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Find the Target field.

Now add -repair parameter after the quotes in the Target field. Save the changes and start the game using the shortcut. After you start the game it will scan your game files for any missing or corrupted files and replace them. Keep in mind that this process might take a while, up to an hour, sometimes even more. After the repair has been performed you can go ahead and remove the repair parameter -repair. Mac Users are having problems even launching the game, the fix however was addressed by Guild Wars 2 Game Masters.

To fix this issue on Mac computers they have given this set of steps:. One of the few games that actually runs on Mac… Refuses to launch. Any online game needs a smooth and stable connection, and Guild Wars 2 is no exception. Guild Wars 2 primarily uses port , which is a default port for online gaming. Changing it may lead to another route being taken and hopefully possibly avoiding package loss.

You can change it via the command line in the properties of your gw2. You will see an input text called target. Just add —clientport And that is it for our Guild Wars 2 guide, you can apply any of this fixes and get some instant results. We tried it briefly but additional work would be required to get it working properly, and we already have our hands full with the macOS client.

Those are some impressive results with Gallium-Nine. I might even get an AMD card to mess around with someday. FPS is very good on Medium settings, ranges between fps depending on the area and with the 64bit client there are no crashes during big events neither. The screenshot I attached for example, shows the game running under Wine-Staging 2. Gallium nine is literally a dx9 implementation in mesa.

I find the overall stability to be nice. Either way, I wonder if gallium 11 will be made because I wonder if vulkan is as fast as the gallium stack. Posted by: ninjazzy. The odd-coloration is consistent, though it always looks the same. Thanks everyone! We really appreciate all of the enthusiasm! This has been a long haul and we are all so happy to have you all help us finish this project. Please be patient with us as we fix things. All of our fixes should be in release notes, so you should know what to expect from any given release. Most of all, just play and have fun!

Guild Wars 2 Mac Client

We are verifying and reproducing bugs and sending them off to the team for fixing. Like the blog post said, we need your help! Keep taking screen shots and posting them here! Posted by: Miiko. Works great!

Guild Wars 2 on Wine — Guild Wars 2 wiki

No problem with this toon in game, though. Posted by: Power. Posted by: Earix. MacBook Pro Posted by: Ziffel. Just wanted to post my two cents.

Its not caused any issues or headaches. One issue I have is that unlike the wrapped version, it no longer has the ability to be minimised. Which causes a little problem when using it in the workplace lol. If you could re-enable that function it would be great. Posted by: BDave. Posted by: argyler. Did some more playing. This only appears to be a problem in the character select though. But , when things do manage to finish through the hitchiness, I can see how this client could be gorgeously smooth! I am excited! Posted by: Magnito. Posted by: hourglass.

The Keybinding on my mouse number keys pads are not working properly even when i set it up correctly. It has made it impossible for me to play this game. Please fix this ASAP. It also will do a thing where just flat out number will stop working. My mouse worked great on the 32bit client. Now on the new client it just is not working at all. Fix this before releasing the client. Posted by: bananabread. Auto-detecting graphics settings gave me a bunch of options set to high I forgot to take a screenshot , which is a bit much for the onboard graphics.

Both on auto-detected and on lower settings, I had some texture problems trees and other plants flickering in a bright light blue and missing text while I was in the new PvP lobby. In PvE areas, my menus look fine and contain all the text I expect to see there. Posted by: sunrun. New client is great so far! See attached screenshot.


Posted by: Grigneg. Posted by: BlackWinter. Hey, I find the new client in himself first-calls, indeed, has a few more problems have struck me.

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Posted by: Moira Shalaar. Moira Shalaar. Posted by: Menadena. Hmm, currently the 32 bit is on my HDD.

Slow PC (Poor Performance) (Slow load screens) Guild Wars 2, and Arma II: DAYZ

I wonder if it will still see the resources since I put it in a nonstandard place or if it will try re-downloading? Oh well, even if it means I do not get a chance to play with it until tomorrow it will be like a prezzie waiting to be unwrapped. Posted by: Cragga the Eighty Third. Cragga the Eighty Third.

Just one more little note, not urgent or a playability issue—I notice that though the bit client saves screenshots in PNG format, the new Mac version saves screenshots as Windows BMP files. That seems odd and a little awkward. The file size was over 6mb, more than twice the file size of the old PNG screenshots. Posted by: Sara Flame of Kryta. Sara Flame of Kryta. Posted by: Supercluster. Having fun testing the new 64 bit Mac client. Thank you Anet management for allowing a native Mac client to be developed.

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  • To the Mac development team, you surpassed my expectations, great job!! Tried all graphic settings. Also in Black Lion preview. Things that are improved from 32 bit client: — The colors are fantastic! Rich and deep. Very nice. Posted by: DasElch. After Rotating the Camera with right mouse button, the cursor is stuck but visible on its position for about ms.

    The chatbox UI and everything else including text in the game, seems lower quality. It is same in this situation for the bit. Please fix the UI and make it more HD, especially the text. Posted by: Ziggy.