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Free SMS & MMS messaging to anyone in the US or Canada.

Personalize your Confide app with custom themes. Whatever your mood, Confide has a theme for you. Confide is available for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android and allows you to stay connected at your desk or on the go. Confide is also translated into 15 languages and is currently being used in over countries worldwide.

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Features Plus Products Download. Confidential means more than just encryption. Encrypted Confide uses industry-standard end-to-end encryption to keep your messages safe and to ensure they can only be read by the intended recipients. See More. Ephemeral Messages disappear forever after they are read once, making them as private and secure as the spoken word.

Industry-Standard Cryptography Confide utilizes industry-standard cryptography to keep your messages safe and secure. End-to-End Encryption All messages between Confide users are end-to-end encrypted. Transport Layer Security All communication goes through Transport Layer Security TLS , preventing any possible man-in-the-middle attack and providing yet another layer of security, privacy and data integrity.

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Google's answer to iMessages for typing texts on your laptop will save you time. Nothing is more irritating than swapping back and forth between your computer and phone while trying to work and text someone. It's hard to stay in a good workflow and, depending on what else you need your phone for, your battery suffers. For years, Android phone users had no choice but to use other messaging apps if they wanted to chat with friends from their desktops.

But if you didn't know, you can use Android Messages on your desktop browser to type.

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Google calls this Messages for Web. It's important to note that your phone has to have service and your computer needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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It doesn't necessarily need to be the same network, though. If your phone is off, your computer doesn't have Wi-Fi or you're using airplane mode, you won't be able to use Messages for Web. Messages is the default texting app for Pixel phones, but there's also a dedicated app anyone can download from the Google Play store to use instead of the default texting app on non-Google Android phones. It's easy to use and there's no penalty from your carrier to switch apps.

As with Apple's iMessage , Messages for Web lets you carry on conversations from your computer screen.

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Note that you might have to re-pair your phone with your desktop from time to time. Make sure your phone's Messages app is up to date before getting started.

Let's do this! Open a new browser tab or browser window on your computer we recommend a window and navigate to messages. A QR code will appear. David Nicholson. Read the case study.

Using TextMagic has allowed me to free up my time and get a better grip on my appointments by confirming with clients in a way that is convenient to them. Jessica Yeager.

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Explore All Features. Is the TextMagic software package secure? What format does a mobile number need to be in? How can I create and use SMS templates? How can I uninstall the SMS software?

How to set up Messages for Web on your computer

The mass texting software can be uninstalled like any other application. For Mac users: Drag the app from the Applications folder into the Trash. Case Studies. Start Free Trial View Pricing. This website is GDPR compliant and uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more Close.