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Introduction Overview Introduction Overview Description. Description The easy way to transfer content to your new Samsung Galaxy. Compatibility Requirements Compatibility Requirements Devices. Android file transfer application. To change your virtual location, select a region from the list. To turn off VPN, flip the switch in the badge. Because the connection from your browser to the VPN server is encrypted, even if the local network is not, VPN enhances your privacy on the local network.

You can hide your browsing activities from other users of that network.

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To enhance your privacy with regard to websites, making it more difficult for them to track you, you need a combination of features. Even if you disguise your location, websites can still identify you if they have set a cookie. Private browsing ensures that your internet history and activity are removed as soon as you close all private windows. While private windows do not leave any record of the websites you visit, if you deliberately save data — for example, if you save an item to your Speed Dial, save a password, or download a file — it will still be visible after the window is closed.

By default, Opera stores certain browsing data to help speed up connections, load common page elements, and improve your interaction with the sites you visit. You may wish to remove traces of your browsing habits by clearing your browsing data. There are two categories for data types: basic and advanced. Basic includes browsing history, cookies and other site data, and cached images and files.

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Advanced includes these items plus download history, news usage data, passwords, autofill form data, content settings, hosted app data, and media licenses. Clearing browsing history will delete any stored location information about the pages you have viewed and the times you accessed them. This will not delete the file from your local machine, only the record of when and where you downloaded it.

Deleting cookies and other site data will remove any tracked site data. Read more about managing cookies here. The cache is used to briefly store page elements such as images or search queries.

Comment vider le cache dans Google Chrome

Cached data also helps reduce loading times when you wish to access a recently visited site. Emptying cache will clear up space on you local disk. Clearing data from hosted apps will delete any data stored by extensions you have installed in the browser. For example, if you installed a weather extension on Speed Dial and set your location in its settings, clearing this data will reset the extension to its default and you will have to tell the extension your location again.

Managing how Opera stores private data may be useful, as an alternative to clearing all private data.

Read more about setting web preferences. Badges indicate details about the page you are viewing. When a badge appears in your combined address and search bar, click it to see more information, including security certificates and more. When the connection is secure, a lock is displayed in the security badge, implying that no one else can read the information that passes between you and the site.

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Effacer l’historique de Google sur iPad définitivement et rapidement

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