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Learn how. Stores records of numerical and textual information as lines, using commas to separate fields.

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Commonly used in spreadsheet applications as an exchange format. Plain text format. Similar to TSV. Import [ " file. In this particular case it is easy to spot, but my script was processing thousands of records and it took me some time to figure out what went wrong. The annoying thing is, that there doesn't seem to be an elegant fix.

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So you'd have to resort to a solution where you use an extremely unlikely enclosure, but since the enclosure can only be one character long, it may be hard to find. Here's something I put together this morning. It allows you to read rows from your CSV and get values based on the name of the column. This works great when your header columns are not always in the same order; like when you're processing many feeds from different customers.

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Also makes for cleaner, easier to manage code. This is how to read a csv file into a multidimensional array. A simple function to return 2 Dimensional array by parsing a CSV file. I had a csv file whose fields included data with line endings CRLF created by hitting the carriage returns in html textarea.

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Problem is I could NOT get fgetcsv to work correctly here, since each and every LF was regarded as the end of a line of the csv file, even when it was escaped! The fgetcsv function seems to follow the MS excel conventions, which means: - The quoting character is escaped by itself and not the back slash. If it is not inside a quoted field it will stay. So previous comments stating the opposite are wrong, unless they are using a different PHP version I am using 4.

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So fgetcsv if actually very complete and can deal with every possible situation. It does need help for macintosh line breaks though, as mentioned in the help files.

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I wish I knew all this from the start. From my own benchmarks fgetcsv strikes a very good compromise between memory consumption and speed. Same for leading and trailing spaces.

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Hier is an example for a CSV Iterator. It try to open the csv file. Also, fputcsv creates non-standard CSV files. For anyone else struggling with disappearing non-latin characters in one-byte encodings - setting LANG env var as the manual states does not help at all. Newer PHP versions handle cvs files slightly different than older versions.

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  • With the new 4. Easy workaround is to just trim all fields after reading them in. You should pay attention to the fact that "fgetcsv" does remove leading TAB-chars "chr 9 " while reading the file. This means if you have a chr 9 as the first char in the file and you use fgetcsv this char is automaticaly deleted. I was getting a bytes exhausted error when iterating through a CSV file.