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Spell-Checking, Language, and Dictionary Issues in MacWord

A Custom Dictionary can be designated as being any of the Languages listed there. What that means is that if you add words to a Custom Dictionary named, for example, MyGreekWords which is designated as Greek Language, Word will check text marked as Greek in the document against that dictionary list assuming that the Custom Dictionary is active. If you use the term moy in an English document it will be flagged as misspelled because no such word exists in the English language. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. Skip to main content. KostasNatsidis Created on May 20, Dear Microsoft employee, but I doubt that there is any Microsoft empolyee as it is a public community, anyway Hebrew bit x86 : X Hindi bit x86 : X Hungarian bit x86 : X Italian bit x86 : X Japanese bit x86 : X Kazakh bit x86 : X Korean bit x86 : X Latvian bit x86 : X Lithuanian bit x86 : X Norwegian bit x86 : X Polish bit x86 : X Portuguese Brazil bit x86 : X Portuguese Portugal bit x86 : X Romanian bit x86 : X Russian bit x86 : X Serbian bit x86 : X Slovenian bit x86 : X Slovak bit x86 : X Spanish bit x86 : X Swedish bit x86 : X Thai bit x86 : X Turkish bit x86 : X Ukrainian bit x86 : X Please note that if you have Microsoft Office language packs , they are not compatible with Office and will not work and vice versa.

You may also be interested in downloading Microsoft Office all languages and Microsoft Office SP1 all languages. The links given in all these articles are direct download links for downloading Office language packs. So you only have to click the link and it will start downloading your desired product. June 11, AM. Thank you, thank you! This has been a lifesaver! I looked everywhere for these packs and directions. Anonymous June 7, AM. Anonymous June 3, AM.

Worgenstern June 2, PM.

Check spelling and grammar in Office for Mac - Office Support

Anonymous June 2, AM. I want the Arabic and I have Office , Ive downloaded it and restarted as it instructs, Ive tried to change the options in word and it doesnt show as the arabic language pack as being installed. I try tu use this pack in spanish, but it says that only works in office … Do you have the version? Usman Khurshid May 17, AM. These language packs are specifically for Office Office language packs are different. I have some issues with the Danish version. When I try to install the bit version i get an error message that says that i can not install bit version because i run a bit.

When I try to install the bit i get the same an error that says that I can not install a bit version because i run a bit. I notice that the bit version is "Compatibility Pack for the Office system" and the bit is "Microsoft Office Single Image ". I can not download the link from Microsoft because the page display this error:"Error. Page cannot be displayed. Please contact your service provider for more details. Milad May 19, PM. Greek version 32 bit works perfectly.

I had given up looking for this.

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Thank you very much. Khubaib May 9, AM. Usman brother can you help me. So please help me and send me solution of this problem. Thank you so much. Usman Khurshid May 9, AM.

Add and Remove Proofing Dictionaries for Foreign Languages in PowerPoint 2010 for Windows

Anonim May 5, AM. Do you have a link or any idea where i can get this package? Cellfride May 2, PM. Big big thanks to you. Awesome job done!

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Thanx a lot brother. Had a request. Can u please find the language pack for Sanskrit? Itl b a great help. Usman Khurshid April 30, PM. Are you sure Office Sanskrit language pack exists and has been provided by Microsoft? It has an option for Sanskrit language in the language settings.. Usman Khurshid May 1, PM. This means that you will be able to change some components of the interface to Sanskrit. Everything else will remain in your primary language.

Uwe April 30, AM. Jorge Santos April 29, PM. Wow, thanks! My office is korean version. Ramse April 23, AM. Usman Khurshid April 24, AM. Anthony Cordeiro April 20, AM. Thank you so much for sharing this invaluable service free of charge. I downloaded Brazilian Portuguesebit version last night and it works flawlessly. Keep up your work! Proka April 16, AM. Usman Khurshid April 17, AM. I can confirm that there is no malware in any link on this page. No r way April 16, AM. To all you Norwegian out there. Downloaded the bit Norwegian, and it works fine. Julius March 13, AM. Usman Khurshid March 14, AM.

Although it is for Office but it should work with Office equally. Please let me know if this solves your problem. Ryan February 28, PM. My sincere gratitude to you. God bless ya big time.

Usman Khurshid February 26, PM. Thanks, I saw this article too that you just pointed out, however, it only provides the Office Proofing tools. I already have the Office Arabic Proofing Tools. I was hoping, Inshallah, to find it as a free download. Usman Khurshid February 27, PM. Jan April 7, AM. The Microsoft guy called me back today and he checked all the settings that his supervisor told him. Spell check is still not working and these were his closing words.

Basically we might let you know in the future if we can help you — but not for now. I have not purchased because the Microsoft people were very clear in saying that it was valid for one machine only. I specifically asked if my machine broke down, could I reinstall onto a new machine and they said NO. Usman Khurshid February 17, AM.

That seems quite strange from Microsoft. If you are unable to use the auto-correct feature, try doing the following:. I contacted Microsoft Support and they went into remote assistance. They checked everything and we even uninstalled Office. Unfortunately, however, for some unknown reason, autocorrect still does not work as you can see from the obvious mistakes I am making as I write.

What I mean to say is that, up until one week ago and this has nothing to do with that fact that I downloaded the Italian Language Pack from you — autocorrect would fix the common words that were written wrongly. They said that they would escalate the Mayer and call me back on Monday. I will keep you informed if you wish. Silvo February 15, PM. Language witch I selected, worked time ago fine.

Now I am using it once again and I belive, it should work again. Jeroen February 15, AM. Greg February 14, AM. Usman Khurshid February 14, AM. Thanks a lot for the compliments Greg. This gives us fresh energies to work towards providing better stuff to our readers.

Mitchel February 10, AM. Usman Khurshid February 6, PM. As of last week language packs are no longer available to buy from Microsoft and I have just purchased Office Home and Business. Laura, you can use Office product key which you have purchased multiple times with the condition that it should be active only on one installation of Office If there are multiple installations running at the same time, the key may get invalidated.

Bertil February 4, AM. Took PC Cleaner and probably got rid of some conflicting files. Thanks for all tour help and keep p the good work! Alexander Speer February 3, PM. Usman Khurshid February 4, AM. Nick Kuzmencko January 25, AM. Everything is Working Great, Organized.. Keep up the good work :!

Bertil January 11, AM. As said, I dowloaded the 32 bits version, but somehow I can not get it working. I will try it once more an will chose an other laguage. Perhaps the swedish pack conflicts with the old Office version which was installed.

Office Language Packs Download (All Languages)

Perhaps there are some remaining hidden files. Let me try it and I will get back on the subject later! Anonymous January 7, AM. Bertil January 5, AM. I run Window 7 bit, but have Office 32 running I do get the information from my security that the publisher is unknown and thus can not be trusted. But I scip that information.