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A similar problem to that which exists for web browsers, is that most e-mail programs don't have complete support for web browser standards. As a result, getting HTML e-mail can be problematic at best. Among them there are security, accessibility, and design elements which simply don't render the same way on all e-mails. If you receive HTML e-mails and have no option to receive text, I recommend contacting the company that sends such e-mails and ask for a link to the webpage which has those documents.

Attachments are also problematic as my Mac OS X page reference discusses. It is better for any document being transmitted via e-mail that can't be represented by ASCII text to be saved to a website and referred to by a link in an e-mail, than attempts to render information in e-mail which can't be universally read. Safari Wikipedia lists the latest Safari version, and which operating system can use it Safari Safari 9. Other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are not as sensitive to the operating system.

Mac OS compatible web browsers

Safari 8. Safari 7 ships with Mac OS X Safari 6. Safari 5. In Version 5. Note, version 5. Version 4. Safari 3. Version 3. Prior versions 3.

Help! Need A Stable Browser For Mac Os X Lion 10.7.5 (11g63)

With the The March security update fixes Java issues on Safari, and if you applied the See my Upgrade FAQ for more on how to apply updates without running into issues such as these. Version 1. Older versions of Safari are only available in non-English varieties from Apple: Version 1.

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Version 2. Safari is also available for Netscape 7. Microsoft Internet Explorer is no longer available for download from Microsoft. The Mac OS X version 5. If installing older operating system disks, be sure to observe the System Specific installation notes. Otherwise, you'll need to either use the Install Additional Applications from the restore disks, or Charlessoft's Pacifist to extract the files from the installer packages to reretrieve Internet Explorer if it wasn't backed up elsewhere. Macintosh Repository has the only known copies of version 5.

Microsoft product feedback page. Omnigroup's Omniweb for The only major shortcoming I notice on a regular basis is that Opera slows down and crashes under heavy workloads. Vivaldi Though I wanted to recommend a lightweight browser for you and searched the Internet for the same, I came to the conclusion that Safari is a good-enough for users looking for something similar. And there certainly are many exclusives here as well.

I have used Vivaldi in the past, prior to Opera, and my experience with it has been pretty awesome. The browser offers you a ton of customization options and its powerful tab management features, which allow you to stack multiple tabs and see its contents solely by hovering over them, is wonderful. The sidebar also allows you to open websites and see your Instagram or Twitter feed without disrupting your workflow.

Some of the more interesting features of Vivaldi for macOS will, however, have the ability to change the color of Philips Hue lights based on your tab, pen down notes for individual websites, built-in screenshot tool, and cloud sync features.

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  5. It has surely made a difference as per Akshay, who made a switch from the trusty Safari browser and has been using it on his MacBook Pro for quite some time. The browser also supports all of the regular features like bookmark management, web-form management, a competent editing console, spell checking and site-based security configurations, to name a few. Pros: Fast performance, quick page load times. Has issues with handling heavier workloads. However, a user with heavier workloads or desires for a load of different features, you will surely find a suitable pick among our remaining four picks.

    So, which browser are you currently running on your macOS machine? Are you looking to make a change? Also, do you think you have a suggestion that we should include here? LOG IN. Recover your password. Related Articles. According to It offers easy and quick access to the most commonly used things such