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I do not feel confident trying to do this myself. Would disk utility automatically fix this or not? I am locked out of facebook on this Mac, and want to get back in cause my tablet is not user friendly. Once before i tried to fix a problem on my PC and 3 laughing clowns were all that was left of my hard drive. The trick with the hosts file helped me restore iPhone 5s on OS X Thank you very much once again.

Is it possible to block websites with just the ip address if the blocked site instead of the name also? Yes, placing an IP in the hosts file with another domain associated with it will prevent that IP from being accessed, or use the loopback address It suggests that I find the file and unblock it but I dont know how…. What do I need to do? Can someone help? I have nothing! Is that normal? I was wary of doing anything wrong and messing things up beyond my own very limited abilities, and I would have spent a while googling more and trying to figure it out.

Is there anyway to use the hosts file to block facebook in Mountain Lion? Does this have something to do with the facebook integration in Mountain Lion? I run cisco vpn for work, go figure…. You can also use the hosts file to rickroll people, just add the youtube iframe code to the index. I used the rickroll hosts trick when setting up a laptop for my mate who didnt want his kids accessing things they shouldnt, by adding a list of unsuitable domains to the hosts file.

I have been talking to Hany the developer of icefloor and he should be adding the emerging threats list to the next version. What I need is a list of known attack sites to add to my hosts file.

Configuration File

If you change one, both change. A symlink is, to all intents and purposes, the same as a Finder alias. If you want a free editor use TextWrangler, if you download TextWrangler from the Mac App Store you need to install the command line tools separately. Open the file from the Finder with TextWrangler and then enter you admin password, or use the sudo command with the TextWrangler command line tool to open the file.

Ive never had any problems using Text Edit as long as you ignore all the problems of permittion issues. Is it still like that? As mention in another comment, using Text Edit is not a good option for unix files.

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Best to stick to nano instead :D. Once you learn vi, you will be glad you did. You can do things like search and replace based on regular expressions, sort lines, convert case, indent etc. Type your admin password, hit return, then TextEdit launches as root with the hosts file on the Mac. Easy for novices, but nano, vim, emacs, etc are better. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Vikas says:.

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Time limit for the filtering in seconds. If the time difference between last position and a new one is more than this limit, the new position will not be filtered out. Filter zero coordinates. Zero latitude and longitude are theoretically valid values, but it practice it usually indicates invalid GPS data. Filter records by distance. The values is specified in meters. If the new position is less far than this value from the last one it gets filtered out.

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  7. Filter records with fix time in future. The values is specified in seconds. Records that have fix time more than specified number of seconds later than current server time would be filtered out. Filter records by Maximum Speed value in knots. Can be used to filter jumps to far locations even if they're marked as valid. Shouldn't be too low. Start testing with values at about List of attributes that, if present, prevent message from being filtered. For example, it can be used to avoid filtering of important alarm messages. Calculate and accumulate travelled distance for all devices.

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    6. Distance value is in meters and is stored in the position attributes. Boolean flag to enable or disable logging.

      Tips to Consider When Editing Hosts Files

      Log file contains useful information for investigating problems with Traccar server. Minimum severity of the events to put into the log file. By default the values is 'all' which enables logging of all messages. Enable copying of missing attributes from last position to the current one.

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      Might be useful if device doesn't send some values in every message. List of attributes to copy if missing. Attribute names should be separated by a comma. For example "power,ignition,battery". Path to the database driver JAR file. If you use one of those, you don't need to specify this parameter. Database driver Java class.

      For H2 use 'org. MySQL driver class name is 'com. Database connection URL. By default Traccar uses H2 database. SQL query to check connection status. Boolean flag to ignore unknown devices. By default Traccar would do a database request to identify unknown device. If you have a lot of unknown devices, it might be useful to enable this flag to avoid frequent database requests. Note that default web interface won't work with XML format. Boolean flag to save original message from device in HEX format in position attributes. Number of days to store position and event history.

      By default Traccar doesn't clear any old data from the database. Query need to return at least two fields:. SQL query to insert a single position record into the database. Following named parameters must have colon prefix are available:. SQL query to update database with latest info from device. In addition to all named parameters from database. Port number for the protocol. Most protocols use TCP on the transport layer. Some protocols use UDP. Connection timeout value in seconds. Because sometimes there is no way to detect lost TCP connection, old connections stay in open state.

      On most systems there is a limit on number of open connection, so this leads to problems with establishing new connections when number of devices is high or devices data connections are unstable. First message format for GlobalSat protocol. Replaces coordinates with last known if change is less than a "coordinates. Helps to avoid coordinates jumps during parking period. Distance in meters. Distances below this value gets handled like explained in "coordinates. Distances above this value gets handled like explained in "coordinates.

      If device speed less than its value, device is considered to be stopped. Default is 0. URL to forward positions. Data is passed through URL parameters. If set to a whitespace separated list of hosts, only those hosts are trusted. Trips less than minimal duration and minimal distance are ignored. If true, the device is considered to be in parking state and only continuous trips are detected.

      Status timeout in seconds.

      If device does not send data for the specified period of time, the status changes to "unknown". Source address used for commands only. Used sms.