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It was delicious, but not something i would make often just because of the amount of time spent standing and stirring. Emily- thank you for your comment! The type of pasta will definitely change the texture of the pasta and how much milk it will require. Thicker, longer cooking pasta might even require double the milk. Delicious recipe! I found it on Pinterest and had to try it. I added some extra cheese — I love cheese — and was pleased, along with my little one with the ultimate oooey gooey cheesy creamy results. I am a snob when it comes to noodles and insist that they be al dente.

Thanks for sharing a keeper of a recipe! Super awesome and easy technique! I modified it to make buffalo chicken mac and cheese and it turned out really good. It was a little bland before I added the buffalo chicken because i just used mild cheddar, so I recommend using a stronger cheese or a variety of cheeses than what I used. Otherwise, it was super creamy and delicious! I bet it will be delish!!! If I do this I can handle the cheese called for.

Thank you so much! This is delicious! I used a little more milk than called for and cheddar cheese. It was heavenly and I will certainly make again. I added some boiled chopped carrots towards the end so I could feel less guilty! I tried this recipe last night and it is fantastic! It was creamy, melted cheese dip over pasta. I will be making this repeatedly, in countless variations.

Thank you so much for sharing! I cannot wait too try this!!! I have 2 boys that love mac and cheese and have given up on anything that comes in a box unless it is crackers. Cant wait to make this for dinner tomorrow. Thanks so much for this fabulous recipe! It was a cold and rainy day here and this was the perfect meal for tonight. I made it with almond milk and it still turned out creamy, cheesy and delicious!

I second Steve. This sauce recipe skim milk, shredded cheese, salt, mustard powder, nutmeg is simple and great, but cooking the noodles in the pre-cheese milk mixture results in a ton of clumpy starch and mushy pasta, even after rinsing. You will have much better results simply making the cheese sauce in one pot and cooking the noodles in the other. So, so much better. Literally just I finished making this! This one is perfect! I used small whole wheat elbows, skim milk, no butter, 1 c. It was rich, creamy, and smooth. I did have to add about 6 T.

I too found this to be a lumpy, sticky mess. I wish now that I had read through all of the comments before I made it. It was a bit grainy but overall still tasted good and my son loved it — ate his whole portion! Do you think it makes a difference if you use pre-shredded cheese vs. Hi Sara. It sounds like the cheese was the culprit. All cheeses melt differently, giving you a different texture for the sauce. Especially many pre-shredded cheddar cheeses. If you melt them too fast, the oils will separate from the curds giving you a grainy texture.

Try either cooking on lower temperature or a different cheese. Good luck. Sometimes preshredded cheese has been tossed with something to keep them from sticking. I have had a simular problem using it for Fondue. Try a slower and lower melt, that may help. Good Luck!! I thought it looked amazing, so I did it for the first time for some friends coming over, and I was embarrassed—i was so so stodgy and starchy.

There may be a way to change this? Tried this recipe tonight, it was delicious! I changed quite a few things though. I used Cheddar and Parmesan cheese and also added a little bit of turmeric and frozen peas. I saw a recipe that had tuna and peas with mac and cheese that looked tasty, but I had no tuna so I thought I would still add the peas. Overall, it was fantastic. Standing over the pot for a while was tedious but well worth it! I posted your blog on my foodie page to highlight this amazing recipe.

Hope you come check me out and join the page too! I will certainly try again. I showed my husband this and read the first line. Total fist pump!

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  • One Pot, Stove Top Creamy Mac and Cheese for Easy macaroni cheese!
  • Simple Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese Recipe | PBS Food.

He was pumped up to join the revolution. This looks good and healthier than most. Thanks for sharing I will be trying it this weekend. This sounds so good. Is is possible to make in a crock pot? If all you do is bring milk to a boil, then let noodles cook, could they be finished in the crock pot? Just curious. Good luck! By far, hands down and so forth. Had it on a sandwich with a homemade Juicy Lucy- woooooooow.

I added an extra cup of chicken broth and a couple of handfuls of chopped raw cauliflower to Step 2. Also added some sour cream because it really thickened up at the end. Heavenly days, this so goooood! And so easy! The texture is so amazingly creamy. THIS is the recipe that I will use time and time again. Thanks so much!!! Also, I have to say I neglect it. I only stir it a couple times while the milk is boiling until the very end when it starts to thicken. One time I completely boiled all the milk out of it because I walked away for too long. For a nice little addition, in the very beginning, saute the butter with some minced garlic, then add the milk, salt, noodles and bring to a boil.

