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Can I install it in dual boot with ubuntu?

Getting Linux running on your Mac

You could use a virtual machine to run OSX as an 'application' inside Ubuntu; VirtualBox it's in the repos is probably your best bet to do this. As far as dual-booting goes, it can be done, but it's usually a tricky process and requires specific hardware. I'm not sure whether Apple provides images in this format.

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  7. As of publication, that version is Ubuntu While your there, send Canonical a couple bucks. We will use a USB drive for this example. The drive needs a capacity of at least 2GB, and it should be empty. Disk Utility is, unfortunately, a little buggy sometimes. If Disk Utility persistently disagrees with you, try doing the same thing with Terminal and diskutil.

    How to Install and Dual Boot Linux and Mac OS

    To accomplish that, we will download and install Etcher. This is where things can start to get a little hairy. This will run the installer script. Reboot your Mac to make sure you see the rEFInd boot menu. This is the no-take-backs step. Back up now or forever hold your peace!

    [How to] Dual Boot Mac OS X and Ubuntu

    MacBooks and MacBook Pros only have the one hard drive these days. To install Ubuntu and dual-boot with macOS, we need to make an Ubuntu partition on our boot drive. To add the free space back to macOS, enter the command given below. You can enter this command while booted to macOS.

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    Re: iMac only boots into Ubuntu (dual install)

    Asked 6 months ago. Active 6 months ago.

    How to get Ubuntu 16.04 (Linux) on Mac OS X (Dual Boot)

    Viewed times. I then use GPT to check Rolando Rolando 4 4 bronze badges. Is the recovery media on the flash drive?

    2. Create Your Ubuntu Installation Drive

    If so, what version of macOS? That is what I used to access the terminal as shown in the screen captures. Am hoping using it, I can somehow put in the right commands to fix my OSX boot partition. So was Ubuntu only given 27 GB of space? Yes, Ubuntu That partition does not have any of my files on it except for ubuntu related stuff that I am okay with getting rid of that partition if necessary.