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My Sierra OS Same with me! I have I have this feeling though that somewhere deep in the system folder… there is still a way. When I unlock the lock in the security and privacy area, it asks me for my password to unlock security and privacy. I dont have a password set up, I click unlock and it unlocks it for a half a second then relocks it back.

How do i get it to unlock security and privacy arrows so I can download from anywhere? I did this and various other methods, yet it still asks for administrators, which, to my great annoyance, have forgotten. Any idea why in finder it still asks for it? I just got a 2nd hand Mac a couple of weeks ago migrating from PC and this was really annoying me.

Solved now — Thanks a lot! I need to do this to run 7zip, but blocks keep popping up. Thanks from me also. Trying to open an app for doing a chemistry demonstration for my students…you did it! Please excuse me for not being abled to get your product down-loaded as suggested by your instructions.

IIsm 69 years old and I love music. My is If you can help me I would appreciate a call-back phone , Thanks, tdm. Thanks Gerard, the spctl examples really helped. I now got a favorite app added to the approved ones. I stopped using Apple bc of nonsense just like this. I downloaded an app under Snow Leopard and created files with it. Errors are the result of negligence by either the user or the developer, alerts are meant to provide important information regarding the app or system.

So I deleted it from Applications and re-installed it the normal way enabling any apps to be installed in the Security settings. Craig, thank you for rising above the noise with a no-drama solution. Thanks for this simple yet informative tutorial! I am a mac beginner and really need to know stuff like this. And just to let you know, this website was first on the list when searching for how to remove this security feature!

Keep up the good work! Does anyone know how to reverse this procedure? System Policy Control.

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Thanks John, really good advice to use System Policy Control. This allows to to keep the protection level high and easily apply fine-grained security control. I downloaded and installed Eclipse Juno and got the GateKeeper alert. Its very simple Ctrl click is the same as right click so just right click and open and then it remembers it on that app forever so its not that much of a pain. Unfortunately, this is yet another attack on those who distribute free software. In essence, Apple is requiring anyone who wants to do so to pay to become a member of their Developer club.

If you are selling software, you can adjust the price to reflect this tax. If you are distributing free software, you are being asked to absorb this gratuitous tax so Apple can project a false sense of security.

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I have already bypassed this to get Handbrake…. How in the world is this remotely related to free software? OS X in no way restricts the use of software developed for the system, it simply identifies software which does not have an Apple Developer ID. I fail to see your nearsighted perspective. This new measure is another example of Apple taking away control from the computer over his machine. Everything on your machine is expected to pass through a single means — the App Store — which Apple has complete control over from both sides. If a developer wants to sell his software, he has to conform to company policy and give Apple a cut.

At best it is a tiresome annoyance. I really hate the MS method of blocking files downloaded until I purposely unblock them. It is a pity that Apple has adopted the same boneheaded approach. If I downloaded the app or file I very well intend to use it.

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A warning the first time the file is opened is fine, after that it is simply gratuitous aggravation. And while you may certainly want to open a file that you purposely downloaded. However, if a malignant website downloaded a file i.

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I am an aerospace engineer. I am technically ept. It makes me very, very angry when I cannot work on my computer because of restrictions that help keep idiots safe. Not all Mac users are as technically brilliant as you clearly are, so Apple needs to appeal to the masses. Use Linux, so you can look down your nose at most all other people sitting in front of a keyboard. I used to work at an aerospace firm. During the time I was there I never tried to build an aircraft. Dominic Big Fat A Hole. But I understand why they do this.

They intentionally broke the interface, and made it possible to run a non certified program, but only through a great deal of difficulty, to try to make money off from developers to get their software certified. And if it is so easily disabled, then why does it bother you so much? This is probably the safest way for a computer manufacturer to configure this capability. Somebody who is computer savvy will quickly identify what they need to do to circumvent this system, even if it means searching the internet and finding a thread like this.

Non-technical users have the safest setting for their level of expertise.

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Yet I cannot help thinking that a design which allows for the possibility of that unsigned app really IS something bad is a lot better than encouraging those who are annoyed to turn off the capability. How about adding an ignore? If you need help with your laptop Mac Airs they basically take it from you and reimage it.

Standard answer:. As a DevOps for years, I think everyone should do whatever the hell they want. If you want to buy a product that is obviously popular and then complain about its features.. I stick with Windows and their intel chip and cntr-alt-del the crap out of every situation.

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Oh well, at this age I am losing the plot!! Yes, anyone would want to open or install a file that they purposely downloaded. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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