Mac stuck on boot screen with loading bar

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When booting I am only presented with an Apple Logo and the progress bar. With a normal boot the progress bar will move to the middle of the apple logo. The mac was running on macOS Mojave before. Any idea what is going on?

Is there a chance of a messed up sensor on the motherboard :? While trying to load into recovery mode the progress is still stuck. There are some purple bars running across the screen while trying to boot into recovery. I think there is something wrong with the GPU.

Do you have the original hard drive? This is sounding like a problem present in the 13" machines. Follow the steps below to solve the problem. To find a malfunctioning device attached to your Mac, start by disconnecting everything from it, including peripherals with a Bluetooth or other wireless connection. After you have done that, restart the Mac and see if the white screen reappears. If your Mac starts normally, then you can try reconnecting all of the devices one at a time until you find the one that caused of the problem.

Replace that broken device.

6 solutions to Mac stuck on loading bar/screen, Mac progress bar stuck 100%

If the Mac can start up successfully, use Dr. Cleaner to remove junk files like app logs and caches , unneeded big files, and duplicates. The App Manager feature can completely uninstall any app with no leftover files. If your Mac has multiple drives, you might need to select a start-up disk after resetting your Mac.

How to Fix a Mac Stuck on a White Screen

If your Mac starts normally, then you can skip the instructions below. However, if you must select a start-up disk:. After your Mac successfully starts, go to System Preferences and adjust any settings that changed. A faulty hard drive can cause a white screen to appear.

How to Fix a Frozen Mac When Updating macOS - Make Tech Easier

Backup the Disk data. Or you still can't access the computer after repaired the disk. You need to backup your disk data right now. Make a Disk Image backup. Choose the drive to create the Disk Image.

How to recover data after Mac being stuck on loading bar in High Sierra?

Use the target disk mode. Another mac computer connect with the a proper cable FireWire or Thunderbolt. Start it up while holding down the T key.

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When the computer starts up, a large floating FireWire icon appears on-screen and the boot disk mounts on the desktop of the other computer. Treat it just like an external drive.

MacBook Pro Stuck On Apple Logo with Loading Bar/Spinning Wheel (Fixed)

If you have reinstalled the macOS for some reasons, and that will cause the computer files been deleted or lost, how to recover those files from the startup disk? Professional Mac data recovery software - Fireebok Data Recovery for Mac allows you to restore all lost data due to macOS update or other reasons within 2 steps.