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The name should strictly match the version no. Double check that the openModeller dir is completely gone under program files afterwards.

Another possibility is to run openmodeller. Next right click on openmodeller. I started with a clean XP install with Service Pack 2 and all patches applied. I have already compiled all the dependencies you need for gdal, expat etc, so this tutorial won't cover compiling those from source too. Since compiling these dependencies was a somewhat painful task I hope my precompiled libs will be adequate. If not I suggest you consult the individual projects for specific build documentation and support.

Lets go over the process in a nutshell before we begin:.

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Half of the point of this section of the MSVC setup procedure is to make things as simple as possible for you. To that end I have prepared an archive that includes all dependencies needed to build openModeller. Fetch the archive from:. And then extract the libraries archive into a subdirectory of the above directory so that you end up with:.

The next page is a bit confusing so don't feel bad if you cant actually find the download at first! Under internet explorer I had to disable popup blocking for the download to be able to commence. The actual SDK download page is once again a bit confusing since the links for downloading are hidden amongst a bunch of other links. Basically look for these three links with their associated 'Download' buttons and choose the correct link for your platform:.

When you install make sure to choose 'custom install'. These instructions assume you are installing into the default path of:.

2.1. An overview of the dependencies required for building

We will go for the minimal install that will give us a working environment, so on the custom installation screen I made the following choices:. Some people have a philosophical objection to installing this software on their computers. If you are one of them you should probably consider using the MINGW build instructions described elsewhere in this document.

For your convenience, these are summarised again below, and I have added a couple more paths that I discovered were needed:. The notes go on to show how to build a mswin32 application which you can try if you like - I'm not going to recover that here. Right click on 'My computer' then select the 'Advanced' tab. Click environment variables and create or augment the following System variables if they dont already exist :. You must install the command line version if you want the CMake svn scripts to work.

Its a bit tricky to find the correct version on the subversion download site as they have som misleadingly named similar downloads. Easiest is to just get this file:.


I wont be giving a detailed description of the build process, because the process is explained in the first section where you manually build all dependencies of the windows build notes in this document. Just skip past the parts where you need to build GDAL etc, since this simplified install process does all the dependency provisioning for you.

Press "Configure" after the cmakesetup gui appears. X as part of the last directory name.

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If not, then manually append the version so that it becomes:. Press "Configure" again and when all the red fields are gone, and you have made any additional personalisations to the setup, press "OK" to close the cmake gui. Currently I have only made release built dependencies for openModeller debug versions will follow in future , so you need to be sure to select 'Release' from the solution configurations toolbar.

Sometimes depending on your version of the MS SDK platform you may face the following error when compiling the openmodeller project:.

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X which will be used to create the installation package. X directory. If you are unsure about which DLL and configuration files should be copied, then download the last installation package for Windows, install it and then inspect the installation directory to check which files are needed. The best approach is probably to install the latest version of openModeller, make a parallel copy of the entire installation directory, rename the new directory so that it uses the same version number that you are using, and run the INSTALL option again to overwrite all files that were changed since the last release.

Next, right click on openmodeller. After creating the package, press "Test installer" to install a copy on your machine. Then open the cmd window, go to the "examples" subdirectory inside the installation directory and type:. Tim Sutton Parts of this document were adapted from QGIS build notes I and others wrote I acknowledge the follow people who contributed to that original document:. Introduction General Build Notes 2. An overview of the dependencies required for building Building on Mac OSX using frameworks and cmake 3.

Install development frameworks for openModeller dependencies 3. Additional Dependencies : GSL 3. Additional Dependencies : Expat 3. Install subversion for OSX 3. Check out openModeller from SVN 3. Prepare apt 4. Install software dependencies required by openModeller 4. Prepare your development environment 4. Check out the openModeller Source Code 4. Starting the compile 4.

MSYS: 5.

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