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Mr Vegas — Granny Soup. Klassic Frescobar — Elevator. Koffee — Toast [Jester Remix].

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Ricky Blaze — Explosions. Koffee — Throne. Christopher Martin — Life. Bunji Garlin — Ground Pound. Lyrikal x Travis World — Zig Zag. Alkaline x Black Shadow — Black Heart. Busy Signal — Hot Bam Bam. Vybz Kartel x Jodi Couture — Backshot. Ras Demo x Lt. Step Forward Youth. Various Artists: Step Forward Youth saw the explosion Koffee — Toast. Spice — Black Hypocrisy. Africa x Jamaica feat. Naomi Cowan — Paradise Plum. Mojo Morgan feat. RDX — National. Mr Vegas — Ball A Play. Beres Hammond — Land Of Sunshine.

Omar — Get On Bad. Yaksta — Boogie Woogie — Official Video. Dancehall Video Mix July Mr Vegas — MeMe. Tosh — Bubble. Yaadcore — No Fenke Fenke Ft. Busy Signal — Party Heaven. Dancehall Video Mix June Culan Feat. Konshens — Easy To love. Protoje x Chronixx — No Guarantee. Gappy Ranks — Send for You. Nuttea — Pull Up Selecta. Jah Cure Feat. Phyllisia Ross — Risk It All. Alborosie Feat. Chronixx — Contradiction. Dancehall Video Mix May Christopher Martin — Come Back.

Mr Vegas — Fresh. King Kong — Pree The Money. Gappy Ranks — How long [Forward Riddim]. Dancehall Video Mix April Chronixx — Life Over Death [Remix]. Capleton — Tun Up Dat. Culan — Easy To Love.

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Etana — Reggae For Ever. Protoje New Single — Bout Noon. Dancehall Video Mix March Ding Dong Feat. Boyaka — Fling Yuh Shoulda. Dann-I — When She High. Romain Virgo — Still. Tarrus Riley — Haunted. Koffee — Raggamuffin. Dancehall Febuary Video Mix. Mr Vegas — Perfect. Kranium — No Odda. Di-Ruption — Trodding Alone. Busy Signal — Stay So. Ricardo Drue — Intensity. Black Shadow Ft.


Rupee — Dip Down. Dancehall January Video Mix. Ketchup — No Letting go. Masicka — Kill Quick. Muthoni Drummer Queen — Suzie Noma. Bunji Garlin — Vintage Garlin. Bunji Garlin — Bacchanal And Water. Jah Miel — Sick. Dancehall Decembre Video Mix. Destra Garcia — Gimme [Soca ]. Mr Vegas — Nothing Wild. Beres Hammond — My Kinda Girl. Vybz Kartel — Catch A Fire. Patrice Roberts — Sweet Fuh Days. Fay-Ann Lyons — Everybody Joli. Dancehall November Video Mix. Luckie D — Complicated [Zara Riddim]. Jah 9 — Feel Good. Mr Vegas — One Call Away.

Romain Virgo — Who Jah Bless. Easah — Tell No Lie. Trash Feat. Dactah Chando — Tha Swing. Sugar Minott — My Love Zone. Dexter Daps ft Alaine — Be Good. Fyakin — Irie. Teddyson John — Mile High. Dancehall October Video Mix. Dean Frazer — Melodies of D. King Bubba FM — Bubbaling. Shatta Wale feat. Aidonia — My Queen. Dancehall September Video Mix. Dancehall July Video Mix.

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Gentleman Featuring Sean Paul — Ovaload. By Joli Rouge Sound. Black Shadow ft. Onesty Feat. Bugle — Way To Life. Estelle ft. Tarrus Riley — Love Like Ours. Fyakin — Steamin. The Dubplates feat. Bunji Garlin — Big Bad Soca. Dancehall June Video Mix. Mr Vegas — Self Respect. Mark Wonder — Dragon Slayer. Romain Virgo — Now. Vybz Kartel — Party EP. Shawn Antoine — Mine Oh Girl. Alkaline — Impact. Sizzla Kalonji — Fought For Dis.

Bounty Killer. Jabez — Fi Mi Praise. Dancehall May Video Mix. Morgan Heritage — We Are feat.

Bounty Killer

Devin Di Dakta — La La. Romain Virgo x Bugle — No Problem. Macka Diamond — Dem A Nobody. Dancehall April Top 10 Mix. Linval Thompason — I Love Marijuana. Barrington Levy — G. Christopher Martin — Big Deal. Dancehall March Top 10 Mix. Jah9 Featuring Chronixx — Harcore. Menny More — On Air Live. Danielle D. I — Round A Back. Jahmiel — Dem Too Hype. Ward 21 — Shadow. Fay-Ann Lyons — Girls. Epixode — Gyal Dem Suga. Christopher Martin — My Love. Ishawna — Take Pride. Nesbeth — New Gangster. Febuary Top 10 Dancehall Mix. Dionne Reid — Bam Bam.

Neeqah — Stamina Mami. Bunji Garlin — Shenseea ft. Vybz Kartel — Loodi. Nattali Rize — One People. Spectacular — Jah Rise. Ricardo Drue x Bunji Garlin — Damage. Admiral C4C feat. January Top 5 Dancehall Mix. Rupee x Ricardo Drue — No Name. Bunji Garlin — One More Week.

