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Then what do you do. Ok you have there password. So whats the big deal to get there password to access there internet? I dont see any other videos for this next feture. All i see is how to hack wep. Can someone tell me whats next so i can start to do some research please. I did see a video that someone took over there computer and i seen a video something about a social network hack not sure if thats correct way of saying it though But whats next after you hack there wep key thanks Big Mike. Just as the title asks - I tried arpspoof recompiled for ath0 support but I heard that arpspoof won't work from a wireless attacker.

Anybody gotten it to work? I seen some stuff on google were people are watching videos in Ubuntu. What im trying to do is download some videos and watch the video as i use backtrack. The only way i can learn is to practice and watch videos as i go. I installed Backtrack 4 dual boot with Windows Vista 64 bit. So as of now i have to restart my computer and then go to back track and i would like to watch some videos is there a command or something i need to download to get the video player to work? Exist-il une version de backtrack 64 bits????

I have a X61s, and connected and disconnected the antenna at least 10 times, not more than and I currently get a weak wireless signal compared to other people detail below. I am also running a X61s with some Lenovo software, so I'm not sure if the software is lowering the signal, but no matter what I do it still seems like I can't get it as high of a signal.

Would removing the antenna connectors cable at the abg card that many times damage it? I just bend the cable side up and the connector pops off. As for low signal However, my computer gets about in room, and in the adjacent room--and drops off much quicker a few rooms down.

If I want to fix it, what would I have to replace, or is there some other fix possible? Browser Collection for Client Side Attacks www. Quelqu'un peut il me dire ou je fais erreur? Comment faire pour faire passer le trafic de la livebox via son propre PC pour y faire un man in the middle? Salve a tutti Io sto cercando di riprodurre questo sistema: un Fake Access point che sniffa da un'ignara vittima delle comunicazioni via mail.

Fino a qui con BT4 e ettercap sono riuscito a riprodurre le mie intenzioni. Grazie a tutti Ciao. Hello, did a search but found no answer. On using aircrack-ng GUI with windows vista. I browse and find the capture file and then run aircrack-ng. The output in the aircrack-ng shows all the packets from the capture file, but i cannot view the top of this output, only the last lines. I need to veiw the top, to find the target network with the most IV's any help?

Hola a todos. Tengo una duda,por q no se genera el handshake con el comando aireplay-ng Gracias y saludos. Aussi puis-je appliquer ce noyau a BT? Merci de votre aide. How can I make a wordlist of all the possible phone number combinations that are in my area. For example, I live in California where the area code to phone numbers is So I need to learn how to make a wordlist with the numbers going from to Can anyone help me out? I should've lurked more. I am new to backtrack but have use Ubuntu a lot in the past. My question is this, I use sslstrip with ettercap to monitor my home network but on the "victim" computer i can not get past the log in like it wont let me actually log in but ettercap captures the password?

I have even tried turning the connected computer off and unplugging it from the router also turning the router off and back on NOTHING Works I simply can not capture MY Handshake I attend college as a Network Admin where I captured My schools handshake but I believe this is because there are always lots of people connected to the network i cant remember if i even had to deauth a computer although now i think of it I believe I did as well as spoofed my mac NOTE: I am not spoofing my MAC for my home network. Suppose you wanted to fool OS fingerprinting tools such as xprobe, nmap, etc.

In BSD you can set net. In Linux, on the other hand, we had IPpersonality ippersonality. So I was wondering if any of you can suggest alternatives? Saluti a tutti. Ho installato bt4 su un pc con 3 interfaccie wireless. Ho configurato con wicd la connessione con la mia rete utilizzando una delle tre interfaccie per comandare il pc da remoto vnc-ssh.

Ho provato con iwconfig senza successo. Ubuntu" echo "2. When I try to manually connect to my network all goes well up until The dhcpcd command. I never get a ip address assigned. Any idea why this is? C' est tout pour le moment ; Merci. Grazie x i consigli. Vorrei acquistare una nuova antenna, completamente compatibile con backtrack, che supporti il monitor mode e packet injection, tempo fa avevo trovato una Zydas ZDRW da 18db, ke purtroppo mi son fatto scappare :- ora ho pensato di puntare su una ALFA AWUSH mw Realtek L con antenna da 7 o 5db But for some weird reason it can't see any of my network drives, I have both Ethernet and WiFi.