Hi… I tried this receipe and it lead to disaster! I stood in front of the stove and stirred and stirred…. Just made it with small, and the macaroni have absolutely no integrity left; I have a pot of paste on my stove. Absolutely terrible. I just tried making this and it turned out surprisingly well. I halved the recipe because it was just going to be me eating, I dunno if something got lost in the process but I ended up having to use a lot of extra water to keep it smooth and not too thick and a fair amount of extra cheese for taste. I finally found the perfect mac n cheese recipe after searching for years, and this is it.

It is so simple compared to the others, yet taste so much better. I love the method of using the noodles own starches to thicken the sauce. Other recipes I tried called for flour and it always ended up so grainy or gummy. This is nothing like that at all. Its very creamy and flavorful. Thank you for this recipe. So glad I found this. From the comments, it looks like a favourite!

Added you to my reader too! Awesome blog! I cannot wait to try this recipe. This seems perfect. I will come back and tell you, what I think. Thank you again for posting this. I think I may use maple bacon on top, it should be a good contrast to the cheese. I just found this recipe through google and it was exactly what I was looking for, with the ingredients I had. I made it with fat free milk, chipotle powder and garlic powder instead of mustard and nutmeg.

It turned out great. Thanks so much for posting this! Is there any problems with doubling the recipe? Thanks again! I just made this recipie and I gotta say it was fantastic.. I only changed one thing, I added a couple of dashes of Louisiana hot sauce and man oh man.. Good eats.. The sauce was delicious. The only problem is even though I kept stirring my shell pasta got all caught up in itself.

The shells that remained on their own cooked perfectly with only one extra addition of milk but the ones that got stuck to each other were still undercooked. I can see that this would not be a problem if I had actual macaroni noodles! Will try again with the proper noodle. I have often searched the internet and tried many different mac and cheese recipes…but finally! Exactly the one I was looking for! I am forever indebted to you.

This one is perfect and so simple. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just sipped a big, cool glass of water while I stirred my pasta. What a way to cool down and still get a large dose of your favorite comfort food in humid, tropical Africa!! Thanks SO much for posting!!! As for the recipe, I was amazed to watch the noodles thicken up on the stove with just the milk. I added in some seasoned salt, pepper, nutmeg, paprika, and a dash of red pepper flakes, and stirred, stirred, stirred.

Stovetop Mac and Cheese

No butter, because I ran out how does that happen?! Waited while it thickened, and ate. And was kind of disappointed, actually. Could be that it was mild cheddar all I had on hand and the parm was a bit much. Funky texture and not much flavor. This kind of defeats the purpose, but I decided to give it another chance by reheating it in the oven, topped with breadcrumbs, and… YUM. If you care about the texture of your pasta macaroni boil your noodles first and make a cheese sauce using a rue or evaporated milk separately.

This gives you much more control over the firmness of your pasta. If you like a doughy texture go for this. I found it to be gloppy and mushy. The sauce ingredients are great on their own. Add boiled pasta to it. The flavor was okay…but definitely needs more salt and some other spices too.

I added more and still not enough. I think it was mainly the texture that kept throwing me off. Also, it was more stretchy than creamy…Even when I tried adding more milk. It was a bit bland and much too thick for my liking. The texture was great! Oh thank you, thank you! This was awesome! I made it today.

The BEST Stovetop Mac and Cheese

Have to comment before the food coma sets in — made this for dinner tonight and am absolutely thrilled how it turned out. Thanks for coming up with it! I did wait too long before adding the cheese, I think, as it was too thick until I added a bit more milk to loosen it up. Next time I will check the pasta before the milk has completely evaporated.

I made this last night for a Pot Luck. It was really simple. Maybe its because we have an electric strove top and the pot is like 20 years old? The pot is soaking right now. Either way it was sooo good. I did add butter but I added Truffle butter and it was hinting itsself in the background. So good!!! I will make again and again! Correction on the Amercian Cheese. It has to be marked Pasteurized Process American Cheese. Sorry for the incorrect post earlier. Wow…now i am now starving! I love mac and cheese and have been craving it for weeks.

