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I used Outlook until not supported any longer and syncing to iphone contacts through iTunes worked great. Outlook creates a default name. I created a smtp file where Outlook creates a name. I also deleted some contacts because Apple contacts only allows 2, contacts. Can you think of how to make certain that iTunes is finding the right file? Apple is stumped. Thank you Mitch for writing the article to help! I started using iPhone since last year.

Then the world stopped one day morning! My work around has been this: 1. Sync-ing Calendar has no problem whatsoever. For Contacts, I know new entries in Outlook can sync to iPhone without any problem. But not the other way round. But, modification done to a record in iPhone can sync back to my Outlook without problem.

To work around the problem, I had entered some dummy records with names simply like A1, A2, …A20 so, 20 records in Outlook Contacts. When I met new customers on the street, I would modify the A-records and put real names and other info in the iPhone. For now, it works for me without fiddling around with iCloud. And the saga continues.

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App to app field mapping is minimal. The cleanest mapping is to use a lastname,firstname format in all naming fields. Once iCloud for Windows is installed, open it, log into your iCloud account and work through the synching and sharing options photos, mail, calendar, contacts, reminders, etc. Due to space limitations because of a previous iPhone backup, I selected contacts only. Other than Backup, I deselected all the other options to match my sharing and synching options in iCloud for Window. Close out of Settings, and open iOS Contacts app. Your PC based Outlook contacts should all be available.

Here goes… I need to sync new contacts from the Contact-app on the iPhone to my Outlook Exchange account.

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It is working fine from Exchange to iPhone but not the other way around. Nothing happens when i complete the synchronization. None of my contacts from the Contact-app are synchronized to Exchange. I have spent weeks trying to migrate my Outlook contacts folder now Peoples app collection on a Window 10 laptop to an iPhone 6 iOS 11 and it has been a nightmare. I feel that I am standing in the middle of a battlefield where Microsoft and Apple are exchanging live fire. This is a turf battle over web-based storage. All parties are blame.

I was with Apple support level 1. Apple support level 2. PS — I think that is a copout answer. I tried the iCloud way, and do not like it. I have 11, calendar entries, which ones are missing? My iTunes on that windows 10, outlook computer will sync to iDevices with a cable. I called Microsoft Support. Once you install icloud, you can select inbox, calendar and contacts that will sync with outlook.

I spent 3 hours with Microsoft Support yesterday. You need the Desktop version for the sync from iPhone to iCloud to Outlook to work. So we uninstalled my previous install of Microsoft Office which I installed from the Microsoft Store. This also means that you need to uninstall iTunes then reinstall it later. I went to outlook , and my iTunes Sync takes about the same length of time, and does absolutely nothing to my calendar or contacts on any of my iDevices I have two iPhones, two iPads — my windows 10 computer is the master account.

Help please anyone, I spent hours on the web, searching, trying, getting nowhere.. And tonight 2 hours with apple support, and at the end they said to contact Microsoft office support Microsoft will say to contact apple iTunes support, sigh Mike van de Water — you say to make sure Outlook is the default file. Mitch, you say iCloud must be turned off for Option 2. But iTunes Syncs for a bit, same length of time as ever, but nothing changes on my iDevices. Anything else need to be turned off, of on? How did you learn to turn iCloud off, for to work?

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I need my mobile devices to have an accurate calendar, and accurate contacts. I also turned off the iCloud settings on my phone i. I just moved from an old laptop running Windows XP to a new laptop running Windows The contacts and calendar on my iPhone 6s Plus are up-to-date and important to me.

I want to copy the contacts and the calendar of this iPhone to MS Outlook on my new laptop. How do I do that using iTunes? Do you want want to sync this iPhone with the information from this user account instead? What does that mean? I simply want to replace the empty contacts and the empty calendar of MS Outlook on my new laptop with the up-to-date contacts and up-to-date calendar of my iPhone 6s Plus! I have never successfully been able to install icloud on any Windows Computer running win7.

If I try to sign out of icloud on my ipad, it tells me it will delete the account! If you didn't set up an iCloud Mail account when you set up iCloud, the Mail option in your iCloud for Windows account might be grayed out. To make the Mail option available, set up an icloud. If you still don't see the Mail option, sign out and back in to iCloud for Windows. You need to set up an icloud. If you didn't set up an iCloud Mail account at the same time as iCloud, the Mail option in your iCloud for Windows account might be grayed out.

If you notice you need to delete emails from your inbox on all of your devices, your mail might not be synced between your iOS device and iCloud for Windows. If your devices still don't sync, you can learn more. You can change your Outlook settings so that emails are automatically sent from your iCloud account.

If you need help with your Calendar, Contacts and Reminders with iCloud for Windows, try these steps. When iCloud is set as your default account in Data Files, your data won't sync between your devices. Some iCloud features in Outlook work differently than they do on your Apple device.

Sync iPhone Contacts with Outlook For Mac 2016

Here are a few tips to help you use Outlook with iCloud for Windows. If you don't enter your Tasks into the iCloud section, they won't transfer to iCloud.

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Contact the vendor for additional information. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Download iCloud for Windows. Make sure the date and time settings on your device are correct. Make copies of your iCloud data. You'll need to get help with your Internet connection. If you see an error message such as "connection timed out," you'll need to contact your Internet service provider for help. Check your log-in settings If you have multiple Apple IDs that you use with iCloud, you might be logged in to iCloud for Windows with a different account than you are on your other devices.

Refresh Outlook If you recently made changes in Outlook that aren't updating on your other devices, or changes on your other devices that aren't updating in Outlook, click Refresh in Outlook.

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If the installed version of Outlook is not supported If you receive an error that says the Installed version of Outlook is not supported by iCloud, uninstall the version of Office that you got from the Windows store. If the Mail option in your iCloud for Windows account is grayed out Before you can use iCloud Mail, you need to create an icloud.

Mail Get help setting up or sending your iCloud Mail. If you have emails that stay in your Outbox If you see an email stays in your Outbox, follow these steps: Move the message from the Outbox to the Drafts folder, or delete it. Open the message in the Drafts or Deleted Items folder, then click Send again. If you can't set up Mail using iCloud for Windows You need to set up an icloud. Close Outlook. Sign out of iCloud for Windows, and then sign back in.

Restart Outlook. If your mail doesn't sync across your devices If you notice you need to delete emails from your inbox on all of your devices, your mail might not be synced between your iOS device and iCloud for Windows. Deselect Mail.