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I have an epson xp and bought compatible cartridges for it. I had to push it in a bit with a little difficulty and took it out a few times as they werent recognised. I then realised i have the inks for another epson model. Will my printer spoil like inmediately? February 17, at am UTC 0. HI my xp has been working ok with non epson cartridges but now it says I need to replace c and it will not let me take the cartridge out, no amount of tugging will release it?

February 17, at pm UTC 0. February 20, at pm UTC 0. Hi , i have a Epson WF , Have always bought remanufactured cartridges and have never had a problem. Only bought my printer about a year ago now. I bought 1 for my brother and he phoned me up today saying the printer wont recognise the cartridges, very strange as it is the same printer as mine. I will relay this info so he can sort it out himself. Wow, thankyou! My Epson needed a replacement cartridge, and simply wouldn't print with the new ones.

It didn't tell me a cartridge was not recognised, it simply printed blacnk pages. Your trick worked, it's back to printing all colours. Thanks so much!

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February 27, at am UTC 0. A black ink compatible for my Epson XP was playing up. March 1, at pm UTC 0. Personal note I am thinking of using this printer the next time I visit the range or possibly use it as a boat anchor. Everyone who owns a Epson inkjet printer that will not print because of the remanufactured ink cartridges, incompatibility or so they say should send back to Epson postage due, along with a announcement that they will never buy another Epson printer Inkjet or otherwise. March 10, at pm UTC 0. I have an Artisan Epson printer. I have never had a cartridge issue. I do not use generic cartridges.

One cartridge cyan keeps saying it is not recognized.

How to reset an Epson ink cartridge and trick it into thinking it's full.

I have tried to clean the contacts, turn off computer unplug , reinsert the cartridge, and bought a new cartridge and still, I"m getting errors. Any thoughts? March 12, at am UTC 0. XP Installed cartridges purchased from CompandSave. Took a bit of fussing, but it seemed to accept it. It will print one document, and then say the cartridges are not installed properly. I really. Please tell me there's a solution for this! April 8, at pm UTC 0. If the steps here do not help, then there is almost certainly an issue with the cartridges. I can only recommend contacting your retailer and obtaining further assistance or replacements.

I'v been using compatibles in my BXFW for some time, however now it will not recognise any of them, no matter what make. It should be illegal for Epson to download firmware onto your printer to prevent them using compatibles. PS do they know what you are printing as well? If the printer is connected to the internet then they can monitor you ink levels and cartridge types they can also check and monitor what you are printing, oh yes! March 14, at pm UTC 0. I have a epson xp and i have done all the above but no ink cartridges will work in the machine? Any help to why.

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Epson have released a series of firmware updates over the last year or so that disabled the use of compatible ink cartridges. If you are struggling with several sets then I would recommend getting in touch with your retailer. Most manufacturers should now have cartridges with updated chips available that they can offer as replacements.

March 20, at am UTC 0. March 22, at pm UTC 0. March 23, at pm UTC 0. I recently purchased a Epson XP I have replaced the black ink cartridge twice now and each time they have failed to work. I have just copied the instructions above but still it seems that my black ink doesnt want to work. I have replaced other colours and they are working fine. Apart from my black ink which is genuine epson ink. Any other suggestions? I have exactly the same problem, identical XP, purchased last month.

Black cartridge that came with the new printer was nearly runningout so I decided to put new 'Strawberry' logo one in. I had two new packs — first black not accepted; second new Epson black not accepted. Old one put back again and it worked OK. I shall phone Epson help desk first thing tomorrow. Never had this problem with my old Epson XP but the print heads had gone. So very annoying!! March 24, at pm UTC 0. Hi there i have an epson stylus sx and it printing green can anybody tell me what is wrong or have yous any hints. April 14, at pm UTC 0. April 19, at pm UTC 0. I have an XP It said to replace the black ink cartridge, which I did.

Then it still said it had to be replaced. As i had installed an old, but still unopened cartridge, I replaced it with a newly purchased one. Still no dice. No matter how often I reset or change cartridges, no dice. Bye, Epson. April 22, at pm UTC 0. I have an XP and it has told me I need to change the black cartridge, when I do so and it starts to check for the cartridge the screen displays "Checking ink cartridges" and remains stuck on that.