I tried to look through the forum but was unable to find anything related threads that can fix my problem. Any advice? Thank you. Ich habe schon versucht die Karte mithilfe dieses Tutorials zu installieren: hauke-m. Hi,i have just install and update BT4 Final distro on my asus ,i know that madwifi drivers are integrated in BT4 so i prefer to use them instead of ath5k. After the restart i run start-network and startx commands,but when i open WICD manager it shows "no wireless netwoks available". Obiously there is some kind of problem but i can't resolve it. Previously i used BT4 PreF with madwifi drivers ,and back then i did everything exactly the same way ,and i've never had any problems.

Did i do something wrong,did i make any kind of mistake during the installation or this is some kind of bug in new BT4 Final distro. Hi guys I'm trying this command:. Try expanding your passphrase list, and double-check the SSID. Sorry it didn't work out. Just to keep you informed. I was able to install beta-bt4 on my laptop and dual boot. Method of installation had to be DVD, which I built from my ubuntu system. As with all linux distributions, wireless had to be fixed after the initial installation. So for the time being ive switched back to the Pre-final version so i can access the internet.

However in the New "Backtrack 4 Final" it will never detect the xp installation and it just boots BT4 with no sign of xp any ideas? Its set 2 NICs. The problem is that just the first NIC works. In this case, the one with NAT. What should I do? I tried loading BT4 on my T and when I tried to use "startx" I get X X: warning; process set to priority -1 instead of requested priority 0 and then it goes to Fatal server error: no screens found giving up.

I can't seem to load it up. If someone could help me with this that would be awesome. I tried it on another computer and i can connect fine so I don't know what's going on it doesn't even asks me for the wep key If anyone knows whats going on or you need more info I can provide. I am brand new to backtrack and jumped on like literally days before BT4 came out.

But here is my delema. However, BT4 is said to have an 8 gig requirement. I don't feel like running back to the store and buying another usb memory stick, cause I have an External 1 terabyte Hard drive which is plenty large enough. I would use this like a secondary HD on my laptop. However, I have a large amount of files on there already.

Is there a way I can set BT4 up to run on the External HD on start up I know how to boot it in bios and not have the current files being damaged? I essentially would like to use BT4 as an operating system on it's own bypassing the internal HD. Any assistance would be helpful : Also,.. I just thought about this Can I use the 2 gig jump drive to do a dual boot and just use the usb memory stick to hold the boot up logs, then use the external HD to use as operating hard drive?

I read that if I install the whole thing on the ExHD it will erase everything on it cause it needs to format Help me out! Please and thank you : Z. Hola, debido a que tengo instalado Backtrack en mi HD, necesitaba un programa para grabar videotutoriales que funcione en BackTrack y como Camtasia es solo para Win me puse a googlear Una ves configurada la ventana que se grabara,etc. Para detenerlo le dan click al cuadradito blanco de la barra de herramientas.

Automaticamente generara un archivo de video con extension. Code: sudo aptitude install mencoder y el comando: Code: mencoder -idx out. Hallo zusammen, ich habe folgendes Probelem: kurz gesagt: ich schaffe es nicht per browser auf einen Router zuzugreifen. Es handelt sich um einen Allnet Leider bietet er keine Reset-Funktion, um die Werkseinstellungen wiederherzustellen. Ich kann den Router auch erfolgreich anpingen. MfG g3rax.

How do I disable that behavior? Hello experts, I'm using BT4 in my usb for portable purpose. On the run,, i would like to view movies. So, i encouraged to install VLC apt-get vlc But, i find error, while unpacking deb. Could you tell me, 1. How to overcome the error. I've BT4 final iso installed on hhd, I'm not be able to connect it by wireless. Sorry for the english errors: I'm italian.

Type: airplay-ng -3 -b [bssid] -h [device] It simply does not generate any packets, the "Data" does not increase at all, I have tried again and again, even sitting next to the router but it still does not work, are there any problems with this adapter and generating packets?

