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The usual arithmetic operators are available. Some examples of formulas are:. In order, these are the sum of A and B, a log base 10 transform of len , the mean of A and B , and the z-score of dose twice. A number of functions appear in pairs, one prefixed with a V and the other not.

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V functions perform their calculation on a variable as a whole , where as non- V functions perform their calculation row by row. In the following example:. Transformed and recoded variables are also available. See this blog post for details. In some cases you just want to exclude extreme scores, for example those that score more than 3 standard deviations from the mean.

More details about filters are covered in this blog post. Once a data set is set up with filters, computed variables, transforms and analyses, sometimes you may want to update the data. By importing into an existing data set you can re-run your analyses without having to re-perform all of your data cleaning and analysis steps making your jamovi files behave a bit like scripts.

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For a video introduction to import and templates in jamovi, see this blog post. When you import a file into an existing data set, the following operations are performed.

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If no new column matches the column names in the existing data set, then those columns are left blank. It is also possible to import multiple files at once.


This can be useful when you are combining multiple data sets, for example, where each file represents a participant. The process is the same as the single-file import detailed above, except that you select multiple files when performing the import. When importing multiple files like this, they are combined vertically with the rows of the second file appearing below the first, the rows of the third file appearing below the second, and so on.

An additional column called source is created detailing which file each row has come from. Templates in jamovi are special data sets that are analagous to script files in more traditional statistical environments. They are a way to specify data types, computations, filters, transforms, and analyses in advance. Once the data becomes available, it can be imported into the template, and the template will update accordingly.

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To use the template, import a new data set or data sets using the file import described above. Ron de Bruin Excel Automation. Where do I paste the code that I find on the internet Warning : The code below is not supported by Microsoft.

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