I have left it for over an hour and it still says the same, the only way to then turn the printer off is by pulling out the plug as the turn off button won't even work when it's stuck on this display. I have followed various tips which state to remove the cartridge, turn off and then replace once prompted when turning back on. Each time it leads back to the point where the printer is checking for the cartridge and won't go any further.

Can anyone provide any advice? The cartridge is definitely compatible. April 26, at pm UTC 0. I have a Epson WF — One black cartridge Epson said it was not genuine and one cartridge blue said it was empty. I tried the steps other than disconnecting my wifi at the source since it's on another level of my house. I replaced the cartridges in the order suggested and now it just says the printer is busy and won't show any of the cartridges! So now onto a restart of the printer with fingers crossed. It won't show any of the other ink cartridges as the black cartridge is the one with the issue of being not genuine — yet it is!

Do I bother buying all new cartridges? Do I buy two black as printing the black was the original issue? May 4, at pm UTC 0. Tried all the suggestions. Still doesn't work. Going to have to buy Epson Ink — so expensive!!! May 5, at pm UTC 0. May 10, at am UTC 0. I think the next thing to do is take all these Epson machines back to the stores they were bought from and demand a new machine of a different brand.

I have tried everything that anyone has suggested to no avail! Never again will I buy anything Epson. June 4, at pm UTC 0. I only use Epson cartridges, but I am guessing that the company farms out the contract to lesser companies and the printer is saying it doesn't like those. I tried replacing the former almost used up cartridges and it allows printing so far. June 12, at pm UTC 0. June 21, at am UTC 0.

June 26, at pm UTC 0. May 13, at pm UTC 0. Just because of all the issues I buy all Epson replacement cartridges. I would not recognize a brand new Epson cartridge so I ordered the cartridge repair kit that flushes the jet system and it still won't recognize the black cartridge. I have a stylus NX August 15, at am UTC 0.

I have an Epson XP and tried everything including firmware updates and software updaters, thinking the printer wasn't even being detected by my Mac. It turns out that turning the wifi off on the computer whilst replacing the cartridges worked a treat! Hope you solved your printer problem!

August 4, at am UTC 0. I followed the steps above but my printer still won't accept the ink cartridges which are full of ink but it is telling me that they are empty. August 30, at pm UTC 0. I have had 4 Epson printers to date. I bought a Photo PXW which was wi-fi, but replaced it with an apple friendly XP and used the earlier model in another room. I googled it and checked the in ink pads to find them not full, but cleaned them anyway. Put everything back to find I now need a code which presumably is from Epson. Pay again. My new Epson XP Apple friendly but not user friendly, now will not except a black photo cartridge, saying "cannot recognise"Tried all the suggestions to no avail.

Fxxk Epson, will never buy one again. August 31, at pm UTC 0. My new Epson XP is another Epson rip off. It printed out a stunning quality picture that I was at first impressed with and so I printed more copies. Nothing like it claims to do. It does not do "what it says on the tin". It will not take compatible cartridges either. I have been conned yet again by Epson whom I recently found out have a set limit to the number of documents each printer will make before Epson stop it from working by locking it and forcing customers to pay out for unnecessary repairs or buy another printer.

Are these tactics legal? Good job that car manufacturers don't have the same policy. September 2, at am UTC 0. Well my experience is a bit different. I have the WF I have always used Epson ink cartridges. I just bought a pack of the three colors because my yellow ran out. Shortly after inserting the new yellow, the printer decided the cyan and magenta were empty. Prior to changing the yellow, they were both half full in the check ink levels. I spent the afternoon doing all the tasks recommended online. Finally I decided to just see what would happen if I put the other two new cartridges in because of something i read online about Epson.

But honestly, the two I removed have ink in them. You can shake them and hear they are about half full. Rather annoying. I thought I'd add my story in hopes it helps others. Change all cartridges at once…. September 22, at pm UTC 0. I've tried all the fixes I can find online and nothing is working. I have wasted more ink cartridges putting brand new ones in only to have the same issue. I guess it is time to just buy a new printer. Any recommendations?? September 26, at pm UTC 0. I see that a lot of people are having problems with their Epson printers.

