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And the current servers support mostly MySQL 5. I can confirm this.

2 Installing TYPO3

With TYPO3 version 10 it works finally! But unfortunately there are still some other issues with version Learn more about Teams. Installation tool of Typo3 Version 9.

How to install Typo3 - 9 LTS

Asked 3 months ago. Active 14 days ago. Viewed 82 times. I am installing a Typo3 CMS version 9.

ddev Documentation

Peter Kraume 1, 1 1 gold badge 9 9 silver badges 21 21 bronze badges. Christian Schepp Christian Schepp 1 1 1 bronze badge. Make sure to follow the docker-ce post-install steps Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise with Docker Desktop for Windows Windows 10 Home or other Windows version with Docker Toolbox Using ddev with other development environments ddev by default uses ports 80 and on your system when projects are running.

Installation When upgrading, please check the release notes for actions you might need to take on each project. Docker Installation Docker and docker-compose are required before anything will work with ddev.


Run that and it will do the full installation for you. Open a new terminal or cmd window and start using ddev.

  • 3 Reasons, why you should develop locally.
  • Setup the TYPO3 installation — TYPO3 Contribution Guide - Core Development documentation;
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If you use chocolatey highly recommended , then you can just choco install ddev from an administrative-privileged shell. Upgrades are just choco upgrade ddev. Later, to upgrade ddev to the latest version, just run this again. Manual Installation or Upgrade - Linux and macOS You can also easily perform the installation or upgrade manually if preferred.

Download and extract the latest ddev release for your architecture.

TYPO3 in profile

Run ddev to test your installation. This will create a dummy-x.

Installing TYPO3 on Mac OS X — doc_inst_macosx documentation

Move all files and directories from the dummy-x. Windows users must copy index. Change permissions and ownership of the directories. This usually requires the "sudo" command.

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  7. To set up TYPO3, navigate to your web site. The TYPO3 installer will run in the mode to easily guide you through the installation. For troubleshooting read the FAQ below. If you cannot ensure this, rename. TYPO3 will run but considerably slower.