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Hi Srini, When I tested it, it was still not very stabilized. Thanks for the reply, We have hybrid framework implemented using the Selenium, testNG, Protractor and Core Java for automatins the web and mobile. But Autoit now supports C bindings for the basic Window element operations through an assembly. Dotnet So, from this, you can derive and develop a framework to suite your needs in C.

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Release 1. Would be great if you could add it to your list. Hi, Can someone suggest me on which BDD test framework I can use for Windows desktop application developed in java spring? Is it? Where is its source code available? Following the terms of the GPL, some of the code from version 3. White and many others.

There are also a range of tools available which can automate both web and desktop applications, […]. Looking foreword for suggestions.

An Efficient Open-Source GUI Testing Automation Tool

I have OpenGL app that i need to automate , the problem is that most of this tools cant see the app elements. The thing about notification is more of a timing issue than a technology one. As a QA tester you need to know the expected, when testing notifications the expected output includes the timing of the notifications, which is harder to automate but still doable. What tool do you suggest?. It is worth noting that jira use for the treatment of incidents. This post is frequently updated. Desktop applications are computer programs that must be installed, configured and executed on a desktop operating system such as Windows, Linux and macOS.

End-users need a desktop computer or laptop with sufficient hardware resources to access the functionalities of these apps. This article lists out the best automation tools to automate functional testing for desktop apps.

35+ Best GUI Testing Tools with Complete Details

However, the tool is considerably weaker than WinAppDriver in several areas. For open-source projects, active maintenance is key. Winium has not been actively maintained since so if you go with it, you have to fix bugs or add new improvements on your own.

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  • Your team needs extensive technical knowledge and skills. Ultimately Winium is a less desirable choice than WinApp driver. TestArchitect is a Keyword-Driven Testing tool. Testers with modest programming skills can learn quickly thanks to an extensive keyword library. TestArchitect appears in Forrester Research reports in recent years. TestArchitect is relatively stronger than open-source solutions in terms of usability, width and depth of support. Besides, the tool is well maintained by a professional engineering team, unlike Winium.

    The caveat? You need a budget for the upfront cost of purchasing it. Luckily, the tool does offer a Freemium version with limited number of test cases. Ranorex is a test automation tool that has been in the market for a long time. They offer proprietary automation technologies to automate a wide range of desktop, web and mobile apps. Ranorex also appears in Forrester Research reports in recent years. For other markets, Ranorex is not that strong.

    Desktop Test Automation

    Tricentis provides a wide support for virtually all test activities. They offer customers a Continuous Testing platform that covers test design, UI testing, API testing, service virtualization and test data management. With the recent acquisition of QASymphony qTest , they further expand their scope to test management. Tricentis Tosca is very friendly to manual testers who want to transition to test automation engineers. The company claims that given 3 weeks, they can train 85 out of manual testers to become automation engineers using Tosca.

    However, albeit easier to adopt at first, Tricentis Tosca will gradually become more complex and difficult to use in the long run. TestComplete TC offers a comprehensive solution that covers desktop, web, and mobile. UFT is a powerful UI testing tool. It allows you to test a wide range of platforms including desktop, web, web services, SAP, and mobile. It also integrates seamlessly with HP Quality Center. SikuliX is an open-source tool that automates anything you see on screen using image recognition and OCR.

    Check it out here. SikuliX is suitable for small projects since it was designed to automate various mundane tasks on Windows.

    Simple Deployment

    Additionally, image recognition is way slower than object recognition. Robot Framework is another open-source tool that is keyword-driven. Robot Framework is an excellent alternative to expensive commercial tools. If your budget is tight, consider adopting Robot FW. However, beware of the not-so-obvious investment in learning and maintaining the framework in the long run. AutoIt works for some simple automation scenarios. If you want a free and lightweight solution to get through simple automation challenges, use AutoIt. Also note that if you like Selenium, you ought to use AutoIt to work around pop-up dialogs.

    White is not a strong contender on this list due to its lack of capabilities and narrow target automation platforms. Try to avoid using White if you want a maintainable tool that can help scale up your test project. That said, small quick and dirty projects can still leverage White thanks to its free cost.