Let me add to the list! I have an XP and have changed cartridges a few times since purchasing it but I now find that the cartridges I have simple won't fit into the appropriate slot! I've tried calling Epson and though they listen and promise to call me back — they never do. October 5, at am UTC 0. Hi i have had the same problems as most but if you go into google and ask why you will find that epson printers have a sensor in their cartridges so it wont reconise any other cartridges they suggest using a chip re-setter but if this works or not i dont know.

October 8, at am UTC 0. I have tried to replace with non compatible and it still comes up with this message. I have tried taking cartridge out, turning off for several minutes and then putting in new cartridge again, but still same message. I have tried another new black cartridge with same result. Do I have to buty new colour cartridges also as I never print in colour?

November 7, at am UTC 0. Epson — you suck. Printer going in the bin. Anyone know of a printer manufacturer not forcing you to use their branded consumables? I bought an XP plus some ink cartridges. When installing I used the new cartridges rather than the ones in the box. How dumb is this? Not only that but the scanner doesnt seem to want to work unless cartridges of ink are at least partially full. Scanning doesnt need ink! November 18, at pm UTC 0. I am trying to replace cartridges on my Epson XP I have done this many times without problem. This time, however, I simply cannot remove the cyan because its hook has apparently broken off I have no idea when or how.

December 2, at pm UTC 0. My PX used to accept alternative ink cartridges but now, no chance. Neither will it accept a refilled Epson Cartridge. Shame really that Epson can hoodwink customers into such a scam. I was tempted to buy a new printer from Epson with a tank but these people are too artful for me. It will have to be Goodbye Epson. December 18, at pm UTC 0. Hi, thanks for trying to help us all! Im the happy well — until today owner of an Epson , I bought non original cartridges 18months ago that have been working fine until today where I needed to print a lot and emptied all the cartridges one by one.

Now here is the strange thing: It recognized cyan and magenta just with the usual blah blah blah warning but I cant get through with black and yellow. Have tried to install them one by one, power off, internet off … anything. I could imagine its the damn socalled firmware updates that cause it and of course I will prevent that in future. Thanks — again — all the best — Niels. January 3, at pm UTC 0. January 16, at am UTC 0. I have a Epson XP that had no problems with the cartridges till Epson updater ran an update.

Ran the update and installed successfully. Right after that the printer would not recognize the black or photo black. Removed and reinstalled the cartridge and still get the error that will not recognize them. Tried shutting off the printer for few minutes, starts up goes right back to error messages. Since this was some type of software the went to printer itself, wondering if there was anyway to back out the updates or reset the printer itself? This is my 3rd Epson printer and never had problem with any of them till now.

If Epson thinks they make friends and will receive word of mouth advertisement from me they are wrong!! February 3, at pm UTC 0. Hi, I have a Epson Stylus Pro I just wonder if the bottom metal pin the sits at the bottom of the cartridge has moved up and is preventing the cartridge from installing correctly. February 14, at pm UTC 0. I have an Epson SX W. I have been trying to get my yellow cartridge ink to work. All the other colours seem to be working. It is only stopping at the yellow one. I have tried a second yellow cartridge but it is having the same problem. Do you think it is a problem with the printer itself?

What do you suggest I do? I have tried cleaning the brass connection plate on the cartridge but no good! February 22, at am UTC 0. I just used you procedure on an WF Works a treat. February 23, at am UTC 0. Turn your printer off and wait for a minute or so. Doing this will give your printer chance to clear the error it had and power down correctly. It may also be worth ensuring your printer is communicating this to your computer and that the error on screen has cleared. Turn your printer back on and wait for it to settle down and warn of a missing cartridge.

Nobody likes to be woken up and instantly have half a dozen things shouted at them and your printer is the same. Please make sure that you follow any instructions given to you or follow the procedures described in the manual. If multiple cartridges have been rejected I would recommend installing them individually and ensuring the cartridge is being recognised by the printer before repeating the process for the next cartridge. If any cartridges are rejected remove them from the printer immediately and either replace with another from your stock or move onto the next colour.

