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In windows, one button is for displaying the desktop, and the other is for Start button. I find it really convenient.

Logitech claims that one may program the uses of the two buttons for personal use. Is it possible to program it so that one button is still for displaying the desktop, and the other open the Application Center?

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Mac-compatible Logitech mouses come with a preference pane to program their features. Maybe that will work in other cases, too. It can be worked around by using ControllerMate. So just re-map these button to whatever you want. For example, if I want the first side button to show desktop, I just need to map it to F Also, if I want to map the left and right tilt to scroll horizontally, I just map them to horizontal scroll wheel with repeaters attached.

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My setting is show below. Note that ControllerMate is free to use if the number of settings you defined is less then So in my case its totally free. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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I made a quick search online and everything seemed to point to the same piece of software, the Logitech Control Center. I downloaded it, installed it and rebooted my machine: the Logitech Control Center icon did appear in System Preferences , but my mouse did not show up and no matter what I did, clicking the Open Unifying Software button made the application crash which was a bummer since my mouse obviously needed to be paired with the dongle again. I couldn't find a solution at the time and had better things to do with my life, so I gave up and moved on, and only decided to give it another shot a few weeks later, before I sold it on Gumtree and gave Apple more of my money to acquire their fancy Magic Mouse.

I found an indirectly related GitHub thread where a dude mentioned another piece of software, Logitech Options.

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I first uninstalled the Logitech Control Center search for "LCC Uninstaller", follow instructions, reboot to complete the removal of the driver , and went on installing Logitech Options. I'm not entirely sure what its purpose is but for some reason the version of the Unifying Software it comes with does work and allowed me to pair my mouse again.

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Now there are multiple reports of weird scrolling behaviours concerning Logitech mouses on MacOS Sierra - if that's your case, it seems that installing the Logitech Control Center might help after all. I installed it again and I can configure my mouse properly - the application seems to happily live alongside the Logitech Options one in the System Preferences. I had enough emotions for one day though, and didn't dare to open the Unifying Software from the Control Center will you?