Bonjour, Je suis un debutant dans backtrack, j ai de bonne connaissance en reseau informatique. Je connais un peux Bebian et Ubuntu. Je n'arrive pas mettre en route ma carte Wifi. Je lu pas mal de chose sur le net, mais aucune reponse ne m'apporte de VRAI solution. Ma carte reseau filaire fonctionne impec. J'espere que quelqu un pourra me donner une soltion, cela fait 3 jour que je cherche, je deviens dingue, je sais que BT n'est pas fait pour les debutants, mais c le seul probleme qu il me reste avant de continuer mon aventure BT : Merci d'avance. Si besoin de plus d'info, je suis a votre service :.

ADMtek mac 3. Madwifi[-ng] - IEEE Hey I was wondering why does BT forums display posts in reverse. Example, if a thread is 20 pages long, the first post OP is on page 20 and on the bottom. It is very annoying and very hard to thread a thread this way. How do I change it? Id just like a extra thumbs up from the BT community to confirm that this is true. The reason I post this is that I thought when I bought the Intel it was going to be the shit but it turns out that it is very buggy, short range and doesnt support all the features of aircrack-ng.

In my home's local network I can see my dad's PC folders but I can unfortunately access only his shared folders. When I try to access them password key is required : : : : : Any tool that let me access these folders without knowing the passskey? Merci pour vos reponse, salutation. And backtrack 4 can't detect it when use the command Dmesg.

I'm booting the BT4 from a virtual box and it can detect the virtual box's driver hda. Any ideas? Please bear with me a little. So I got a pickle here and wanted to know if anyone ran into this,.. Went with verizon fios and they have there own routers cause I am amusing fiber optics? For giggles I tried to crack the new router at my house and it won't let me inject into it.. Works fine for my linksys one but for some reason there router seems to be a something new.

There is something also new, you know it tells you the speed of the connection? Well it says 54e. Wait did some research,.. Also does that e mean that there is in fact mac address filtering going on? MD5: c32ffc7f82f4b48ab6d Trojan Horse Trojan. A also this was created with no encoders, although i dont think they would help.

Este es siempre un tema enorme y parece simple a muchos de nosotros pero la verdad del asunto es que tenemos a mucha 'nueva' gente entonces tenemos que estar claros sobre esta clases de cosas. Ripeto che ho gia' effettuato lo unshadow del file password. Hey guys ive had this wireless dongle for about a year now, its the linksys wusb54gc with ralink rt73 driver. Ive used this card with alot of linux distros most of the time its just plug and connect.

BT4 is recognizing the card when i put lsusb in the command line, but it wont show up under network interfaces. Ive googled about this alot and cant seem to find an anserw. I have VMware Workstation7. Hi, anybody tried to install evtouch? Any clues? Se podria simularesto? Muchas Gracias I need help on bash scripting programming, is it possible to use cat command on WIFI scripting? I will show some pictures for better view on what im looking for ; Airodump-ng 1. Quote: img9. Quote: img I cant really get the code used to get this kind of screen shot 2nd image.

I found this one is automated but the source is encrypted. It would be good enough if someone here able to share some scripting skills according to the pictures shown. De plus j'ai activer le router et j'ai autorise un DHCP de 12 adresse utilise par tout mes appareille wifi.

Mi potreste dire quali sono i comandi di traceroute e a che cosa servono??? GNU checking dependency style of gcc BSD nm checking whether ln -s works See the file config. This usually means GLIB is incorrectly installed. I've got a Little Question guys. I've installed my Backtrack 4 on VM Workstation , works perfect so far!

No I wanted to crack my password, of my windows account with Chntpw. But i've got a little problem :p. I need to go to the 'disk' where my windows is on , like hda1 , or sda1 ,.. I only see the 'Virtual' drives , so not the drive Windows is on. Or do I need to run the live CD? Exitos un abrazo para todos saludos :D. Ciao a tutti, ieri sera ho scaricato BT4, al momento dell'installazione di grub esce un errore e l'installazione si blocca "Error during Grub installation". Grazie Stefano. Increasing send delay for Ignoring time. Dear back track users, I have been experiencing a problem: Previous search terms - Searched google and BT for terms along the lines of: mac spoof ing aireplay fake auth entication deauthentication packet and any combination of those, but have not found a definitive answer that addresses the difficulty I'm experiencing.

Waiting 3 seconds. Got a deauthentication packet! Waiting 5 seconds. This happens for both Intel and Alfa AWUSH When I attempt an attack on my office router with permission, namely by me , the mac spoofing doesn't seem to result in dauthentication from router. Once connected and ARP poisoned, many other attacks also work as usual.