Thanks for the great recipe! FYI, works great with gluten free rice pasta, too. Definitely a new weeknight staple!! I found the secret to the creamiest possible Mac and Cheese. Also it melts easily and keeps the other cheeses from curdling, which is caused by overheating. Just made this last night. Super easy no whisking and truly one pot! Another plus — no lumps! Also, skim milk works fine all I had. Just used Tbs butter, instead of just the 1 Tbs. Definitely going to try this with gluten free macaroni pity its not even 10am I want it NOW!

Keep Cooking. The Gluten Free Scallywag. I made this last night with a combo of colby jack, goat cheese, and parm…low-fat milk, whole-wheat pasta and it was incredible. I never knew low-fat milk and just a cup or so of cheese would result in such decadence. We ate it with steamed salmon and broccoli, and I made sure to save leftovers. I never would have thought to boil the noodles in milk! Perfect, perfect, thank you! I agree! Same here. It was always an easy dish my mom threw together on the stove growing up. I had never even had it baked until college.

I am okay with any and all mac n cheese but I love the creaminess of the stove top version. Very eager to try out the milk technique. Hmmm…maybe I should go make it now…. Wonderful idea! Gosh you have saved me…my kitchen is already an oven, even without the oven on! Oh wow, macaroni cooked in milk. I can only imagine how deliciously creamy that is until next week, when I stop imagining and try it for myself. It was perfectly creamy and I used a combination of parmesan and scamorza and man…thats a whole lotta flavor! May I suggest an improvement for the crumbs? If you can get a package of panko Japanese breadcrumbs , melt a tablespoon or so of butter in a frying pan.

Spread a thin layer of crumbs in the melted butter, and stir and toast till lightly browned. Yes, you have another pan to wash. But you also have buttered crumbs! I always do my crumbs like this even for oven-baked mac and cheese or oh yum tuna casserole. This looks amazing; bookmarking it for sure! Would also be perfect for those days when just one more pot or pan would put me over the edge…. Yeah for no oven time…. Gosh I am hungry now…. I love summer recipes like these.

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  4. Mac and Cheese (Easy Stovetop Recipe) - Cooking Classy.
  5. Oh geez, here i was trying to loose those extra honeymoon pounds and you have to go and throw this gorgeous little number at us! Oooh I am so excited to try this! I am still searching for that perfect stove-top mac and cheese recipe but this could be the end of that search! That looks fabulous!

    Actually, my mom makes her mac and cheese kind of like this. She does it with rice too, and uses Parmesan, Romano and Asiago cheeses. Molto delicioso! Been reading for a while but this is my first comment — want to thank you for suddenly making my favorite food a summer time possibility!

    I pride myself on my baked mac and cheese I use shredded jalapeno jack cheese with cheddar to give mine an extra kick! I will definitely give this a try this week! Do you think that by using a nonstick pot and leaving the bottom to scorch for a bit after cooking then flipping it over to the serving platter will kind of recreate the brown-y-bit? This is pure comfort food and joy in a plate.

    Bringing this recipe on my camping trip. Hi Melanie- Yes, it does get too hot to bake mac and cheese in the summer! BTW- this dish IS cooked on the stove. Because it was Sunday and I had time for myself, I finally made my first bread. I never made this dish, I actually thought it was cooked on the stove… See, it totally makes sense…. I just made this and decided to throw it in the oven to get that crispy top, and it was still much quicker than making it the traditional way!

    Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We only ask for your name and e-mail so we can verify you are human and if requested notify you of a reply. To do this, we store the data as outlined in our privacy policy. All Rights Reserved. Design by Purr. Stay Connected:. October 20, Share this post: Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. Ingredients US Customary - Metric. Cheese varies in flavor and salt level too! The more cheddar cheese you use, the creamier the mac and cheese will be.

    Directions Place raw elbow macaroni in colander and quickly rinse under water. Let drain. In medium sauce pot about 3. Heat the pot on medium heat to bring the mixture to a low simmer and keep the flame consistent to maintain the low simmer. Stir the macaroni frequently as it comes up to a simmer. This will separate macaroni and keep them from sticking together. The mixture will come to a low boil very quickly and leaving it unattended will leave a big mess on your stove stop. Once mixture comes to a simmer, add the milk and bring the mixture back to a low simmer.

    Then immediately turn down heat to LOW. Macaroni will slowly cook in the milk. Having your heat too high will burn the milk and scorch your pan. Continue to stir the mixture frequently so that macaroni will cook evenly and absorb milk evenly. If you don't stir your mixture frequently, you will get a big clump of macaroni in the end! Stir, stir stir! Cook for about 10 minutes or until macaroni is tender. Make sure there is still some milk in the pot to melt the cheese, which makes the mac and cheese creamy.

