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Until , a new specification called ID3v2 was created, it added the feature to record mp3's album artwork information. Class is over.

how to add artwork to mp3 file mac os x

So we can get the conclusion that to add or modify mp3's artwork image, we just need to modify its ID3 tag. There are many software which can edit mp3 file's ID3 tags, here is a detailed list. In this guide article I take iTunes as example, as it is free and available on both Windows and Mac OS, in addition, it's much more universal than those free and open-source light software, which makes you more familiar. Now right click on the album which lacks cover image, the Bleach from Nirvana, yes I love Nirvana.

Then choose GetInfo, you will see a pop-up window like this. We can see that only "Artist", "Album", "Genre", "Year" contains informaton, all the other tags are missed. So we can manually modify all the information in this window, as this guide is introducing how to add album artwork to mp3, so we focus on this issue.

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Double click the blank Artwork area you can activate the file browser, you need to choose an image as the cover. Therefore, you need to download the cover image to your computer at first.

They're downloading

Where to find album's cover image? Google Image Search can cover most of your albums, if you cannot find a satisfying image by Google, Discogs and AllMusic can be helpful. Now click OK, the modification will be saved, and you can see the cover image in iTunes library interface.

To add cover image for tens of albums might be doable, but if you have hundreds even thousands of songs lacking of artwork image, it could be really a huge project to manually process them one by one. On Windows platform , you can use a software called MediaMonkey to do this, this program is sort of "alternative of iTunes" and it's only available on Windows. So check the file sizes of your images, and, if necessary, reduce them in a graphics tool by adjusting the compression.

How to Change or Add Album Cover to MP3 using MP3 Album Art Editor

For single files, the easiest way to add artwork is to select a file in iTunes, press Command-I to get its information, and click on the Artwork tab. Either drag a file into the artwork box, or paste a file that you have copied from, say, a Web page. Click on OK to save the art. To add artwork to one track, select the track, choose Get Info, and drag the image to the art field. For multiple files, select the ones to which you want to add album art and then press Command-I. Drag or paste art into the Artwork box, and then click on OK to save it.

Spiffy up your music with album art

Note that this action replaces any single or multiple graphics you may have added to the selected files, so this is an easy way to make sure that you have consistent artwork for an entire album. To get around this, select a track, then Get Info.

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  • Click on the Artwork tab, then click the album art to select it, and then copy it. Close the Info window, select all the tracks of the album, and paste the copied image as above. This will embed the art in the files, rather than keeping them separate.

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    • If the selected tracks in iTunes have album art, the viewer will display it—if not, it will say Drag Album Artwork Here. Drag graphics to this section to add them to the selected files. And if you click on an image in the viewer, it will open up in its own window at a large size. See the first image in the story.

      Part 2. Download Album Artwork to Songs Automatically

      This is a specific frame from the video that you want to display as artwork. To do so, play the video until you find the frame you want to use and then pause it.

      Part 2: How Do You Change the Album Cover on iTunes

      Control-click on the video and choose Set Poster Frame. Music and lyric--there's a reason you hear those two items discussed together, because they are The quickest way to find a CD in a pile of jewel cases is by looking for its cover. Similarly, you Many iTunes users not only don't realize how powerful the program's contextual menu is, but also You already have a load of music just waiting to make its way to your computer and iOS device--your If you're serious about digital media, it's likely your iTunes library is bumping up against the Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart for the lowest prices ever.

      At a Glance. Apple iTunes Pros New social network for discovering music HD TV show rentals A few more customizable, useful interface options Smarter album art list view Noticeable performance improvements. Cons Ping feels unfinished Other headline features won't mature for some time Senseless interface changes harm usability Ringtone features removed.

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