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To show you some of the options out there here are seven tricks for dealing with that most common of Windows' viruses: Mac-envy. Simple, but an easy one to miss. A Mac is like looking in the mirror. If you have a tall monitor, working with the taskbar at the top of the screen makes life a little easier on the eyes, but it's mostly down to preference. The OSX dock is a simple way to launch regularly used programs. Of the two, we prefer RocketDock's look and feel, and the fact that there's no charge for extra applets.

Adding in background apps to Windows isn't always a good idea — they can seriously slow down your PC. Alternatively, you could install Yahoo! Widgets for a more colourful, Apple Dashboard-like experience. Heavy duty editing of the Windows look is going to require a third party app like StarDock's WindowBlinds — but it will cost you.

Be warned, though, installing it will change important Windows files and there's no bug fixing development on the way.

How to Make Windows 7 Look Like Mac (UPDATED)

Multiple work areas are nothing new, but Apple likes to point out their existence in Leopard. Give yourself some extra room for Windows with DeskSpace. You can customise Vista without installing extra software, but it usually involves a lot of tweaking. Why not visit MyVistaThemes and try out a new look? All of your Windows programs.

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This is available for free from skinpacks. If you prefer to make Windows look and act like an older version of OS X, such as Mountain Lion, you can download skin packs for older versions from the same site. Make sure to download the correct installer for your version of Windows. Disable your antivirus.

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Since the skin packs will modify some system files, some antiviruses will block the installation. Disable your antivirus before proceeding with the installation. Run the installer.

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It will take a few moments to unpack all of the files. Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions.

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This is required to install the Mavericks Skin Pack. Review the various components that will be installed.

Mac Os Theme For Windows 10 Free Download

By default, all of the components will be checked to give Windows the most OS X appearance and functionality as possible. Install to install all of the visual components. If you don't want to include certain ones, uncheck them from the list first. Make sure that the "Restore Point" box is checked.

Additional tweaks & customization

This will create a restore point in Windows that will allow you to quickly revert back if you don't like the new look. Wait for the installation to complete. You will see the changes applied to your desktop as they are installed. Finish to complete the installation.

How To Make Windows 7 Look Like MAC OSX Snow Leopard [Skin Pack]

Your Windows interface will now be very similar to the OS X version that you chose to mimic. Revert to Windows. If you decide you don't like the way the skin pack works, you can return to the original layout by performing a system restore. Your files will be unaffected. Click here for instructions on using the system restore tool.

Make sure to choose the restore point that was created during installation. I can't download a program because I get a notice that my computer must be 64 bits. What should I do? It means that your computer runs in an older 32 bit format, which you'd have to reinstall Windows to change unless there are options to download it in 32 bit. Your installation disk should have both a 32 bit and 64 bit version of Windows on it.

Your CPU has to be able to cope with a 64 bit version of Windows for it to install, though.