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Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited. Com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users, with our own. Confirm Action Are you sure you wish to do this? Confirm Cancel. Login Register? IA, USA. I have an opportunity to purchase a Norinco Mak 90 7. I can't find Mak 90 under Norinco in the blue book of gun values.

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Any idea which gun this might be? NJ, USA. How much were they asking? Originally Posted By mak0: How much were they asking? FL, USA. SC, USA. Results, not excuses. Ditto Panzer's statement. Around here in Upstate S. Great if you're selling, sucks if you're buying. I'm almost embarrased to say what I purchased my last one for. GA, USA. Additionally, VEPR rifles use heavier barrel profiles, and are available in multiple barrel lengths.

The problem with VEPR rifles is the cost of ownership, and limited aftermarket support. Due to the design of its handguard and receiver, the Molot VEPR uses its own proprietary furniture and magazines. Since the recent ban of further imports, this is going to be a more costly option than in years past.

Though given their Russian heritage and ever-shrinking supply, these rifles will undoubtedly increase in value if properly maintained.

MAK 90 Ak-47 400 Yards

These shooters are restricted to low-capacity magazines and have limited furniture options, since the trigger assembly is located further back than standard AK rifles. This leaves one final option for performance junkies; Arsenal of Las Vegas. Arsenal builds and imports AK-pattern rifles from Russia and Bulgaria. Arsenal may be best known for their SLR-series of Bulgarian carbines, which are near-perfect facsimiles of their full-auto brethren. These rifles are on par with Saiga carbines in terms of fit, finish and accuracy — though both are slightly inferior to VEPR rifles.

​Norinco MAK 90 Sporter AK-47 - 7.62X39MM - USED

The fixed-stock versions of both utilize standard AKM-pattern furniture which is both plentiful and inexpensive. One additional bonus for shooters living in areas with an assault weapons ban in place is that pre-ban magazines are plentiful for AKM rifles, and thus both of these guns. The reason people who want a traditional AK might not want any of the above rifles, deals primarily with their furniture types. Where most people imagine a wood-stocked, all-steel war-machine when imagining an AK, modern examples of the rifle utilize polymer furniture instead.

Which is objectively superior in terms of performance and weight savings, though is detracts from the classic AK appearance. Another reason shooters might shy away from these three markers is price. Most buyers assume AK rifles are inexpensive, crudely-made weapons. The AK rifles of yesteryear were affordable because they were constructed by a country that had inexpensive labor costs and previously-existing machinery for the guns.

Are they worth it? These shooters are part of the earlier group mentioned, those in love with the idea of an AK rifle. I purchased it because of its reputation for reliability, and because it looked cool as hell. So for shooters who either want a classic AK or simply a more affordable option, there are several makes available. While the Soviet Union has several satellite nations it saw fit to equip with Avtomats, only a handful have been imported to the US in substantial numbers.

Other variants do exist, but they are often much more expensive because of their rarity, not increased quality. That said any of the following make for good, reliable weapons if properly assembled. Notorious for their inaccuracy and poor build quality, these rifles are responsible for the majority of the internet myths surrounding imported AK rifles today.

Just like everything else on the net, the reports surrounding them are grossly exaggerated and often totally incorrect.

Most people fail to realize that during the height of the purported built issues, Century simply widened the magazine well for double-stack mags, and never touched the barrel or sights. Older builds from around the year , were hurriedly built once the AWB ended, in anticipation of huge orders.

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Newer models rarely suffer from canted sights or severe magazine wobble, but shooters should closely inspect any WASR they intend to buy in person, if possible. Featuring a more robust receiver and a stainless steel barrel, PAP rifle build-quality is above the majority of AK rifles on the market.

This presents an issue in terms of cost of ownership, and aftermarket parts availability. Shooters who are happy to use their AK as it comes from the factory, can safely buy the PAP, a few magazines and be happy. Though anyone who wants access to the robust AK accessory market, should steer clear of this variant, because most AK parts are either incompatible or require extensive modification to fit the rifle. This rifle is built from a stamped receiver Hungarian AK63 parts kit on a new Century C39v2 milled receiver. While the Century 63D lacks the tank-style brake commonly found of AMD Hungarian side-folding select-fire rifles, it still retains the odd pistol grip design.