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Christopher Martin — Magic. December Top 5 Video Mix. Junior Reid — Sauce. Alaine — Ova Yu Loving. Who is it th 21 7. Verse1 Mi and mi frens nah war fi nuh Hennessy cause mi frens Mama's Song lone know dem. Wah mi woulda do wid out you You come in as mi best fren. You always ah tell mi seh fi follow mi dreams nuh follow de crowd Mam I don't know where I would have been if you weren't there all the way So right now I just want to say Chorus: Thank you mama This One dis!

All dem likkle soundbwoy weh a go'round And gwaan like seh some a Let me tell yuh dis! I will electricute a soundbwoy and let A ride out for my P-N-C My fam 26 9.

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A ride out for my P-N-C My fam 27 1. Mafia Music otta take dem photos naked. Listenin to niggas like whistlin dat Wendy Williams I flip my middle finga I'm chillin on twenty million. Da rumor Martin had a dream Bob got high I still do both but somehow I got by. Shawty sittin low big thangs poppin Tip on da glock from a trip up in Compton.

Shootin at da cops- fu Life Of A G et ah gal dem pussy tight And dat the bad mind dutty fucker Likewise mi kno seh di pussy dem fraid ah mi gun Di gully god a step vampire clear di ground Mi gun get inna spirit it nuh fraid ah di rum Gun Empire Army Hype Wet dem up like a tsunami A wah di bloodclat dis Kill Dem Mi full ah gun pan di Gaza Run some bwoy file and find out Buss My Gun e man whe dem end up get? Swamp Nigga ngin keys gunshot s cause somebody got shot Call the cops killas i'm a deala Mr. Niggaz in baton rouge pushin dem quarters All the way to shreveport 35 Touch The Road happen to dem I don't care what dem ah sey unh Ah one thing mi know when mi touch di road Send bwoy to Sak Passe?!!!

Back Against The Wall t mi give dem di whole story yeah ya ya As a juvenile in di ghetto were growin' up Their big guns wanted boy have showin' us And they keep tel Bossman Dis now a gunshot shall fire dung Dis now a gunshot shall fire dung Man a bad man a east Man a bad man a east Tell them now dis Tell them now dis From a war man a freak From a The State of the Union t and all dem a back a me Why don't you treat them the way you should And I know all the things you hide Even though it's a good disguise And Natty Watching You a man and dem no have no steel ina them spineless And so fe sure them can't attract yo no magnet And passing judgement pan the ghetto situatio Jah Blessing the tune dem Without love we're nothing The way of the system is getting uptight oh gosh Say the youth get desperate and wayward to fight Tak Bitches From Eastwick remember dem hoes dat night We wuz at da beacon right Chris tucker performing All of us wuz in der outside it wuz stormin Cats and dogs Aiyyo Hellucination stiff Who dem man there gon rap on my door Disturb me at work on the low dub four yo it's me Who that st what up aight hold up son let me pu Black Cop about dat Dem want us killin each other over crack Anyway you put it it's a black on black Black cop black cop black cop Black cop black cop b Introduction To The Funk ning bare gunshot s i started firing at ur mum she started crying u cant mc so stop trying look at all Mi and mi frens nah war fi nuh Hennessy cause mi frens Groundhog- Instrumental e robbery Dem time there his looking food for da family Buss Gunsmoke he youths dem in the streets a playing Someone's life gets destructed Innocent victim is what the newsman will say But I beg to differentiate And all And all dem smoke All dem toke Gunsmoke All dem smoke all dem toke Gunsmoke Gangster is what dem want to be Might as well wear white sheet Blood she'd on our little islands Armageddeon 56 Warn Dem Riffle shot through your head like ah drone Kill thousand one man alone Wreck unnu skull and broke unnu bone Mi send20 men a Warn dem all.

Warn dem all when dem talking Warn dem all when dem 57 Real Badman like how dem chat bout me Mobay wi nuh play funny Rise addi sun where mi ah wake up Say ah gangster prayer as mi move from di block Anything Rasta for I lot yutes dem a die Cyaan say we never hear da gunshot Tears fall from mi eye People a fall like rain Seems were immuned to the pain These are the days Things get dark as the ligh Mi want you listen n Wicked heart people mek Wicked heart people mek gunshot a beat and a put it pon repeat try fi end we life Nemchiw deyer niya sie ii Gunshot i see dem Children Of Tomorrow- Album Version DEE tradition Gunshot round the corner it a echo a echo The cowboy over ya so with him lasso him lasso di rootsman ova de so nah go let go nah let Children of Tomorrow tradition Gunshot round the corner it a echo a echo The cowboy over ya so with him lasso him lasso The rootsman over deh so nuh go leggo nuh l Let That Bitch Off is all to dem niggas that down copped out!

Real Life Story l the man dem wid the zinc fence and board house You done know This is Stitchie's real life story Up close and personal Is a serious ting man Thuggish Ruggish Bustaz body move gunshot with no hessitation Talk that shit better come equipped put the grip to your dome Tell me bone what you gonna do? I hope ya Trying to get em braided Memphis Tennessee can't be faded Tony Tone I'll make that leather glock look like t Transformer e with My gunshot everybody lay low run run Uh I've been losing my mind Immortal technique when I strike for the price Optimus Crime Fight for Gangsta Life Raw Yea!

Chi Town's Finest u servin' dem gumps From the Westside to the Southside Because we be ready to ride because we'bout pride What was Cowhide do what was hard now Salute t yeah 21 gunshot s Salute Kill plenty man from time Salute Highgrade we elevate yeah eh Salute Gangsta Nuh Bleach Alliance Gunshot fi a man weh have a man up inna bed And anedda set a man weh gi di gal