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Have a great weekend! No comments: Email This BlogThis! Windows Logo Key Once again, here are some keyboard shortcuts that can greatly ease your computing experience. When you are typing, it sometimes is easier to use a shortcut over reaching for the mouse. So today's shortcuts all use the "start menu" key Windows logo key on your keyboard.

Top 5 Minimal Screensavers For Windows & Mac

I often use a few keyboard shortcuts to handle simple tasks and to maneuver around the computer. Take a look and try some of these great time savers.

Tip: Use the sequence listed to get the proper response. Until you decide you choose which program you wish to select.

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If the program is already running, switch to that program. I have written posts, so sometimes I have to stumble around to find some cool ideas to share with you.

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Well this one is pretty cool. Well, another option is available for download and it has all the features you or your small business would need in an office suite. The only part missing to this would be a calendar and contact management program such as you would find in Microsoft Outlook. If you are familiar with older versions of Microsoft Office, you could probably handle this software with your eyes closed as it looks similar to Office A complete music video made of infographics!

Apple won't like this... - Run MacOS on ANY PC

Found on the Data Mining blog. Flu season is coming soon, so its about time to know your enemy. Graphic of the Flu virus from newscientist. Another one for the "real world" infographics. This t-shirt from ThinkGeek will detect WiFi It will amuse you, that I caught this one from Guy Kawasaki on Twitter.

What a tangled web we weave The images at Flight Patterns are really cool, but the videos are awesome I think my favorite is the color coded! Found on Visual Complexity. I don't know why, but I love this clock.

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I'm mesmerized watching the seconds going around. With a little practice, you can visualize the time. I won't say this is the best way to visualize the time, but it's definitely fascinating. Last year I was in Shanghai, China on business. A friend suggested we visit the Shanghai Urban Planning building, and the first thing I thought was "ohhh, I bet that's exciting But, he convinced us to give it a try, and here are a few photos I took.

On the top floor of this building is the largest model of urban planning in the world.

H-SPOT - Virtual Watches and Screensavers

For an American, seeing Shanghai is a shock at how large the city is, and how many skyscrapers there are. For reference, Shanghai's population is about 22 million people, compared to about 8 million in New York. Most U. The World Population Map is one way to understand the scale difference between the U.

Even better than riding around town you definitely don't want to be the one driving , the model city really drives home the scale of Shanghai, and what has been accomplished in urban development. The model is built at scale. Those are the building support columns in the middle of the model, NOT some new super skyscraper!

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This map of Iraq from the NYTimes. Each figure represents an individual of the American forces, coalition forces, Iraqi forces, police officers or civilian death. The larger figures have numbers showing how many people they represent which I think diminishes the visual impact. A smaller icon shows the cause of death. All the figures are connected to a location in the country.

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