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Primary Functions and Features MixMesiter Fusion provides users with the means to combine the latest production software with live DJ performances. Innovative Production Options MixMeister Fusion is equipped with several unique features that are ideal for a live performance. Download MixMeister Fusion 1. Download for Mac. User reviews about MixMeister Fusion.

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Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Don't leave without your download! Download and installation help. Your review for MixMeister Fusion -.

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I'm looking forward to hearing from them! Stefaan c June 27, Ilok is a great method where you can't forget the mixmeister licence. Sure You need to login on ilok software first then start mixmeister an that once cause from then mixmeister will start without Ilok login. Cheers, Rob How does this make you feel? Before buying this, I need to know if individual tunes can be exported under Mac OS Couldn't do this with version 7.

ATeymour Teymour June 22, I was told by the tech support you can only do this function on PC not Mac. Very sad that no one want to fix the bug and I was told to buy pc. They told you to buy a PC in order to use their software? OK, well, thanks for the info. That tells me a lot.

It's very strange since so many people who have Macs use them creatively. Mixmeister started as windows application, the macOS came along later.

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So it doesn't matter how you look at the macOS , it's a fact that mixmeister for windows runs far more stable on the long run. Ok, windows users may also encounter problems but let's look at a typical computer with a zillion applications on , users have no update mentality related to drivers while these are the culprit for many problems. Windows 10 may cause a problem now, but after a major update suddenly solved.

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So don't always complain to Mixmeister in the first place. Strange convoluted logic there.

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So, because Mixmeister can't keep up with rather infrequent major Mac updates to its OS, it's Apple's fault? Yes, it probably is more stable as a Windows-based app - that would be a given since it was designed for it - but if it can't offer a product in another system without it being full of holes, then it's pretty unethical to charge people money for the promise of it working properly and then basically blow people off when it doesn't.

I find the second paragraph comment strange too, because it's funny that encountering a problem under Windows means that you should not only have an updated Windows app, but you have to go and check all of these other things as well "mainboard drivers, video drivers" , while Mac users just generally have to make sure the app they're using is designed for their OS usually, it's a very wide window - no pun.

The point of my above comment was that it's pretty audacious for a company to reply the way they did: Health Food Store Customer: Hey, I bought this "vegetarian" tofu and when I got it home, it had bacon bits all thru it.

HFS Owner: Well, you should become a meat-eater. On windows 10 rather completely around where a major update can fix a problem. Linux have the same problem, major new kernel can mean that some apps will not work anymore. MacOS and Linux are not very different. Except, by the time that Apple release and update, then Linux usual several updates due to its open source approach where several thousand people work on the software so problem are more quickly solved. Microsoft has a lousy update principle and wait's with smaller updates until the next major update. Hot-fixes are quick solved problems but since windows 10 far les hot fixes.

A programmer for windows can by default not program for MacOS cause of very different rules. Mixmeister , Numark has also no idea what the next majour update MacOS update will bring and ok I have no idea how Apple deals with other companies when they report a problem. In fact: programming for Linux and MacOS is not very different, both are based on certain kernel level and the newest kernel has always an effect on existing applications.

The majority might work, , those that came with the OS but third party software forms the culprit in such case. So it's not specific mixmeister alone. But Indeed, Mixmeister was far better in user support but since numark it goes far slower.

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Numark might read on these mixmeister communities but I doubt that. I had missing keycodes under studio , never solved but since the dual boot windows10 64 bit en windows10 32 bit keycodes back on windows 32 bit.

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But I upgraded to fusion cause fusion had no keycode problem. July May April RSS Feed. Mogilevsky link. Author Write something about yourself. No need to be fancy, just an overview.