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Be sure to use your own controller an not the transmitter Hobbico wants you to buy. It's very important for you to learn on your field transmitter and the 22 in 1 adapter from China will work just fine with RF-X. I have deducted 1 star due to the very poor simulation of multirotor aircraft. It is clear that the designers have little or no experience with racing quadcopters.

Do NOT try to learn quadcopters using this simulator. Currently unavailable. Amazing, wish it came with better instructions on how to put it together and it should come with instructions of the receiver and how to plug in all the servos and in what spot to plug it into because I couldn't fly This Plane because everything was so messed up and all the controls are messed up I didn't know what to do but I finally figured it all out and it's working perfect. In stock. In Stock. It works, after a bit of work.

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It seems that my Turnigy 9x, my Mac and FPV-Freerider are a bit sensitive to this whole operation and it took me a week to find the trick, thanks to reddit user flayzeraynx. No need to install any driver.

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Remove your module from the back. Plug the stereo audio cable to the simulator cable slot its at the back, below the module..

Phoenix RC 4.0 on Mac OSX with 14 in 1 USB adaptor and Spektrum DX6i

Now create and select a new model, select acro plane, and mode 2, reverse the elevator channel. Now open freerider on the MAC and select usb controller from the input and select" Then I also have to calibrate the controller every time I start the Great Planes RealFlight 7. Very realistic simulation with plenty of aircraft and flying fields.

The key to learning how to fly RC airplanes is to train your brain to control the airplane regardless of its orientation. This is where a simulator is worth its weight in gold for the beginner pilot! Simulators not only help new pilots learn to fly, even the professional pilots use RC simulators for perfecting aerobatics and preparing themselves for the next competition.

They're an absolute necessity for practicing those low altitude 3D maneuvers. Ah, that's definitely in the eye of the beholder. If you ask four RC pilots what their favorite flight sim is, it is very likely that you'll get four different answers. Both are top of the line and you will not be disappointed with either.

You can probably attribute marketing for the reason why they aren't quite as popular as the first two mentioned. If you want the latest and greatest with all the bells and whistles then you'll want to check out Great Planes Realflight 6. RealFlight G6. If you have an internet connection you can fly with up to 31 other RC pilots. You can create a user profile to share your flight hours logged and points accumulated in online Combat Events.

This simulator marries the competitiveness of online gaming with flying RC, my two favorite past times! I run 2 PC's apart from the Mac's.


One contains flight sims including Phoenix and a few other PC only things. I would love to run all this on a OS X. More chance of winning the lottery.

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Like you I prefer Mac's. However I will still use PC, its just another tool.

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Its installed on my MacBook Pro and my iMac. I have to say I love it. My friend has run Realflight through Parallels on his iMac and its a messy set-up, having to use two OS's is just not right! In terms of performanace both machines run Aerofly perfectly. The graphics are just excellent with special sites for helis and F3a as well as loads of planes to download.

Mac based simulators

Its really helped me I have to say. The only reason I have Windoze on my machine at all is for flight sim. I know that the Mac opperating system is now Unix based, like Linux, so I wonder if there is any hope for a good Linux based sim. Ive used Aerofly on my mac when running OSX and before that before they shipped the mac version I used it on the same machine but under Windows 7 via bootcamp.

I have to say there were no real differences tha I noticed. It needs a good graphics card in the mac but that is the same for OSX or Windows. I do think it's pretty cheeky of Pheonix to say their sim is 'mac compatible' sure, it's mac compatible if you go out and buy a copy of Windows, then install it on your Mac! Plummet, as a Linux user ok, mosty headless Linux but still By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Find out more. Forum sponsored by:. That's a good idea.

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I'd like to know about Mac simulators, too. I was aware of the Phoenix version for Mac which is available on back order in the UK Pegasus or Puffin Models may have been where this was but I am no longer sure I am looking for someone who can relate their actual expeirence of using a sim with a Mac operating system and comparisons with the performance of pc based simulators.

I will check out their website to see if they offer a demo download and what the cost is. Within the hobbby there is some interest in Flight simulation. Crrcsim is very basic, Heli-x is limited though fairly reasonable and RC Heli Sim is ok but flying the sim is easy compared with the real thing. None of them are as good as Phoenix. Pay for stuff when you can get better for free?