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Cookies can make your web browsing more efficient and ensure ads you see online are more relevant to you. Browser cookies can also have a darker side, depending on your level of privacy needs. Tracking cookies can be used to record all your web activity and send it to central server to build a profile of you and target you with ads. For example, when you visit Amazon looking for a toilet seat and start seeing ads for toilet seats on other websites. Some people may see these third-party cookies as helpful, because the ads you see online are more relevant to you.

If you're going to see ads online, wouldn't you rather see ones that are tailored to you?

Mac PC Computer Tips How to Delete Cookies Clean Your Computer

While many cookies are issued by the website you visit, others may also exist when a site uses analytics software such as Google Analytics or other trackers , services designed to follow you around on the web. While you can disable cookies entirely—in Safari, check "Block all cookies" in the preferences shown in the screenshot above—this will break many websites or make them harder to use. I'll also show you how to remove cookies from Safari on iOS devices. This displays a list of all websites that have stored cookies on your computer that can be used to track your browsing.

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In that dialog popup, you can see which websites store cookies and site data on your computer. As you can see, Firefox will keep this data from websites with persistent storage until you delete it. Do you really want advertisers and, worse, hackers accessing your personal information? Note : Do you know there are web browsers that don't collect your personal information? Check out these three browsers that don't track you. The good news about cookies is that they're pretty easy to delete.

Below, I'll tell you step by step how to delete cookies on popular web browsers, including Chrome , Edge and Firefox. Although deleting cookies is slightly different for each browser, the steps boil down to this: Find your web browser's menu bar, often on the upper-right side of your computer screen. Look for something like History or Privacy, then click on that.

Right click on a folder or file you want to delete. It might say something like, "Past 7 days.

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Note : Before you start deleting cookies, make sure you're OK with giving up the benefits of cookies. If you're not sure you want your computer to forget all your passwords, and all the personal information you've saved on sites, take your time.

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You may want to start by deleting older cookies. Look for folders that say something like, "Older than 6 months. Chrome is good about letting you choose what type of cookies you want to delete. If you want to save your cookies on your favorite sites or just save passwords, but delete everything else, you can. Click on the little orange exclamation point on the upper-right side of your screen. Click Settings, then scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on the blue link that says Show Advanced Settings.

To delete only some cookies, scroll down to specific sites and hover your cursor over it. Click the X on the right-hand side. It's easy to clear out all your cookies on Firefox. Keep in mind that not everything located in the Caches folder can be safely deleted. Some developers store important data in there, like user credentials, so you should proceed with caution and delete only the folders which definitely contain junk.

You can clear the DNS cache with a single command:.

How to Manage and Remove Browser Cookies on Mac and iOS

Type or copy this command exactly as it is into Terminal and hit Enter. You will be asked to input your admin password to execute the command. Web cookies are small pieces of data sent from websites. You may think of them as tiny hard drives that web sites use to store various information, such as your shopping cart, your login status, or the information entered into form fields. However, not all cookies are created equal, and some can be very dangerous. For example, tracking cookies stay on your computer for a very long time, compiling a long-term record of your web browsing history and sending this information to various companies.

If you use Safari as your web browser, you can clear cookies by going to Preferences and then clicking on Privacy. Click Manage Website Data, select one or more websites, and click on the Remove button. Alternatively, click the Remove All button to delete all cookies at once. After you remove cookies from Safari, you may need to log in again to sites like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. This is normal, and you only need to do it once. Knowing how to delete Cookies on Mac computers is paramount for improving your online privacy and security. Clearing cookies on the Mac version of the Chrome web browser is just as easy as clearing cookies on Safari.

First, click on the three dots on your browser toolbar and select More Tools and Clear Browsing Data. Next, click the checkbox for Cookies in the Clear Browsing Data window. Finally, select the amount of data that you want to delete using the menu at the top and click on the Clear browsing data button.