    When the macaroni is plump and cooked, add the mustard powder, salt, nutmeg and grated cheddar cheese. Stir the cheese mixture evenly into the macaroni. We will add more milk to the pot if needed, then add the cheese to make the mixture more creamy. Take a final taste and add additional salt to taste. Before serving, stir one final time to mix everything together. Turn off heat and serve immediately. Did you make this recipe? Let us know what you think!

    We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Amanda C — January 5, pm Reply. Lindsay — December 5, pm Reply. Why does the recipe call for low fat milk? I used whole milk and it turned out fine. Cookitgirl — October 21, am Reply. Noemie — October 17, pm Reply.

    Stovetop Mac and Cheese Recipe - Macaroni and Cheese - Easy Mac n' Cheese Recipe

    Thanks anyway for the best recipe ever! Michele — October 3, pm Reply. Adriana — September 10, pm Reply. The changes I made were -Use whole wheat pasta instead worked great! Tess — August 18, pm Reply. Elaine — July 25, am Reply. Mareli Smalberger — May 6, pm Reply. George Herrmann — April 22, am Reply.

    Anna — April 8, pm Reply. Firmania Ayu — February 28, am Reply. Mary — December 23, am Reply. Savannah — November 17, am Reply. Jen — October 15, am Reply. Arianna — May 31, pm Reply. Nom — April 12, pm Reply. Melissa — March 30, pm Reply. Cheers to an easy one-pot dinner! You are a mac n cheese genius…soooo good!

    Great recipe and vey easy! Luann — November 23, pm Reply. Jina — November 20, am Reply. Cristi Lewis — November 4, am Reply. Catherine — November 3, pm Reply. Sara — October 30, am Reply. A Libert — February 25, pm Reply. I have! Angela — June 12, am Reply. I just prepared this n must say it was good. I used only Cheddar n it came out well. Bethany Jackson — June 6, pm Reply. Sara — June 1, pm Reply. Kelly — May 31, am Reply. Jaz — May 21, pm Reply. Jennifer — May 11, pm Reply. DessertForTwo — April 29, am Reply. Diane — April 4, pm Reply. T — March 31, am Reply. Chris — March 29, am Reply.

    JoAnna — February 22, pm Reply. White on Rice Couple — January 23, am Reply. April Fuller — December 30, pm Reply. Crowley — December 28, am Reply. Jamie — December 24, pm Reply. Sarah B — November 29, pm Reply. Gabby — November 28, pm Reply. Hope you enjoy! July 16, at pm Reply. Ger: I just made this and thought it was a little bland. July 7, at pm Reply. Myndy: I just made this tonight and it is very bland. I added a lot more cheese to make it cheesy.

    August 9, at pm Reply. Leah DeSarbo: Has anybody out this in the crock pot after to keep warm? If so how did it work? May 29, at am Reply. Katherine L: did you try it in the crock pot? I was going to do that this weekend for a party. July 21, at pm Reply. Chloe: Looks very yummy! ALL I have is whole milk is that fine instead of low-fat milk? May 8, at pm Reply. Jaclyn: Yes that will work fine.

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    It would be helpful if the tasty cheese warning was on the ingredients list, I just take a photo of ingredients and then shop. Made the chicken with mushroom brown gravy! So good my hubby had 2 servings and took it for lunch! A keeper. Trying max and cheese tonight…ty. Going to add some garlic sauteed onions and mushroom mixed through at the end. The dish turned out amazing. Definitely making it again asap. And I have to agree with his assessment — this is amazing!

    I still toast some panko crumbs with a smidge of oil and salt and sprinkle them over the top because I like the crunchy contrast with the silky smooth sauce and if I wanna spice it up some, I add a good squirt of sriracha with the rest of the seasonings. Also am going to add some smoked sausage to make it into a meat casserole. Great recipe. I also added worchestershire sauce and a bit of sriracha seasoning.

    Stovetop Mac and Cheese - Dinner at the Zoo

    Just my preferences. Added all the other seasoning suggestions. Skip to primary navigation Skip to footer navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Subscribe to receive three free recipe ebooks Sign Up. Blog View Japanese Recipes Contact. Chili Mac Shrimp Mac and Cheese — outrageously delicious!

    Author: Nagi RecipeTin Eats. Prep: 3 mins. Cook: 15 mins.