My mac is running slow how do i clean it

I started to see the spinning wait curser much often. I was able to find the problem and fix it. This article documents how I was able to fix it. As stated above, there can be a number of factors causing your Mac to run slowly. For instance, an app may be requiring more memory than your computer has available.

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You can check the available hard drive space easily. If your Mac is full, your computer will slow down. You can easily free up hard disk space on your computer. You can delete files or apps. You can erase your junk mail. You may want to delete downloaded items. You can also move files to another disk e.

Make sure that your macOS software is up to date.

MacBook Pro Slow?

It is possible that you are having this issue because of a software bug and updating your version of macOS may fix it. You can check this by going to System Preferences and then Software Update. Some of your apps will automatically be loaded when you turn on your computer. Some of them might be unnecessary. Start up may be slowing you down.

Why Is My Mac Running Slow? 5 Quick Tips to Speed Up Your Mac!

Use the minus icon to remove the login items. Activity monitor will let you see if there is an app or process making a large demand. Quit apps when you are not using. When you close an app by clicking the X icon, it will remain running in the background.

Restart your Mac

This is usually okay but it may also cause your Mac to slow down. For me, some big apps, like Microsoft Word etc, was slowing my Mac. To quit apps, right-click or ctrl-click and then select Quit. My desktop was full of files, folders, screenshots etc. You may want to delete any shortcuts or files that you do not use or need. Find out more about increasing the speed of your Mac.

Some programs use more processor and memory resources than others. Decide if you need to use the programs that are using the most resources, or if you can close them. If you consistently need to use programs that use a lot of memory, consider getting more memory RAM.

How to Make Your Mac Run Faster

Cleaning the outside of your Mac prevents dust and grime from interfering with the keyboard and vents. It also gives you a psychological boost to clean your desk area. Turn off and unplug your computer, then use a damp cloth to clean the accumulated dust from your any surfaces, but be careful what kind of chemicals you use, especially on your screen or monitor. Spray the cleaner on a cloth to avoid getting moisture in any of the ports.

Use compressed air to clean around the keys on the keyboard and in the vents.

Mac Tip Clean Up Your Mac with Disk Utility Cool Trick

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Why is my Mac Running Slow? | 5 Ways to Speed up Mac

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Optimize the inside of your Mac with a clean-up. Step Four: Clean out the downloads folder.