Best regards. Hi — I have an Epson Workforce I have tried you trick of turn off and it will still not recognise the refilled genuine cartridge …. I have tried cleaning the chip, and following instructions to reinstall the cartridges. What are my remaining options? Thank you for reading. Thanks again, Bob. I have exactly the same problem with my DX…any suggestions? I also have the same problem with my Stylus nm Many thanks, worked like a dream.

DX Damn it really worked! I feel so dumb now.. Great tip, Thx!!!! Epson XP I own one of these stupid epson printers also. Weird case It recognizes all cartridges except cyan. Also, he says these chips tend to easily get short-circuited. Tried 2 original cartridges no luck. That will be fine no problem I am so frustrated with Epson.

Pile of epson shit!!! Straight in the bin! Worked a treat with my Epson XP Very obliged. Same here brilliant advice thanks Matthew. Pity the old single cartridge Black Canon printer has disappeared less ink profit for Epson. Hey Dr Andrew I like people who call a spade a dagger. Go on mate tell it as it is. No Andrew is right. These products are ununtterable garbage. Fantastic, it worked after nearly throwing in! Thank you I now have ink. Make sure you put the colour cartridges in the compatible colour print slots in your printer.

Hello Mirek,, Many Thanks for the information , Rob. Thanks for your guide it was a life saver! You saved my day, my weekend — and my marriage! I'm glad to hear it. Thanks for getting in touch. No problem, glad to have been of help. No problem at all. Glad to have been able to help. Well done you—-fantastic bit of advice.

Jayde, Did you find a solution as I have exactly the same problem? I have ordered a chip-resetter but am not sure that it will cure the problem. Best wishes, Mike. Works like a dream every rime. Works with my Epson Expression XP — thank you. You are a star!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, that was so simple and I was getting so frustrated! Does anyone know of a printer make that isn't so flaming fussy what cartridges you use? No, wish I new. Have the same problem as you do. Thanks Mate worked a treat. This is what I do. Thanks so much, worked a treat…compatible cartridge Epson Absolutely spot on it worked thank you.

Epson Firmware Update Warning

Thank you Mike it worked perfectly J. Uh oh. Just did not work for me.

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Trying to steal money off the public they are dishonest I want to show them up. I agree Sharon — mine's the same — my feedback will be Epson is a shit printer! Hi Sharon, likewise, I have a XP and attempted various replacement cartridges all of which were sold to me by reputable companies selling supposedly "compatible" cartridges. Never buy an Epson printer as they are useless. Tried Mike's tip — Failed with xp Help i have epson xp Will not let me print since changibg blue cartridge.

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  5. Have re done with other status still shows low ink. I have tried everything. Nothing seems to work. It is a royal pain. Won't see you again Epson. So I have a set of cartridges that cannot be used and now have to buy new ones. The cartridge simply refuses to lift off. Video of the Day. Share on Facebook. Step 1 Power on the printer. Step 2 Remove the clone cartridge, and then reinsert it in the cartridge cradle. Step 3 Open a Windows application and attempt to print a document from it. Step 4 Right-click an open area on the Start screen, and then click the "All Apps" icon in the lower left corner.

    Step 5 Click the "Maintenance" tab in the Epson print application. Step 7 Open a Windows application and print a document from it. Tip With some older Epson printers, you can use the Epson Printer Service Utility application to reset the chip, disable warning messages and reset counters for cartridges link in Resources.

    If the Epson Status Monitor displays warning messages regarding a chip used with a refilled cartridge, you may need to use a chip-reset tool to override the error links in Resources. It's time that Epson engineered their software a little better to stop these random issues from occuring! Owner of Ink Hub Australia Dean has been in the printer consumables industry since early In a competitive field such as print consumables many companies have come and gone but Ink Hub continues to grow and provide quality products and service.

    Dean's hobbies include fishing, web design, ham radio, travel, the beach, fast cars and family. Blog Epson ink cartridges cannot be recognised Recent Posts. Follow us on Epson ink cartridges cannot be recognised Written by Dean Michael on Feb 20, The very common problem of ' epson ink cartridges cannot be recognised ' is perhaps one of the most annoying and by far the most common cry from Epson printer owners. Turn the printer OFF at the wall, leave off for at least 20mins. Turn the power back ON at the wall.