Thank you for taking time to read my question, I appreciate any questions regarding my setup or comments on how I can approach the problem. I've installed GNOME, I can not login Graduated the following message: the system administrator is not allowed to login from this screen What is the solution?

Hello, I have been browsing the forums but I haven't found any topic which could help me with my problem. All suggestions appreciated : Best regards : PS. Also, I have been looking at Ralink RT73 chipset. Does it work out of the box with the previously named apps? I got the hash in a. I'd like to know if I can get the hash out of the cap file. I know I can run aircrack or cowpatty on the cap file with a wordlist or rainbow table but I'm curious about how to find the hash. I also would like to know if I can try to crack it like it was a MD5 hash.

Thanks for the attention. So I've played around with metasploit for a while now, pentesting my own network. Any help would be much appreciated. Unfortunatly, I am running metasploit under windows, so could this cause slight syntax problems?

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I read somewhere you can split it up and use 2 CD's somehow but it was very confusing for me because I'm very new at this but I learn fast [; is this possible and if so, how? And can someone confirm that you don't need to be able to go into BIOS settings in order to dual boot? Hello im having trouble with some wifi cracking im trying the target networks are all on channel 13 i have 2 wifi cards on my laptop a IPW built in jobby and a USB f5db both are working fine on wlano and wlan1.

However they wont go to a channel above 11 in airmon or airodump etc.. If someone has used a particular USB N-Draft Wifi for the above, could you share the brand, model and where you buy it? Come prima cosa vorrei fare un saluto a tutti sono nuovo del forum e soprattutto del mondo dell'hacking quindi spero in un vostro enorme aiuto.

Vorrei chiedere un'ultima cosa anche se non molto attendibile con la sezione hardware, qualcuno sa se esiste una guida all'utilizzo di questa distro? Grazie in anticipo per l'aiuto :. Hi, I installed BT4 on my laptop. When i run wicd, all the networks which are visible are encrypted. To connect to them i get a message 'encryption should be enabled before connecting to the network' Ok so I go in the advanced settings and there I am asked to enter the WPA key.

Now my question is this. The network is public. Secured but public and I can connect to it using windows without any password or WPA key authentication. Windows connects to this network using TKIP encryption.

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How do I go about this? Is there any other way to connect without entering the WPA? If so how? Thank you for the time and help! Lorsque je tape airmon-ng, il n'y a rien en-dessous de "Interface Chipset Driver".

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Et c'est tout, aucune autre interface wifi n'existe pour BT. I've only been doing this for half an year, but I really sunk some time and resources into this. I'm fascinated by all this stuff especially the cryptoanalysis side of things and the antenna issues. I also realize there are quite a few bright people out there on this forum.

I started by using Backtrack 4 on a thumb drive and some of the wireless connections in my neighborhood as test targets. To this day, I've found out that unless my antenna is within close proximity 40 to 50 feet on a cold night, I still cannot capture WPA handshakes good enough for Cowpatty. This denies me use of the Rainbow Tables. Over the holidays, Christmas Decorations and displays offered me some clever locations for hiding that 4 foot antenna of mine. I am now working on these. I launched one at home last night with a 10 meg password file and got nothing.

Has anyone else had this problem with Cowpatty? It rejects a lot of WPA handshakes that Aircrack-ng accepts. I understand Aircrack-ng is faster but Cowpatty has some variations--one of which is the rainbow tables-- that seem to offer a broader and more elegant solution to cracking a WPA connection. Hey, i bought a Asus WLg wlan stick today!

I bought just for the use in Backtrack and i bought it because its in the list of compatible USB sticks for BackTrack. When i start BackTrack3 and go to the "Network Monitor" it doesn't show a network, instead it says "Radio of your wireless card seems to be turned off using an external switch on your computer. You need turn it on to be able to use wireless networks. What can i do?? I found this USB network adapter sku. Is this supported under linux or is there a better alternative for that money?

I can't find out what chipset it uses so if anyone here has one or knows if it is supported i will welcome an answer. I try since few days, can t connect to it. Hi just a quick post to see if anybody knows anything about captive portals. Basically a good friend of mind has a partnership share in a public house which offers accommodation and good food to guests. He has approached me because he wants to offer wifi to his guests. His idea is to offer "Almost Free" wifi. When i say almost free i mean the guest will purchase a drink such as a coffee or beer or meal and they will be given free access to the pub's wifi.

