How to write accents on a mac

Accents and Special Characters on Mac Computer

Within the Character Palette, select Accented Latin for the characters to display. You can insert the characters in your document by double-clicking on them. In some versions of the Mac OS, the Character Palette may also be available by clicking on the Edit menu of your word-processing or other application and selecting Special Characters. Never fear: Typing accents with iOS isn't difficult at all. To type an accented vowel, simply tap and lightly press on the vowel.

Method 2: Long presses

A row of characters including the Spanish characters will pop up along with characters using other types of diacritical marks such as those of French. To type angular quotes, press on the double-quote key. To type a long dash, press on the hyphen key. Share Flipboard Email. Updated January 24, To type the special characters, two keystrokes are required.

Method 1: Option key combinations

The other characters are just as easy:. To type the capitalized version of any of these letters, you would do the same but hold down SHIFT when typing the letter.

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To type the special punctuation characters, you need to hold down on the Alt key while you strike the appropriate punctuation mark. On some keyboards, only one of the two Alt keys will work for this.

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To do this you will hold down the ALT key on your keyboard while typing a specific four digit number, then release the ALT key. You can reference the following codes to specify the letters you would like to input:. When using this out-dated system, there are two important things to remember. Second, on some keyboards, only one of the two Alt keys will work for this method.

Type emoji and other symbols

If there are mistakes or omissions, please let me know. Type accents in any operating system.

How to type accents on Mac OS X

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You must log in to post a comment. Writing in French Mac users have several options for typing accents. Press and select Hold down a letter and a popup appears with all the applicable accents.