Two hard drives in mac mini 2011

Set the fan and screws aside. Remove the screw attaching the cowling at the bottom left using the Torx T6 screwdriver, then lift the top of the cowling and rotate it until you can remove the cowling entirely. Remove the hard drive connector and IR cable connector from the logic board using the spudger. The hard drive connector looks like a black tab near the lower-left corner of the hard drive.

The IR connector is located at the upper-right corner of the logic board, immediately below the hard drive and to the left of the RAM modules.

  • Teardown Reveals New Mac Mini Has Space For Second Hard Drive… Or An SSD.
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  • Teardown Reveals New Mac Mini Has Space For Second Hard Drive Or An SSD | Cult of Mac.
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Remove the four screws around the antenna, using a Torx T8 for the two larger screws and a 2mm hex screwdriver for the two smaller screws. Gently pull the antenna away from the outside of the Mini case until you can access its cable, then either leave it connected or use a spudger to remove the connector from the wireless board. Remove the two screws from the logic board using the Torx T6 and remove the screw from the case below the logic board using the 2mm hex screwdriver.

Insert the logic board removal tool into the two holes provided for it just above the heat sink and gently push the tool down until you feel its prongs contact the top of the case. Pull the tool back towards you until the internals of the Mini separate slightly from the case. Pull the hard drive toward you and remove it from the case. Pull the connector off the drive, remove the two mounting pins from the side of the drive using a Torx T8 screwdriver and peel the plastic cover from the drive.

Replace the mounting pins on the side of the new drive, attach the connector and stick the plastic cover over the circuitry side of the drive. If you're replacing your drive with an SSD drive, you won't need the plastic cover. Depending on the size of your drive bay, you may need to use a spacer to make your SSD fit properly.

Rotate the bottom cover counter-clockwise until the white dot painted on the bottom cover is aligned with the ring inscribed on the outer case. Remove the two Lift the ear of the fan nearest the RAM up off the standoff secured to the outer case.

iFixit's Mac Mini kit lets you add a second hard drive

Carefully pull the fan cables upward to lift the fan connector up out of its socket on the logic board. Do not remove the antenna plate yet. Use the flat end of a spudger to pry the hard drive connector up from its socket on the logic board. Use the tip of a spudger to lift the IR sensor connector up and out of its socket on the logic board.

How-To: Now's the right time to swap your old iMac's hard drive for a fast new SSD - 9to5Mac

To remove the logic board, the two cylindrical rods of the Mac Mini Logic Board Removal Tool must be inserted into the holes highlighted in red. Inserting instruments into any logic board holes other than the ones highlighted in red may destroy the logic board. Insert the into the two holes highlighted in red.

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Be sure it makes contact with the top side of outer case below the logic board before proceeding. Carefully slide the logic board assembly out of the mini, minding any cables that may get caught.

IFixit Lets You Install 2nd Hard Drive In New Mac Mini

The following steps will guide you through installing a second hard drive in your Mini. In the next few steps you will be installing the grommets in the holes located along the brackets boxed in red. While working from the inner side of the bracket, push the grommet through the hole in the side of the bracket. Be sure the grommet is seated nicely in the bracket as seen in the third picture. Repeat the process for the remaining three grommets on either sides of the brackets. The bracket with all four grommets installed should look like the bracket shown in this picture.

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Bend the ribbon cable along the dotted lines to help the connectors remain seated in their sockets. Bend the ribbon cable 90 degrees at the SSD connector so that it is parallel to the connector.

How to Install a Second Drive Inside a 2011-2012 Mac mini with the OWC Data Doubler

Use the edge of the SSD connector to put a 45 degree downward bend in the cable along the first large dotted line. Hold the ribbon cable on either side of the first small dotted line and bend it up 90 degrees. This was not an upgrade for the timid.


It took a couple of hours of work, and along the way I made a few missteps that slowed me down—the wrong screw here, improperly reading the instructions about where to tuck some power cables there. By the time I went to bed last night, the server was up and running. It probably spent a few hours overnight rebuilding the Spotlight database and running some other backup checks, but by morning all of the housekeeping was done.