Thank you very much for the solution, seems to work for a lot of people! Unfortunately I have the same Problem as Ernesto and debra. After i apply the patch, my monitor work great!! Any ideas on how to?

I ran the script and it worked great for about 30 minutes. On the other port of the switch I have my desktop. Up until earlier tonight, if I wanted to switch from desktop to mbp late model it would give me a snowy screen. After applying the script, the monitor was fixed, and when I switched between desktop and mac, the monitor never had any snow again.

Then about 30 minutes later, the snow returned. Any suggestions? This has been driving me insane because I put so much into getting the setup that should have theoretically worked. Any suggestions to help me out? I had the connector for mini display port to HDMI. The mistake was that I transferred the folder; you should only transfer the file. When I did this, everything loaded and now works great. I have a wonderful high-res picture now on my Samsung!

Good to know. Cool that you found the right way. I made exact the same error the fist time…. What do I do? Second display looks much better! I will report if there are any further issues! Wanted to add my success story and thanks for this thread as well. So far, everything is working as expected. Again, many thanks.

I saw one on my first few attempts and stopped to think about what it was telling me. I concluded that I had moved the folder containing the Ruby script file, but needed to move only the script file itself so that it could be found and run. That took care of all my problems and I have a beautiful external display now!

Good luck in your troubleshooting…. Pam I followed the procedure explicitly, with no errors, and the problem presists… all the colors are fine, the problem is the font rendering. Worked for me on 15 inch late Macbook pro Folder got cleared from overrides when I rebooted. I tried this trick with my Asus VXH and a late retina 15 but the text is still blurry especially on the menu bar. Finally works fine with appropriate settings and a mini displayport to hdmi adapter. Anyway, thanks to the author for the trick. Has anyone seen issues after patching with their display intermittently going black for a few seconds, then returning to normal?

I have the Dell SL and experience the same problem. The problem is the driver for Intel HD graphics. Mine used to go black for a few seconds until I switched to VGA. The same problem occurs in Linux. I hope they will release a driver update to solve the problem.

Do you have some links to those discussions? With so many others able to find it instantly, can anyone give me any pointers? Is it perhaps hidden? Do I need to create a new folder with this name? Hoping that this will eliminate the subject issue, if it occurs. I did all steps. But not working. Please help. Thank you for tutorial. This is absolutely amazing fix. I was thinking I got a faulty monitor or something similar. This made my week. Retina, inch, Late On a HP monitor.

I had to boot into an Ubuntu installer USB stick to undo the change, and then it could boot again. Mathew, Andrew and Tom thank you very much!! My setup is a bit different than with the rest of you, but the solution also works for me. That resulted in very distorted text display as with the rest of you. A few insights on the problems I encountered while fixing the problem hopefully this will help people with the same monitor on a Mac :.