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Since the speed test involves relatively small files, this will skew results upward. Using Google "speed result" x. You should end up with the calculator showing a cap that is about half of the test result. Although designed for Azureus, this calculator will work for all bittorrent clients.

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This calculator was created by the a contributor to Vuze fka Azureus and part of the team that created Bittorrent Protocol Encryption. Encryption was primarily designed to thwart Internet Service Providers interference with bittorrent. I now suggest the use of the Mailine DHT plugin in setting your Vuze up to get the best possible speed. This most likely will not make a difference on very healthy torrents, but on smaller torrent swarms may be a great help. Since this guide is getting long enough, I decided to put the instructions for installation of this plugin on a separate page.

It is a very simple installation process. The general rule here is to choose torrents that have a high seed to peer ratio. Peers also upload to other peers, but are also looking for other peers to upload to themselves and their download capacity is almost always higher than their upload capacity. This applies even though one swarm has significantly more active users than another. For more information see Good Torrents. If you still have issues after using this guide and would like some assistance, you may post here or our Forums.

The comments section here is not well set up for ongoing discussions, so the forums are a better place. Those who wish to post a thanks may post here or in the forums. I always appreciate hearing from those who this helped and I do read the posts regularly. I used to respond to each thanks, but realized it was clogging up the comments section. I thank all those who have posted their appreciation and all those who will. Vuze Azureus will not update their program to include these new routers.

I tried all the wiki information and contacted the company. The company told me to use the Wiki pages and then banned me from the forum. I had not been on the forum except to see if anyone had any new information. I had not posted any requests or commented on anything. For example, many of the listed sites for torrent searches have been seized by the government or are otherwise no longer valid ie. I really appreciate Gizmo and I know it is a lot of time-consuming work.

I hope some of the staff will soon revamp all the torrent information on this site. I depend on it and I know many others do, too. It is critical to everyone to always have the latest scoop on all facets of using torrents.

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First of all thank you for your super detailed report. It makes even a clueless person like me have some sort of understanding. However it didn't really help fix ma problem.


I do not actually know what the problem is with my Vuze and it is really frustrating not to be able to fix it. When I search for what I want to download I find good torrents, with good connections and peers. Then I hit download and when I go into my downloading section is says "downloading" but I get the infinity sign in the ETA column and then nothing. Which I am assuming is success. It just doesn't download. I followed the info in this article and everything is now working great. A world of Thanks to you. I was about to lose my mind. LOL Thanks Again. PS You may want to add in the article that sometimes you need to forward the port from your modem to so it can see the router.

I don't know if I needed to do that but I did and everything works. It's also a good idea to give your computer a static IP Address. You can find out how to do all that with either Google or YouTube. Hello, I'm using Vuze 5. Vuze has worked with Sky on the same settings for over a year, but only in the mornings during the week. After about 5pm weekday or at weekends download speeds dropped from morning max of kB to almost nothing flick up to maybe 1 or 2kB, then stop again.

Recently it's like that the whole time, almost no speed. I have torrents with many seeds and green smily face sometimes, though it's always worked fine - if the face is green, yellow or blue. I've sat and watched the peers, it keeps connecting to the same people over and over, but cuts off without ever reaching any speed. Glasnost test says ports and are blocked, but I'm not using them. Transport encryption is on, RC4.

Turning it off doesn't make any difference. Another piece of strangeness is that with Vuze running on my laptop, Firefox doesn't work. It takes minutes just to bring up Google search page, and most sites time out without opening. I have to close Vuze, and restart the laptop to get the internet to work again.

Also, for several months I can't access the Vuze. It just times out without reaching the site. Has Sky just completely locked out Vuze? I accepted that P2P was throttled in peak times evenings and weekends before and just used it in the mornings, but I'm getting nothing now! Any ideas? I've used Vuze for years and had very few problems, and always been able to fix any that did come up. But this has me stumped. I'm going mad here, coz I'm weeks behind on my favourite anime!!

Thanks for the advice. With Vuze, I never bothered with the static IP and port forwarding, because it has always worked fine without. But I just installed qBittorrent, following the optimising for speed guide here, with static ip and manual port forwarding in the router software. It's still just the same, it connects to seeds, but never gets any speed and they cut off after a short while. Firefox is the same with qBit running, not working. When I run the canyouseeme port check, I get a connection timed out message for any port I try, including my qBit forwarded one. It was the same before changing any settings.

Dunno if it's normal, but the IP address the port checker website gives me is the one listed as 'broadband port' on the router, instead of my static one that's listed in ipconfig now. Putting the broadband port IP into the router firewall rules instead of my static IP changes the port check error message to Connection Refused instead of timeout.

Sorry if that's a stupid thing to try, this IP stuff is a bit over my head :o. That's the same guide I used to do the port forwarding, so it's exactly how I did it. I disabled Windows Firewall too, and that changed the error to Connection Refused.

How to use Vuze Anonymously

I didn't have Vuze or qBit running for the port test. Because of my internet browser problem with torrent programs running, the port test doesn't complete, even after more than 20 minutes! Weird, huh? It was working fine before and then just stopped. I'm wondering if it could be some sort of freaky software conflict, and I may have to re-install Windows and start again?

Maximizing Vuze download speeds

Hi Steve, Thanks again for trying on this one. In the end I did a full Windows wipe and started again. I installed Tixati and it's working perfectly. No bothering with Java, static IPs, port forwarding or any of that. It just works - yippee!! Back to normal Sky service again - it downloads at kB in the morning weekdays, then stops dead at about 4.

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  4. I'm really happy with Tixati instead of Vuze. It doesn't have any of that extra stuff that I never used, and as my laptop isn't very powerful a slimmed down program suits me better. Will miss the cute little blue frog, but I'll get over it :o. Hello I have a windows Xp computer i followed all the steps, but i have an external modem do i still need to get a static IP address? Thanks for the reply.

    I have had downloads complete overnight with those numbers. All will have "green lights". All will probably be downloading at about 80 - Kbs. If I am lucky I'll have the 6 one hour programs to watch when I get up 8 hours later. It seems to me that even with PIA involved my speeds used to be a lot faster A hours show in an hours time I have been forced to choose HEVC versions of any given show, in order to have smaller files to download. Still takes forever! Menu Private Internet Access. January edited February in P2P Support. I looked at the "kilobits per second" line and got for my upload speed.

    Then under were all the numbers I needed to enter in Steps to get better speeds. It is recommended not to put 0 for upload speed as this can cause traffic jams. Do not force start torrents. As for my NAT problem, I gave up trying to fix it so my torrent health icon turns green.

    I accept yellow is ok. It's the best I will get from the PIA servers as for incoming connections. Also, if you don't want to seed torrents all day and all night, you can go to: 1. These settings stop that from happening. It's safe to have the settings this way. Hope this helps!!!! January I've tried what you have above with no luck.

    Force Vuze to only load Torrents through VPN – Hide My Ass! Support

    I was also on a chat with an PIA Tech Support person that was very helpful, recommended port forwarding. Due to firewalls and additional protocols installed into the adapters, it might not work as expected. If you were unable to find the correct interface in Vuze's list, please first connect to the VPN using your preferred protocol, and then open the options of Vuze. Everything else just needs to be done as shown in the image below.

    Vuze VPN Setup

    Close Icon close We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Hide My Ass! Support Knowledge Base Troubleshooting. Updated: April 16, Otherwise you might be unable to see the corresponding interface in the list later. Now, go to " Tools ", " Options " in the menu.

    Under " Mode ", select " Advanced " so that Vuze shows all settings. Go to " Connection ".