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Make the last lines of your letter adaptable. The signature should be informative, professional and not too long. To highlight your email signature, use the colors of your brand, or any two colors not more — this will create a mess. Can a person click on your email address? Use an image in your email signature; it will look more appealing. By the way, choose the professional photo, not the one with a beer or your pet.

Include the possibility of arranging an appointment directly through your email signature with the help of the booking tools. Use one text style for your letter and signature. You can make the links in your email signature trackable, and check whether people are clicking on them. Avoid any irrelevant information in your signature. Update your email signature whenever your goals change. Free email signature generators An email signature generator is a service with a lot of ready-to-use templates available. The platform is important for proper configuration of your signature.

Select the template that will be the most suitable for your goals and look the most attractive to you. Fill in the form with the required personal and company information. As a rule, this is your first and last name, your job title, company name, website, office phone and office address, your professional social media accounts, your logo and image if there is any. Sometimes you will include some specific lines i. Check all the changes that you have made. Check your new free email signature by sending a test letter. I think some steps left out. Anytime I try to get image into this it is huge.

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Try making your image smaller really small, no bigger than pixels wide or tall before inserting it into the email signature. How do you get a logo on the side of inline text? Great article!

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January 30, at pm. Obtoi says:. Before sending, I customize the top of the e-mail with a personal greeting to the individual recipient. Do you see any problems with that approach? Also, please go into more detail on: Always match my default message font. See my reply to Bill above. I think all the match default font option does is to change the font of the signature to match the rest of the message. But experiment and see. Gary, I would like to automatically include the date under and as part of my signature, how could I do this?

Thank you, Robin Oram. And no need, really, since all email gets a timestamp when you send it anyway. I like to choose None in the Signatures Preference, then I can choose from the new email which one to use. All Rights Reserved.