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Although Excel offers a Live Preview feature for many formatting settings, the Format Cells dialog does not offer one. To see the changes, you must assign the number format, close the Format dialog, and then close the Value Field Settings dialog. One of the elements of good spreadsheet design is that you should never leave blank cells in a numeric section of a worksheet. Even Microsoft believes in this rule; if your source data for a pivot table contains one million numeric cells and one blank cell, Excel treats the entire column as if it is text and chooses to count the column instead of sum it.

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This is why it is incredibly annoying that the default setting for a pivot table leaves many blanks in the Values area of some pivot tables. A blank tells you that there were no sales for a particular combination of labels. In the default view, an actual zero is used to indicate that there was activity, but the total sales were zero. This value might mean that a customer bought something and then returned it, resulting in net sales of zero.

Although there are limited applications in which you need to differentiate between having no sales and having net zero sales, this seems rare. The result is that the pivot table is filled with zeros instead of blanks, as shown in Figure 3. Every field in a final pivot table has a name. Fields in the row, column, and filter areas inherit their names from the heading in the source data.

Fields in the data section are given names such as Sum of Revenue. In some instances, you might prefer to print a different name in the pivot table.

Show or hide subtotals and totals in a PivotTable

You might prefer Total Revenue instead of the default name. In these situations, the capability to change your field names comes in quite handy. Although many of the names are inherited from headings in the original data set, when your data is from an external data source, you might not have control over field names. In these cases, you might want to change the names of the fields as well.

Type a new name in the box, as shown in Figure 3. Click a cell in your pivot table to complete the entry, and have the heading in A3 change. The name of the field title in the Values area also changes to reflect the new name. One common frustration occurs when you would like to rename Sum of Revenue to Revenue. This is so frustrating, I dont know much about excel. Thank you for any help. E-mail not published. For example, this is how your Excel subtotals can look like: How to insert subtotals in Excel To quickly add subtotals in Excel, perform the following steps.

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Organize the source data The Excel Subtotal feature requires that the source data be arranged in a proper order and should not contain any blank rows. The easiest way to do this, is click the Filter button on the Data tab, then click the filter arrow, and select to sort either A to Z or Z to A: To remove blank cells without messing up your data, please follow these guidelines: How to remove all blank rows in Excel. If you want to add subtotals only for some part of your data, select the desired range before clicking the Subtotal button. You can use the same trick to change the formatting of all subtotal rows in one fell swoop.

If multiple subtotals were added for the same dataset, it's not possible to edit them. The only way is to remove all existing subtotals, and then insert them anew. August 13, at am. Wow its a great blog.. Imran Masud says:. October 9, at am. Rx says:. December 5, at pm. Bracketed Subtotal Titles e. Area1 group1 group2 Area1 Subtotal Area2 group1 group2 Area2 Subtotal The idea is that in a collapsed view, it can be copied and pasted into a Power Point Presentation with formatting.

Making Common Cosmetic Changes

It appears that this will take vba to accomplish? Ramani says:.

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When you're done, convert the range to a table. You can insert this function yourself, but the Subtotal feature is more efficient when working with large amounts of data. Understanding this function is important to getting the right results quickly. Table A lists the constants you need to know. Most subtotals evaluate values based on categories in another column — when the value in column A changes, evaluate the corresponding value in column B.

Some users don't realize that they can use this feature on a single column. Figure H shows the subtotal settings for the results shown in Figure I. All the settings point to the same column, Category. When you insert a subtotaling row, Excel uses the word Total , Average , and so on, in a descriptive label. Deleting that label is as easy as deleting any other string. Here's the tip: After using the Subtotal feature, you can use the data as you would any other data. To remove Average from the subtotaling row labels, use the Find And Replace feature, as follows:.

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