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Note: If you want to define a new drum group for another instrument sound such as tambourine , choose New Group from the pop-up menu, then double-click the entry to name the new drum group. The Relative Position parameter assigns the note to a line in the staff.

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The note position is relative to the top line of the staff. Integer values make the note fall on a line; fractional values result in a note position between two lines. Note: Positions can also be influenced in the Staff Style window, but this affects all notes of a particular drum group. These options allow you to have two different MIDI notes different bass drum sounds, for example displayed in the same way in the score, or on the same line, but with different note heads.

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Voice section: Below Voice in the top header line , is a separate Voice column, where the different voices are numbered automatically. The staff style shown above contains one staff with five independent voices. Horizontal lines: Display the Staffs-Voices-Drum Groups hierarchy, indicating the borders between these elements.

Each drum group belongs to the voice at the same horizontal position.

Pos parameter: Affects the vertical positioning of all notes in the corresponding drum group. The value shown here is an offset that is added to, or subtracted from, the relative positions if defined for individual notes in the Mapped Instrument window. The list of drum groups, however, is the same for all instruments in a project.

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This allows you to display different drum tracks with the same mapped staff style. All snare drums, for example, will be displayed in the same way. This visual feature automatically helps you to progress because you can see your mistakes. The game screen also provides a numerical score of your performance. When playing with the built-in songs, the V-Drums Tutor allows you to change the tempo, or practice with a specific region repeatedly.

Best drum music notation software

You can also choose a variety of playback methods, such as listening to only the drum part, or listening to only the backing track without the drum part i. The built-in songs cover a range of musical levels from beginner to intermediate. This Version 1.

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