Now he has asked me to set this up but to be honest i dont really know what i'm doing as was wondering if anybody can point me towards a simple but secure solution. He has approached a company called The Cloud Therefore, i just need some guidance as to how to go about setting this up. Is it a case of find some captive portal software, download it, install it onto a pc etc etc and off we go? If so will it work with say a wireless netgear router?

Or is it a bit more complicated than that. I have done some searching but its all a bit confusing to be honest. Does anybody knbow of a good simple secure solution. I did find something called PFSence and IPCop all advice is greatly appreciated Apologies if i've posted in the wrong forum or if i'm being a bit of a plonka rodney. I'm looking for program to change my Proxy every minute. Hello world, i've been trying auto fast-track autopwn and recently started getting a error message i looked around online but couldn't find anything about it.

I have seen a 16db yagi antenne on ebay and am contemplating buying it. I am also contemplating a 6 metre pigtail to connect it to my awush. My question is would I lose much signal strength with the 6 metre pigtail? Also would I see much of an increase with this antenna over my 5db omni Antenna? How can I enable telnet login on Backtrack 3? I can't get ssh login working through a reverse ssh tunnel. I want to upgrade to BT4F, though.

I'll probably install it in a virtual machine or on a USB drive Anyway, I am worried about ruining my windows partition. I have read posts online about formatting from the Windows OS and then changing the boot. That is all fine and dandy, and I will do that but I wanted to check with you all here to see if there are any suggestions or words of wisdom.

Maybe I should go about this differently? Thanks fellas. Hey, I was just wondering if anyone had an easy way of pulling from the Username column and putting it into 1. The following is the website I would like to do this from. Thanks in advance for looking. Merci d'avance :. Poi si chiude. I am trying to crack my own WEP enabled AP, it's only plugged in to the wall and has no clients connected and no internet connection. I seem to be having some problems with cracking of wep with no clients as I keep getting deauthentication packets when trying the fragmentation attack.

Salve a tutti come potete immaginare sono nuovo nel mondo di backtrack, e come newbe ho dei seri problemi per connettermi a internet tramite ethernet con un modem adsl alice. Dimenticavo backtrack 4 lo sto facendo girare da hd. Avete qualche consiglio da darmi grazie mille anticipatamente. I have been trying to get the arpspoof working, instead of ettercap, on my eeepc 4g which I have installed Backtrack 3 on. I understand that the line for the interface in the arp. When using gcc to compile the arp.

I would like to correct these errors myself. As I have not done a lot of programming in C some of these errors are not clear to me how to resolve. I would appreciate any help with this, especially if you can point me in the right direction to learn how to fix the errors. I downloaded the current dsniff package on another machine and put the arp. If so where would I be able to find just the arp.

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I did download the new arpspoof. Upon compiling I received even more compiling errors and decided to just try and get arp. Thank you in advance for any assistance given. Ciao a tutti , qualcuno saprebbe dirmi come creare una pipeline con medussa? Si oui auriez vous un tutoriel a me conseiller? Je vous remercie d'avance Squall The ps3 has bin hacked, it is still a major work in progress, you can read more here On the PlayStation 3. First of all I would like to excuse myself if I'm double posting but I realized I was posting in a 3 year old thread so it probably hasn't as many views as it will have here.

In a nut shell the title of this post says it all. I used to be able to use the -3 attack in aircrack in BT3, no other method used to work, for example Korek complained about Centrino chipset Steps that I tried: Code: aireplay-ng -9 wlan0 Reports injection capable same for mon0 interface Wifi card is "Intel ABG" or similar name I even tried to install old ipwraw drivers from BT3 but when I to load them with Code: modprobe ipwraw It returns that ipwraw. Hola, Edson. Muchas gracias por los tutoriales. Segui todos los paso y dio correcto todos los pasos.

Mi consulta es si puedo agregar diferentes estilos … como lo realizo? Hola Edson que tal? Me parece muy interesante tu web y la manera en que explicas todo. Ya modifique esa parte en el tutorial. Muchas gracias por el apoyo, Saludos!! Su tutorial es genial, muy facil de leer y entender. Te cuento un poco. Actualizo: Si que llega al metodo pero parece que no es capaz de redirigir a la plantilla o al contenido o algo.

