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Journey Bombay to Goa: Laughter Unlimited. Pehchaan: The Face of Truth. Dangerous Night film. Several questions are resolved in the ensuing war; the climax is a panorama of demons, magical horses and donkeys, a full-scale combat between the Vazir's army and the Hind army, enchanted swords, a final revelation about the true identity of Ajooba. Amitabh Bachchan Hassan Amrish Puri Vazir-e-Ala Dimple Kapadia Rukhsana Sonam Henna Saeed Jaffrey Magician Ameer Baba Sushma Seth Zarina Khan Dalip Tahil Shahrukh Georgi Darchiashvili Altaf Shammi Kapoor Malika Dara Singh Emperor of India Tej Sapru Uddham Singh Tinnu Anand This film was produced in association with Gorky Film Studio in Moscow.

There are several Russian stars. Amitabh Bachchan worked in this film gratis, as a favor to his longtime collaborator and friend Shashi Kapoor. By selling the satellite rights Shashi Kapoor able to recover all his investment and subsequently it became an earner as of today. In contrast, the film was a financial success in the Soviet Union, where it was released in two parts, it was the last successful collaboration between the Soviet film industries. Ajooba on IMDb. It is a remake of Telugu film Khadgam. Inspector Ajit Rathod is on a mission to eliminate a notorious terrorist Azhar Khan who killed his wife and the latter is underground from the eyes of law and planning to destroy Mumbai.

Now the story moves on to Amjad, an auto rickshaw driver, searching his long lost brother Munna, struggler Avinash who wants to be a star in Bollywood industry. Amjad wants to marry his lover Heena , but her parents want her to marry a rich man. So Amjad plans to win her parents' trust by a fake drama with Avinash and his friend to act as fake goons and they involve Rathod to arrest and win Heena's heart; the plan goes wrong as real goons appear but Amjad fights them leading t Heena's parents agreeing to marry her to Amjad.

Avinash, a struggler, on the other hand, loses his job as an extra in films after an argument with an egoistic actor. A newcomer Indu is helped by Avinash to enter the industry and soon both fall in love with each other not knowing that she had been subjected to a compromise with the producer. Hopeless, Avinash decides to be an auto-rickshaw driver but Indu apologises and encourages Avinash to be a good actor.

Soon and Indu's luck turns when the filmmaker casts them as leads in his next film after being impressed on their acting skills.

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Meghna, a news reporter develops a liking towards Rathod, but the latter is still traumatised and angered on his wife's death. Azhar returns home after the exile, but seeking the same motive of destruction: planning a bomb blast on train with passengers, he is on the loose. Rathod learns that Azhar is none other than Amjad's younger brother and arrests Amjad. Azhar calls Rathod at the Bandra Terminus where he kept passengers as hostages, with a deal to release his aide Maqsood and Amjad and demands a helicopter for escaping.

Rathod goes according to the plan and reaches the station where a horrified Amjad learns that his brother is a terrorist. Amjad pleads Azhar to leave the innocent people but Azhar denies by naming it as jihad.

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A fight ensues on during explosion at the station which Amjad kill Azhar's men. Just when Azhar and Maqsood tries to attack Rathod and Amjad, both shoot them down. Rathod condoles Amjad to which the latter refuses, stating that the person who kills innocent people in the name of jihad should be gunned down.

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At the end, Rathod and Avinash return from the ambush. Raja is the stepson of James. James was a target killer, killed in an encounter with the police and died in front of Florence. After James' funeral, Florence found a new born baby lying, she takes him with her and makes him her son; this toddler is Raja. At college Raja has Morarilal and Gulshan, aka Gullu, as friends. Priya, the sister of Inspector Vijay Chauhan, joins the college. After a series of tiffs with Raja, Priya begins to fall for him.

In the meanwhile, various college girls get killed by a mysterious killer. Inspector Chauhan is given charge of these cases. During a Christmas party, Raja goes with her mother to meet Priya Deepak's sister, dies falling from the building. Gullu, in love with Ranjana, confirms that he saw her meeting with Professor Verma. Meanwhile, Professor Verma tries to call the police station.

At the same time, someone tries to attack him with a knife.

While running, Raja finds him in front and accidentally stabs him with that knife which Verma was holding. Raja hides out. Next day, everyone is shocked by Verma's murder. Inspector Chauhan starts taking fingerprints of everybody in the college. Raja, terrified of his crime and the fact that he turned out just like his father, gives unclear fingerprints.

Gullu makes him realize that by doing this, he has incriminated himself. On that day was Priya's birthday party, where Raja and his friends were invited. Priya's nephew pointed out Raja as the murderer of Verma. Soon, Inspector Vijay realises; when Raja learns that the murder was committed in front of Priya's home and that Priya's nephew has become silent since the day of the murder, he realizes that Priya's nephew has seen him. Next day someone tries to murder Vijay's son. Inspector Vijay provides security guards to his house. On the other hand, Inspector Chauhan finds out why the girls were murdered on the basis of a sex scandal.

