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If I really needed Quicken , I would buy it and try it. Three other quick notes: 1 Quicken Mac has come a long, long way since Quicken There's still a lot of funcitonality users are waiting for, but they've added a lot since Keep in mind that you can always buy a copy of quicken , try it for a few weeks, and if you still dislike it, get your money back from Quicken if you act within 30 days of purchase. When Apple brings out its next update this fall, it wil not run any bit applications, and Quicken flat-out won't run.

That's not a problem as long as you're okay with keeping your new computer on Mojafe for as long as you continue to need to stick to Quicken Hopefully, the developers will keep chipping away at the missing features in the modern quicken Mac, and you'll find it to be an acceptable replacement by the end of this year, or next year. That functionality does not work with drives formatted as APFS. WT Member. January 24 edited January 28 in Installing and Updating Mac. I purchased a used copy of Quicken Mac , but I can't stand it. Based on a number of older posts on this site, it looks like Quicken used to make the Lion version available to people with Quicken I contacted Quicken support to see if this was still true, but the representative said that the download was no longer available and suggested I find it elsewhere.

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Can anyone else confirm whether Quicken will still provide the download or not? I would buy a used copy of Quicken or sign up for Quicken subscription just to get the copy of Quicken Mac Lion. If Quicken won't provide the download, does anyone know of a reputable place to obtain a copy? However, this seems sketchy to me. For one, I thought Intuit only offered the software via download, yet the picture appears to show an Intuit branded USB and invoice.

Update on Quicken for Mac 2007 Support Policies (July 12222)

I'd be immediately concerned that the software includes malware, viruses, etc. Anyone have luck with this?

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January 24 edited January Important: If you are considering this option, it is crucial to convert your file before installing the Catalina update , as you will not be able to convert Quicken for Mac files if you are using Catalina. If you have questions about the differences between Quicken and Quicken , the best place for information is the Quicken Community. This conversion can only be completed on a Mac system that has not been updated to macOS Catalina.

Quicken Mac 2007 (Lion) Needed

The Quicken team is committed to delivering a great Mac product to our customers. We are in the midst of doubling the size of our Mac engineering team, and our engineers are hard at work on improving Quicken for Mac and , and building a robust Quicken for Mac Ask our community for help and to learn more about Quicken. Quicken Help. Mac for Lion. Converting your Quicken data to the latest version of Quicken will be difficult, as the Quicken conversion tool is also a bit app and will not work with Catalina. I am an expert Quicken user and know my way around my mac.

Importing my data file was a breeze.

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Thanks for that. Three rounds of customer service and I am now asked to enter a transaction to sell shares. And a transaction to remove shares. The other option is to go into your account and delete every possible transaction relating to the security you just sold. Compliance and data integrity nightmare. Back to the drawing board quicken. Thats laughable! Thanks for sharing.

Quicken Finally Works With Lion But Is It Too Little, Too Late?

Investment tracking has been my biggest pet peeve as well, and as you point out, clearly not there yet. I have been using Quicken for 11 years. I pay my bills with Quicken, and reconcile my checkbook by downloading bank transactions with Quicken. I believe that at one time, I paid my bank a monthly fee for this privilege, but as far as I can tell, I pay nothing now. How is Quicken different in this regard? Once upon a time, I reconciled my credit cards by downloading transactions from my credit card companies.

I stopped doing that some time ago, but should I wish to start up again, does Quicken support that, and is there a charge for that? I would just continue to use Quicken , but I am concerned about the upcoming abandonment of 32 bit applications by Apple. I have been putting it off, but likely have to buy a new Mac, and like you am pretty sure I will be forced off the 32 bit application and have no choice but to upgrade at that time. Did you have a smooth transition pulling in all your accounts and data when you went up to Quicken ?

Why do you need it? The only data we actually needed when my dad migrated over was the cost basis of a few positions in his investments. Also, can you print it or save it another way? I purchased Quicken , and I am glad a own Parallels, as Quicken for mac does not come close to the windows versions I have used for years. I had purchased the Mac version two years in a row, hoping it would someday match the PC version.

Fortunately this purchase allowed you to download Mac or PC version, so I did not waste Money like in the previous years. Quicken has a dreadful user interface. GONE is the ability to run simple reports for this year, last year, date-to-date, etc. GONE is the simple accounts window that you are used to. I could go on. The people who revamped this app appear to have done ZERO research with real world users. The investment firm who bought Quicken? I could care less about the online features. I use Quicken on a desktop or laptop so the phone app is of no use for me.

But you have to perfect, as best as you can, the actual application first and foremost. Quicken has become bloated and unintuitive over the last few versions. This is simple bookkeeping. Graphs, charts, and icons are fine, but can we please have the ability to turn them off. STOP the incessant altering and revamping. It does not work as well for the end users. And H. Capital, sell this software to someone who gets it and will rework with some thoughtful acumen and intelligence. Forget the subscription plan too.

People upgrade as needed every couple years or so without be forced into it. Allow users the respect to upgrade when they choose rather than strong-arming them into it from the get go. Does allow this? I have read all the above comments, and I especially agree with Simon, who commented on December 1, In addition to everything he said, my particular pet peeve is that when I run a report, I can no longer click on an entry and get details or underlying information about that entry like I used to be able to do in Q Hands down, the Quicken made for primitive Macs back then was much more powerful than Q My main gripe is that I am in a business where I have to be able to create income reports based on memos, dates, etc.

This cannot be done in Q The last version that allowed this feature was Q, and it was very unstable in the last year or two, so I updated to the From what I am hearing, the later versions are even worse than Maybe the new owners of Quicken are trying to kill the brand.

Your email address will not be published. Quick Summary. Incremental improvements over version A great mobile app with seemless sync across platforms Price is still a concern, but if you can find a great deal, go for it. Try Quicken. Product Name. Quicken For Mac Mac, iPhone. Quick Navigation Review Video. Special Promotional Pricing.

Here's what the home screen looks like:. Here's an example:. See the investment screen here:.