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That's the result I receive from my Mac as well to that command, smbclient -L Ubuntu Community Ask!

Connecting to Windows shares from Mac OS X

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How To Tell What Version Of SMB Is Being … - Apple Community

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Access and Mount an SMB Share via Command Line

If so, then where? Is it created on OSX, or on Ubuntu? So what does it have to do with Ubuntu? I cant access share folder with ubuntu At this point, you'll need to enter the password for your Mac's account. Once you've successfully entered your password, the folders shared from your Mac will be listed.

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Double-click on your Music share, and find the song you want to play. Apple now has the opportunity to address this shortcoming and perhaps introduce its own innovative improvements to networking between future versions of Mac OS X and Windows. For now, it's possible and likely the first version of Apple's tools for integrating with Windows networking technologies will face a few initial setbacks and limitations.

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In this event, Samba can potentially still be added to Mac OS X Lion by tech-savvy Mac users who can survive without a simple installer, graphical user interface and tight integration with the rest of Apple's software. Or Mac users who need Samba's toolset can hope an enterprising developer builds a compelling, easy-to-use Samba package before Mac OS X Lion ships this summer.

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SMB Connections not working in Mountain Lion

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