Raja is branded as a blue film maker. To make matters worse, Raja runs away to another place with his mother not knowing the fact. On the other hand, Chauhan frees Watchman Badruddin, who turns out to work for Monica, a blue film maker working for the unknown killer. Chauhan arrests Raja and interrogates him. Raja is shocked to learn that the Professor was stabbed 20 times, he realizes that the Professor was killed by someone else and is still on the loose, tying up all leads.

Realizing that Chauhan's son is in danger, he escapes from the police station and kidnaps Chauhan's son from the hospital; when Raja asks him why he told a lie, Chauhan's son says.

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Just the real killer comes to kill Chauhan's son. Raja is shocked to see. Deepak says that his aide Monica were involved in blue film making; the victims were killed. When Verma was stabbed by Raja, Deepak saw an opportunity to make his side safe, he saw Chauhan's son and knew that he had another problem. Deepak killed every person who knew his secret, incriminating Raja was his only option; the reason Chauhan's son pointed to Raja as the killer was that Deepak was standing behind him!

Deepak tries to kill Chauhan's son. Deepak is thereafter arrested with Chauhan's son as the eyewitness. Chauhan lets. Raja succeeds in saving his mother and the statement of Inspector Chauhan proves his innocence. Character actor A character actor or character actress is a supporting actor who plays unusual, interesting, or eccentric characters.

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The term contrasted with that of leading actor, is somewhat abstract and open to interpretation. In a literal sense, all actors can be considered character actors since they all play "characters", but in the usual sense it is an actor who plays a distinctive and important supporting role. A character actor may play characters who are different from the actor's off-screen real-life personality, while in another sense a character actor may be one who specializes in minor roles.

In either case, character actor roles are more substantial than non-speaking extras; the term is used to describe television and film actors. An early use of the term was in the edition of The Stage, which defined a character actor as "one who portrays individualities and eccentricities".

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Actors with a long career history of playing character roles may be difficult for audiences to recognize as being the same actor. Unlike leading actors, they are seen as less glamorous. While a leading actor has physical beauty needed to play the love interest, a character actor may be short or tall, heavy or thin, older, or unconventional-looking and distinctive in some physical way. For example, the face of Chicago character actor William Schutz was disfigured in a car accident when he was five years old, but his appearance despite reconstructive surgery helped him to be memorable and distinctive to theater audiences; the names of character actors are not featured prominently in movie and television advertising on the marquee, since a character actor's name is not expected to attract film audiences.

The roles that character actors play in film or television are identified by only one name, such as "Officer Fred", while roles of leading actors have a full name, such as " Captain Jack Sparrow "; some character actors have distinctive voices or accents. A character actor with a long career may not have a well-known name, yet may be recognizable.

During the course of an acting career, an actor can sometimes shift between leading roles and secondary roles. Some leading actors, as they get older, find that access to leading roles is limited by their increasing age. In the past, actors of color, who were barred from roles for which they were otherwise suited, found work performing ethnic stereotypes.

Sometimes character actors have developed careers based on specific talents needed in genre films, such as dancing, acrobatics , swimming ability, or boxing. Many up-and-coming actors find themselves typecast in character roles due to an early success with a particular part or in a certain genre, such that the actor becomes so identified with a particular type of role that casting directors steer the actor to similar roles; some character actors play the same character over and over, as with Andy Devine's humorous but resourceful sidekick , while other actors, such as Sir Laurence Olivier , have the capacity of submerging themselves in any role they play.

That being said, some character actors can be known as "chameleons", actors who can play roles that vary wildly. One such example of this is Gary Oldman ; some character actors develop a cult following with a particular audience, such as with the fans of Star Trek or The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Character actors tend to play the same type of role throughout their careers, including Harvey Keitel as a "tough and determined guy", Dame Maggie Smith as an "upstanding lady matriarch ", Christopher Lloyd as an eccentric, Claude Rains as a "sophisticated, sometimes ambiguously moral man", Abe Vigoda as a "leathery, sunken-eyed" and tired hoodlum on the verge of retirement, Christopher Walken as a "speech maker", Vincent Schiavelli as "the confused guy", Fairuza Balk as a "moody goth girl", Steve Buscemi as "a quirky, smart guy with a mind just outside of reality" and Forest Whitaker as a "calm, composed character with an edge and potential to explode".

Ed Lauter portrayed a menacing figure because of his "long, angular face", recognized in public, although audiences knew his name. Character actors can play a variety of types, such as the femme fatale, sidekick, town drunk, whore with a heart of gold , many others.