El problema venia dado por el contenido del layout al parecer me falla cuando intento poner una imagen. Me hubiese gustado responder esto sobre mi anterior consulta pero al no estar validad no es posible. El Problema que yo me he encontrado radica en el formato, la imagen debe tener formato png y supongo jpeg, pero no svg u otros formatos vectoriales. Me he matado a buscar y nada me funciona. O al final intentar manipular tu vista con css. Buenos dias Edson implemente el tutotial para la version 2.

Un saludo!!! Claro que si me interesa hacer parte del equipo Edson muchas gracias por la invitacion este es mi correo afflsg gmail. Nos vemos en Slack. Hola amigo, todo bien va pero como seria con los reportes dinamicos, con dinamicos me refiero por ejemplo un for que me genera un detalle de varios registros?? Probaste implementarlo como tu me lo indicas? Mi duda es como lo puedo exportar en pdf mediante el index?. Como puedo hacer esto, como puedo resolverlo.

Quisiera saber si puedo generar para una misma vista varios archivos pdf que muestren cosas distintas.. Por ejemplo, en tu caso armaste un pdf con los datos personales del usuario… Pero supongamos, que ademas quisiera otro pdf que me muestren sus post asociados, y otro pdf que me muestren sus compras.. Saludos Edson y muchas gracias! Hola Edson muy bueno el tutorial, lo he seguido paso a paso sin colocar el layout, pero me arroja el error que adjunto en la imagen.

Cabe destacar que no le puse el layout lo hice sin eso para probar pero igual no me deja hacer nada. Por otra parte: al escribir esto en composer. Buenos tutoriales tanto los tu pagina como los de youtube Mi problema es en 2. Hola Edson, inicio con un agradecimiento a tus tutoriales eres un excelente profesor, he realizado el tutorial de cakepdf y me sale todo bien exceptuando por un signo de interrogacion que siempre sale en la parte superior izquierda del documento y el cual no he podido quitar, no se a que se debe, tienes alguna idea o te ha pasado?

Muchas gracias de antemano. Hola Tatiana, aprecio muchos tus palabras. Hola Edson, como estas? De nuevo gracias por tantos aportes geniales. Buen dia, gracias por responder, estoy usando MPDF porque wkhtmltopdf me indica que es necesario la creacion de unos archivos binarios, estoy trabajando en mac, y no entiendo muy bien en que consiste este requerimiento de la libreria wkhtmltopdf. No necesitas crear nada, ellos te ofrecen los instaladores de acuerdo al sistema operativo con el que vas a trabajar, opcionalmente puedes probar con DomPDF y a ver como te genera. Hola buen dia.

Primero felicitaciones por el tutorial, esta muy bueno asi como tus videos. Me sirven de mucho ahorita que estoy haciendo una aplicacion CRUD sencilla en cakephp3 para ir aprendiendo. Es para captura de equipo scrap. Tendras algun tutorial para mandar correo con cakephp3. En especifico quiero mandar desde outlook un archivo de excel que genero con el plug-in de PHPExcel. Pero no he encontrado un tutorial en el que me pueda orientar. Ahora si una pregunta de CakePdf. En el tutorial veo que el archivo pdf es de un solo usuario. Mi pregunta es como generar el archivo pdf de varios registros en la base de datos?

Me explico, en un proyecto de equipo de scrap que estoy desarrollando genero un archivo de excel en el cual saco el listado de todos los registros de una tabla en una base de datos. Quisiera generar ese mismo listado pero en un archivo Pdf para poner un boton con la opcion PDF.

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Estoy usando variables de sesiones para pasar el array en el cual tengo los datos de la tabla para poderlo pasar al controlador que se encarga de la configuracion del archivo de excel. En la vista index. Como uso paginacion, use variables de sesion para poder guardar la lista completa de registros porque de otra forma el archivo de excel que genero con PHPExcel me toma solos los registros de la paginacion y no el listado completo. Mi pregunta es como puedo usar el array que ya tengo para generar el archivo pdf? Si me puedes otrientar. Alguien sabe a que se debe?? Hola Edson. Me parecen geniales tus tutoriales de Cake.

Dan luz donde solo hay sombra. Estoy implementando CakePdf en un Cake 3. Alguien me puede ayudar? Muchas gracias.