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Try to switch off and on again the weather-location mode. Disable and enable again "Today" item in your notifications. Restart your system. It helps to me. Just try that daGUY offered below. Even noticed that I had the same problem today. It repeated permanently. I think that it's system problem, maybe Apple will fix it in previous uptake.

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Also I have this trouble in notifications with weather app. Just tried it with no success. But thanks for your efforts anyway. Check that you have allowed weather to access your current location. Terence Yan Terence Yan 21 1 1 bronze badge. Thanks for your response but that doesn't help unfortunately. The ticker of this app automatically alerts about the severe changes in weather. You have the option to display the simple weather information or the detailed view for more advanced information.

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  7. With this gorgeous Mac weather app, you can easily view the pressure in inches, mm or mbar. In addition to the temperature information, you can get wind chill info, sunrise time , etc. With Weather Live, you can set multiple cities and navigate between these cities with one touch on this Mac weather app.

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    This Mac app is dedicated to offering a fresh weather detail experience on your Mac screen. Swackett is giving a whole new look on the weather and simplifies the complex weather raw data. You can easily see hourly forecasts for the upcoming 24 hours and daily forecasts for the next 5 days fair enough to plan your weekdays.

    With this weather app, you get to know real feel temperature and dew point easily right from the menu bar. This Swackeet weather contains attentively crafted symbols of people named peeps to give a better preview of the prevailing weather conditions. Swackett comes with ministry apparel edition to give perfect weather look advice and alerts from your Mac screen.

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    Weather HD is known as one of the best weather apps for Mac. The app shows you animated weather wallpaper matching with current weather conditions.

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    You can easily adjust the desktop weather widget themes and select the attractive one among the offered five styles. You can save more than one locations according to your preference to know instantly the prevailing weather conditions in different cities. This Mac app for weather automatically detects the primary location of the user with Mac location sensor.

    The weather reports are automatically refreshed after every 60 minutes. Rainfall information and accurate weather data come from the reliable sources of Weather Underground. Using Forecast.

    Introducing Forecast Bar for Mac

    Inheriting a bunch of customizable settings, you can customize this app interface with more details or only the minimum data you required. The weather report is available in more than 17 languages.

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    This app comes with visibility reading and UV index to give advanced notification on a sunny day, which helps you to plan your family beach day. Click Spark at the top left of your screen.

    Notification centre Weather in Celsius Fahrenheit - how to change temperature in notifications Mac

    Under Notifications , tick Enabled. Under New event alert , choose one of the options.

    6 Wonderful Weather Apps For Mac, Most Of Them Free

    Under New all day event alert , you can add default notifications for the all-day events. Under All day Event Alert Time , select when to receive a notification. Enable the Calendar Notifications toggle. Tap Event Alert and tick the options you wish. You can select up to 5 alerts.