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Pros: countless photo editing tools. Cons: too complicated for beginners More.

Adobe CS6 Comprehensive dmg install on Mac Sierra 2018

I have a Mac Adobe PhotoShop is useful for designers,,, I need this software to edit photos, and the results are ver y good with effects in it.. Please Help me. I'm having a problem by can't set up the program. It would be very helpful if you tell me how to set up the program T hank you More. The best picture manipulation program.

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CS 5 Extended is very complete program for photographers, artists and designers. I can use all t he tools to generate and create new ways of creativity. What do you think about Adobe Photoshop? Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. Mac Multimedia Photography Adobe Photoshop The best image editor with video editing and advanced features Adobe Photoshop is the most advanced image editor there is, capable of everything from simple retouching, to complex 3D designs and illustrations.

View full description. Softonic review Adobe Photoshop is the most advanced image editor there is, capable of everything from simple retouching, to complex 3D designs and illustrations. The undisputed leader for its power and versatility Advertisement. The best in its category Adobe Photoshop is not a program for everyone, both for its price and for its steep learning curve.

A whole new experience in digital design. Photoshop everywhere. Introducing artboards. Your photos, totally transformed. Get creative with blur effects. Picasa Picasa for Mac: Google's answer to iPhoto. Download Adobe Photoshop Download for Mac. User reviews about Adobe Photoshop. Cons: too complicated for beginners More reviewed onSeptember 18, More reviewed onApril 29, It would be very helpful if you tell me how to set up the program T hank you More reviewed onJanuary 1, More reviewed onSeptember 25, Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country.

We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Don't leave without your download! Adobe Photoshop The best image editor with video editing and advanced features. Download and installation help.

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Best free alternatives. Post some stuff up on their forum and see if you can get some feedback that may be of help. I have win7 and Photoshop CS6 and a perfectly smooth workflow as of now :- It's not always necessary to use the latest software, have the latest hardware and so on. As the saying goes: never change a running system. My PC is also around 5 years old.

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  • I have win 10 on 3 machines and no probs with CS6 on all of them. I always upgraded LR with each new version and PS was every other version. As all of their products are now cloud based, they will never see any more of my money. I assume I'm in the minority based on their huge profits, but I don't care. We put solar on our house.

    Not because we will save money, but to eliminate yet another monthly bill. I hope to be prepared for retirement, and monthly fees are not on the path I plan to be on. I asked elsewhere on a different forum, but didn't get a solid answer. If I make a preset or action on PS6, is it forward-compatible?

    What is the most current version?

    Can I use the same one in the CC? I don't plan on subscribing to CC anytime soon, but the info would be nice to know for the future. I haven't tried it but I believe that actions etc. I don't think though, that the reverse is true. In other words, actions etc. Of curse, I could be completely wrong! You can save your actions on your hardrive before upgrading. I have always retain my actions through several versions, plugins are a different story.

    It depends on what you're doing. For the vast majority of retouching, pretty much any image editor from Photoshop 5. Retouching is my stock in trade, and the majority of catalog and web work I do I could easily do in Photoshop 5. Unless you absolutely need some modern process, if you're on CS6, you're already ahead. The only time you need a modern version of Photoshop is if you need to pick up on someone elses work or work with companies using more recent versions of the app.

    Otherwise don't sweat it. I agree. I had CC until late , but realised that none of the new features were worth the hundreds of dollars per year.

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    • The one killer new feature for me is the ability to edit stuff. It's been a nice addition to some of the work I do for clients. The stuff on FB is usually people doing it on their phones and flinging it online, but I'm talking files with actual cameras can be edited very easily on CC with special features just for that. Well, that MAY be something that becomes more popular and mainstream as time goes by, but it's really not something that most people are doing, and secondary in the overall use of Photoshop.

      Also, chances are there are apps out there that are probably better suited for that kind of work as well, and you may actually be better off with them if you do that kind of work regularly. I regularly shoot image stacks, and although I can stack in Photoshop, I use a dedicated program for stacking, because it much better suited to the task Adobe keeps adding all these wiz-bang features to Photoshop to try to make it the be-all end-all image processing app, while ignoring bugs and other dysfunctional aspects of the program.

      I'd rather have a stripped-down functonal Photoshop than the bloated bug box it has become.

      Keep Photoshop up to date

      Adobe does not get a cent from me on subscription nonsense! CS6 here, on Windows 10 machine upgraded this year. No issues whatsoever. For what I do, freequency separation et all, it is still amazing. Lightroom 4 also.

      macOS High Sierra: Will Adobe software work? | conrad chavez | blog

      Don't like the subscription model, either I buy the whole software or it is a no go. It seems like a reasonable cost to learn the industry standard for photo editing. I've tried two other competitor products that boast not having the subscription. Neither replaced the workflow of LR or the capability of Photoshop. I've stopped being seduced by cheaper alternatives.

      However, the Photography CC is where I draw the line. Nor will I buy all of it to get AE. So I understand why some would be put off buying the subscription of Photography CC when something like ON1 does all the editing just fine.