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Besides, this lipgloss does make your teeth look whiter than usual. Feature: Everything has its pros and cons, and so does this mac lip gloss. However, i am sure that it pros definitely outweight it cons. And i can say that it is my favorite Dazzleglass. The unique point is its multiple coloured shimmer.

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You just need to wear the right amount to have a neutral brown lip color contains a beautiful shimmer of iridescent pink and red glitters on your lips. For teenagers, i bet that they are in love with the spark in it. Besides, i also love its typical stickiness formula with vanilla scent.

Obvious, the only cons is that this Get Rich Quick is super sticky so that it can make your lips wet all the time. Apply with lipstick: The base of this mac lip gloss is quite sheer so that you can wear brown-toned lipsticks or nude lipstick underneath. Long-lasting: No but you probably will love to keep reapplying because of its shimmer. Feature: If you are not lipstick person and you are lipgloss fan.

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It is a lip gloss that you just need to pull out and use. It is fabulous lip gloss with lovely depth and slight shimmer and it goes on extremely sheer with vanilla scent but not sticky. And it is a glittering medium mauve pink so that it matches with all skin tones. Feature: In general, it is pretty lip-gloss that goes perfectly with a dark smokey eye. In the tube, it looks golden medium-brown but when you apply it is a tan color with gold iridescence. It seems more suitable to wear in spring and summer than in autumn and winter.

Best Mac Lip Gloss Reviews

But for me, it is everyday lipgloss. In the winter this lipgloss makes me look calm and professional. Some people get used to the doe wand and they dislike the brush wand but i prefer this brush applicator because it is quite thick but tolerable. For skin tone: Match with every skin tone from fair, medium to olive and dark. The nice pink colour is very suitable for everyday to school or work. With the flattering color and smooth consistency, it will make your lips look so shiny.

The lipgloss is great on its own or over a nude lipstick or over pink lipstick. One lovely thing is that is has very nice vanilla scent. Feature: It is very light golden nude color with these lovely and tiny shimmer particles so that it is a perfect cover for summer but you can also lay it over your lipstick to warm up in autumn and winter with smokey eyes.

For nude lipstick, it does add extra dimension. This Lustreglass is not sticky as lip glasses and it is so smooth so that you can reapply as much as you want. To sum up, i can say that it is my new favorite mac lip gloss. I feel so great with its high shine, smooth and gorgeous sexy nude. Long-lasting: yes, from at least 4 hours and above. Feature: Usually, I apply it directly from the tube and use my finger to blend it out because there is no wand.

This unique mac lip gloss will provide you a glass-like finish or a subtle sheen. Although it is stick but it lasts so that i do not really mind.

The only bad side is that sometimes you might have to wipe off the tip of the tube because it is sticky. Nice one, Glossier. Best Lip Gloss - Too Faced. For a clear gloss it certainly made my lips look redder. Best Lip Gloss - Maybelline. Be brave and go purple? I dare you. Best Lip Gloss - Tom Ford. The cherry tint gives lips a glassy shine. Best Lip Gloss - Clarins. The subtle gold shimmer looks dreamy when it catches the light. Best Lip Gloss - Lancome. Your lips, but better.

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Best price: Get 4. Leave a Review. Social Skills I only have one color but am now open to trying others! Best Mac Lip Gloss Reviews. Log in Save time by logging in with Facebook. Add Your Review. Description Two high-powered effects-Lustre and Glass-in one new lip finish, and a collection of extraordinary shades. This amazing ornamental finish shines the lips with hi-shine overlaid with various tones of pearlized glaze.

Beyond sexy. Shop Now. The requested product is unavailable. Reviews and Ratings 5.

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I love it so much!! Bigelow Ultra Mentha Lip Shine 87 reviews. Recent Activity. See All: Reviews Forums Articles.

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